All about the airplane toilets

21 apr. 2021
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  • There's also that urban myth of the person who flushed while sitting down on an airplane toilet and it prolapsed them.

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  • Not Frozen poo😂

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  • her brother is like " ya , we get poop all the time from sky "

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  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • 😇

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  • I know so many English speaking koreans men that sound like your brother. It’s like the korean accent (stretching the sentence longer) but in English.

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  • I hate it when people try to open the door when I’m pooping!!!! Like can I have a moment... the door does say it’s occupied

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  • 1:11 “bird poop

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  • being a bird is so nice to be able to shit on everybody

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  • I'm simply scared of the plane bathrooms bc it flushes loudly and lowkey feels like it's trying to suck you down

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  • Yo one time when i go to the bathroom on an airplane, i flush it and then it makes air sounds. That's when i thought: 💩✈️. I asked my mom after and my sis said the poop fall off the airplane and it goes all the way down to people's roof 🤣

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  • I saw 'India village' I'm screaming internally in India at 1:40 am

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  • Oh ye. It falls from the sky everywhere

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  • I'm from India 🇮🇳🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Wait what-

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  • I don't know how to use toilet paper that's why

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  • I didn’t lock the door once so some lady saw me.

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  • Anyome else watch Joe Dirt?

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  • ...Colona...? Sounds like a place poo would go...

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  • I get anxiety just by looking at her sitting in that little room 😅

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  • Don't eat the yellow snow, don't lick the blue ice

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  • I'm moving to Kelowna so I'm scared now 😂

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  • *Poo falls from sky* People who live in Colona : *Well its not the first time*

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  • Everytime I flush I get shy LMAO, EVERYONE IS PROBABLY sleeping or eating then there goes me flushing, the sound is so loud that I feel guilty disturbing those people 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Trust me I am from India... Some people of that village just literally are the blue ice, stored them and decided to consume them later. When I heard about it on the day it took place I was like how tf did they ate them?

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  • I’m freaking going to suck up my organs

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  • Me : Did she say that her brother lives in bc(banglore city) omg great ... Also me: Wait why did i say think thats great its normal for people staying in india

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  • 0:45 i spit out my blueberry ice

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  • I live in Vernon (30 minuets away from Kelowna) and i can verify that it's true

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  • Me flying for 2 hours : I will not poo or pee. I can control till we land. Flying for 14 hours : I will not po-

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  • Robot voice just makes stuff so much worse than it already is. Also, she's making the blue ice thing seem much more common than it actually is; that phone call with the brother is especially fake. Just because a plane is older doesn't mean it's bad. Planes get serviced all of the time and they're required to have checks after a certain amount of flight hours.

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  • The reason why I don't use bathrooms on the plane is because of the flushing noise God damn it it scares me

    Yuki ShirusagiYuki ShirusagiAcum 13 Zile

      Yuki ShirusagiYuki ShirusagiAcum 13 Zile
  • Imagine pooping and the toilet gets clogged.

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  • We need a brother reveal

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  • The fact that your brother was so chill like its normal "oh yeah oh yeah".Like i would terrified to see human waste falling from the sky-💩

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  • Im scared of the toilet because of the flush no further info

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  • Ok but that was the most Canadian "Oh ya, oh ya" I've ever heard 😭✊🏾🇨🇦

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  • There was a woman who died in England. She was stabbed by an ice shaped pee spear.

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  • It falls from the sky everywherr

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  • I can literally watch this woman forever. Her everything is amazing

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  • Where i live there is a slushie flavour called Blue ice...

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  • "oh ya, oh ya" Okay but like,,,onlyhaikyuu fans know this- ( ՞ਊ ՞)→

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  • i haaaate having to go to the bathroom in an airplane. knowing that someone might be waiting outside makes me anxious.

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  • Can you please do a behind the scenes of how you make ur vids🥺

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  • She always cheers me up 😂

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  • I love the name Kelowna. So much that I got a shirt with it on it. It’s so fun to say too 😂😭

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  • I heard that this dude was chilling peacefully then frozen poo smashed into his kitchen

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  • Pls dont say God in vain 💓😁

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    • god doesn't exist.

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  • i was so scared to flush the toilet as a kid i thought i was gonna get flushed away too so i had to ask my mom everytime ☠

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  • When she called her brother I literally laughed so hard because he said poo 💩 falls everywhere

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  • Blue juice. Most systems are vaccum, but older ones such as the Md80’s still require blue juice.

