Ali Gatie - Can't Let You Go [Official Music Video]

12 mar. 2021
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Watch the official music video for Can't Let You Go by Ali Gatie.
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Ali Gatie is a singer-songwriter renowned for her hit songs “It’s You,” “What If I Told You That I Love You,” “Moonlight,” “Running On My Mind,” “Used to You,” “If I Fall In Love,” and “Can’t Lie.” He worked with artists like Russ, Alessia Cara, and Tate McRae - amassing billions of global streams and receiving international acclaim.
I can’t let you go
Trust me I’ve tried and
I swear I’m still trying to know
How to move on
If somebody told me
I still wouldn’t know where to go
I’d follow the stars
Wish I could see them - the sky feels so dark when you’re gone
I’d follow my heart - but you took it with you the day you walked out of that door
No I can’t pretend that you and I had never met
If moving on means I should forget
Then even if I could I wouldn’t
No matter what the price is I would pay
Don’t matter if I should or shouldn’t
I wouldn’t ever give up anyway
Long nights of crying
I felt like I was dying every night
Rather keep on fighting
At least then I got a reason to fight
You gave me hope
Something to hold on - and look forward for
And after it all - you left me with me scars and said that you were never involved
You knew I was weak
You sold me a dream and knew I would believe in your lies
What’s wrong with me?
I knew you were lying
But I had no courage to leave
And I can’t pretend that you and I had never met
If moving on means that I should forget
Then even if I could I wouldn’t
No matter what the price is I would pay
Don’t matter if I should or shouldn’t
It wouldn’t even matter anyway
Then even if I could I wouldn’t
No matter what the price is I would pay
Don’t matter if I should or shouldn’t
I wouldn’t ever give up anyway
Long nights of crying
I felt like I was dying every night
Rather keep on fighting
At least then I got a reason to fight
Khaleelekeh ma trouheh
Ya Albeh ya rouheh
Bkhabeekeh bejrouheh
Khaleeneh ma3ak
Khaleelekeh ma trouheh
Ya omri ya rouheh
Bkhabeekeh bejrouheh
I can’t let you go
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  • real. deep. can relate profoundly to this song. Ali I know that a Real Queen will choose you and cherish you. Gods grace.

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  • I can't pretend that you and I never met,, no nono, If moving on means I should forget 😭😭 What's wrong with me 😞 Hits hard💔

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  • I can't move on because nobody likes you... There's better person want me but still not you🥺

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  • Your true love is out there waiting for you just listen to this song i just want to cry i know what you are going through because I being there too sometimes the person you think you are best with they are the person you are best without 😔❤😘🥺

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  • I love you ,Ali am from Jamaica

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  • In Ali Gatie's past life someone really broke his heart into pieces, therefore in this life he is still expressing love for that particular person.

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  • i played this song loud my neighbor called the police police arrested my neighbour

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  • One of my biggest regret in life is loosing a female who dearly loved me. We were young. It all started in 7th grade when she complimented me and told me my cologne smelt good. And from there on from 7th through 9th grade she showed/gave me so much love and compassion. The truest love and compassion I’ve ever felt till this day. She was so caring, loving, and pure. The way she could light up a whole room was the best thing about her. The way she’d put smiles on my face without even trying. She’d do so much for me and all I really did was have a few moments with her. I remember helping her out with carrying her stuff when she was in crutches. How I’d buy her treats out of love but failed to ever give her a hug even when she leaned in for one. How she’d throw her leg up onto me. I won’t forget the time she asked me to check out if her eyes matched her shoes only to trick me into checking her out. I’ll always remember when I was standing on a stool and she came up behind me and held my arm up as if we were reenacting the Titanic scene. Her and I had our good moments. But I failed her. I failed to show/give her the love she deserved. She was hurting and I didn’t do anything but stand by and watch her go through the hurt she was enduring because of my lack of love towards her. I regret that, I really do. I never even got the chance to apologize to her. If I could go back in time and change how things turned out I would. But maybe things really do happen for a reason. Maybe one day I’ll be able to apologize and give her the love she’s always deserved. The love I’ve always had for her but never knew how to express. I love her just as much as she loved me. Only difference was I struggled with showing her affection. I’ve always been the quiet kid at school and having a popular female like her all of a sudden just falling for me was unexpected and surprising. I owned up to my mistakes and take fault in making her feel the way she did. She’s the most affectionate person I’ve ever come across and she deserves the same affection and attention back and now looking back at my decisions as a kid I would love to have the opportunity to make up for what I did to her unintentionally. As partners or as friends it would be nice. I’ll always have a soft spot for you in my heart Maddy Rose Meyer. Unloving someone is the hardest thing to do. Its been a few years and I still miss her. I’ve never had love like the love she gave me and it’s hard to forget and move on from how loving, caring, and sweet she was to me. I’ll forever love you and cherish our little moments we had Maddy Rose Meyer.

    Kenny ThaoKenny ThaoAcum 6 Zile
    • Omg your story make me cried. I relate to them just the difference is my position is as woman. I know that really hurts and unloving someone is the hardest thing to do, i wont ask you to move on. I just pray you heal and let it go. You can do this.

      11. Risti Bella Utami11. Risti Bella UtamiAcum 4 Zile
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  • فدوه لقلبك ولا اشبع من اغنيتك كل يوم اسمعها ١٠ مرات متابعتك من العراق

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