347aidan - WHEN THE DEVIL CRIES (Official Video)

18 mar. 2021
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Official video for "WHEN THE DEVIL CRIES" - a single written and performed by 347aidan.
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When the devil cries
Will you let them in?
When it’s dark outside
Would you let me in?
Are you scared of what the love will bring?
If you were back in time, would you start again?
When the devil cries
Will you let them in?
If it was dark outside
Would you let me in?
Are you scared of what the love will bring?
If you were back in time, would you start again?
Now I’m running from society
And I’m hiding from sobriety
’Cause the real world brings anxiety
And I just suffer silently
When the devil cries
Will you let them in?
If it was dark outside
Would you let me in?
Are you scared of what the love will bring
If you were back in time, would you start again?
If the devil cries, can I call your line?
And tell you what’s been on my mind
Breaking down in the daylight
You’re my medicine, but you act as cyanide
I’m a lost soul going on a joyride
Can you kiss me again for the last time?
When the devil cries
If the devil cries, if the devil cries
Will you call my line?


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  • 2:42 He is looking like Joaquin Phoenix lol..

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  • I can't put into words how much this spoke to me I'm going through the hardest shit in my life rn and this kind of music is all I have to help me through it 🖤💯

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  • I’m here since heist. Glad I found him before TikTok did!

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  • hey aidan i designed some merch for you dm me on twitter @lanerya76845554 bro i got so many ideas or you can reply to this comment

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