10 Hours of Nothing

9 feb. 2013
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10 Hours of Nothing
Freshly squeezed nothingness. You're welcome.
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Well, I guess you guys will be wondering why I created this video. It took me at least a full 24 hours to create and post this video on ROworld! But this video is slightly helpful for people who want their computer to sleep without having to go unlock their password once their computer goes to sleep. Other then, this video is very pointless. This video is not HD because I do not have a great computer and it would take at least one week of publishing this video onto ROworld. If you are interested on what program I used to create this video, I used Windows Live Movie Maker. I simply went on paint, created a black blank picture, and dragged it towards Windows Live Movie Maker, and made the timeline 10 hours. Basically easy stuff to do and make.
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  • 10:00:00 the best part ngl

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  • This is better for my sanity than hearing other 10 hour videos

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  • can we report this to youtube for nudity so they have to watch the whole video of nothing to find any nudity?

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  • 4:35:06

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  • Can u make a longer version,cuz Procrastinated only 10h

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  • Its not nothing, its black screen))

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  • The silence is so loud....

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  • BRUH ITS 10:00:01

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  • Wow! This is brilliant! If only I didn't over complicate making videos to get millions of views. Hey I made my first 101k by talking. The other videos that I put more effort into had less views. Although I must ask, how long did it take you to render this? 10 hours is a lot of video to render?

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  • 10 hours of nothing but ads

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  • Im using my mom's phone to watch ROworld. but if i put it somewhere and the screen turn of, idk the password. This is helping me

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  • I like the part where the screen was black

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  • i used this to charge my phone, results were amazing!!

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  • who else is doing this so that there computer does not turn off

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  • how do people actually watch this for ten hours straight

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  • ROworld: 3.7 million views on a video of nothingness me: so you're telling me that if i just post a 10 hour video on yt of NOTHING, i'll get almost 4 million views and get 14K subscribers... okay thats just 👁👄👁

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  • at 3:25:50 by now and my laptop havent shut down yet very good video

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