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  • 🎵🍫🌧🎵

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  • -Did they paint the roof when I was gone? -no darling, it’s just poo - 👁👄👁 sh-

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  • Once I splashed hot coffee on a women sitting next to me because of turbulence.......and guess what Thankfully it didn't burn her it was just all over her bag which was looking expensive but she was so sweet , she didn't even say a word to me she just rolled her eyes and splashed a glass of juice on my shoes . She was very polite 😬😊

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  • You learn something new everyday

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  • What a way to go. Walking down the street ; hit on head with frozen poo and died. I don't like using the toilets on the plane and I am scared of sliding off the toilet.

  • Yeah me to that like me I’m so scared that the poo go where

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  • Bitch, toilet flush in airplane really got me heart attack

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  • I live in India but I have never seen those things 🙄🙄

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  • You are so pretty n cute! And you make stuff that's actually interesting!

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  • Me: 😊 - A second later - Me: 🙂 Me: Why did I watch this while eating Nutella?

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  • the way her brother said oh ya oh ya 😂

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  • I thought the pee or poo would just fly from a hole in the plane and send to ground

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  • The way your brother said "oh ya oh ya" i was like yup canadian right here

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  • What airline did you work for?

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  • 😂😂

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  • I seriously thought it drops off the plane

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  • i just hhate it coz its noisey

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  • How was that allowed to just happen that is so nasty and unhealthy that’s horrible how is that different than just raw human waste on the street? If you can’t poop on the street because it’s non-hygienic and gross then how come leaking out of a plane is OK?

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  • 😂😂😭😂😂👌🏼

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  • Nice to see people making videos about their careers

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  • i have never used an airplane toilet

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  • Who else got an ad for Flight Centre?

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  • No I LOVE turbulence! I go to the bathroom so I can pretend I’m surfing as the plane rocks and bumps, itz fun!

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  • This reminds me of that time the Dave Matthews Band tour bus dumped its waste onto a tour boat in Chicago in August 2004

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  • The only think scary about airplane toilets is the sound it makes when u flush cuz that sound loud asf and it freaks me tf out

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  • First killing my poop-dreams and then immediately restoring them again!... *faith in mischievous childhood dreams restored!*

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  • “Oya oya”

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  • The scary thing about the toilets at a plane is the flush It is like Kirby It succs so loud and scares me

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  • i was scared if the toilet in the plane bc i thought'what if i flush myself and fall out of the plane' 😶 english go brrrrrrr

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  • Lmaooo i cant

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  • I love your videos💛💛💛

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  • Y’all thought it’s scary to poo on a plane? Try it on a submarine, especially when they are emptying the tanks… That poo and pee you just left? That’s now all over you and the ceiling. 😁 Worst case, a toilet flush could sink the submarine. German U -1206 did just that.

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  • I get so claustrophobic when I go to the airport restroom- just me? Aight

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  • How many SUBS can I get from this COMMENT?, Current:70 BTW i'm not a bot, So please don't send any HATE, :D .

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  • I don’t go to the bathroom on planes anymore because I was pressing the emergency button thinking the door would open because I could not open it...... they had to get my mom and come open it for me

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  • omg i was just here yesterday her subs went from exactly 600k to 622k-

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  • I get scared that I get flushed :)

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  • Who else has watched this a million times?

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  • Her poor brother-

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  • My brain : how i- thats logic like ppl see that fallig off an plane EARTH HAS POOO EVERYWHERE and pee-

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  • Pop used to fly from the sky

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  • Love your videos 😍😘

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  • Ooohh so thats that then blue thing is in ly backyard😁wait... Oh god-

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  • I’ve heard of that! Heard like year 1/2 ago about the guy I believe from Africa that snuck on the plane where the wheels are I believe & he ended up freezing to death & fell out of the plane ✈️ while in the air & landed 🛬 in a guys backyard in Europe! He was sunbathing & had just gotten up from his lawn chair to get a drink or something from his house ! There was a B HUGE HOLE 🕳 where the frozen African had landed 🛬!!

  • Ah yes I've been wondering how toilet in planes works

    woo shiwoo shiAcum 20 Zile
  • I don't like it because its super loud when you flush it. Its like 100 vacuum cleaners at once

    JNLolzJNLolzAcum 20 Zile
  • Actually I never poo or pee on planes I only sleep and play with my I pad and play with my toy Edit: I’m a kid I’m 8 years old

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