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2 nov. 2020
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[Notice | 27th November, 2020]
Hi guys, Welcome to John James Animation studios!
First of all, Sorry for the confusion.
We noticed some mistakes that you told us in the comments.
One crew member who was 'David' and the color 'White'. As you can see he is died. But he disappeared when they discuss about death. Also all crew members are 10 at first, but we only made 9 in the middle of the video. 'Betty' is the color 'Sliver'. She is alive.
Thank you for watching our video.
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  • Forgive me why i need to be in out of space ship

  • Gfjhx

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  • entertaining👍

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  • 2:25 RANK: Betrayed

  • 殭屍大戰

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  • Hi 🙋‍♀️

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  • LMAO THE ZOMBIES VOTED FOR THE WRONG PERSON! THEY SHOULD HAVE VOTED THE IMPOSTER XD Edit: *in a real game* “They must be in a discord call hmmmmm” Edit 2: those ungrateful pricks voted john off even though he saved their lives.

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  • Wow. This is a big hit in Asia apparently...

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  • John=Theseus

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  • Wait john just kill white in admin and when the zombie chase them white is alive how??? Pls comment to me

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  •'re really cool

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  • I love you jkj

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  • Ready for war 😌 Okay boss😍 But for what?🙄🧐 You don't know🤔 No😌 You are going to die 😂 ( Laughing)

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  • **Theres no kill cooldown but the impostor is among us still**

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  • 보라는 살려줬는데,.

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  • M H2b..

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  • Alternate ending: Linda and Betty thanked John and didn't vote him off and learning that imposters aren't always evil.

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    • 62

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  • Should add this gamemode

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  • What did Linda and Betty vote John

    Aleksander GnieckiAleksander GnieckiAcum lună
    • Duh cause he was impostor

  • Nice imposter!

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  • Betrayed imposter LOL

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  • Bosan

  • John impostor

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  • John impostet

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  • So white revived her self and try to take revenge on purple by betraying him

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  • Oof they are brutal purple saved u know

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  • Hold on! White was killed by purple but how can are here 2 whites??!

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  • Nooo not my name🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 0:31

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  • those bastards John saved their lives and then they killed him like a common dog.

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  • 이거 버그있는것같은데?

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  • im robert in among us 🤯

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  • Why there look like launging?

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  • Just in case the fire thing actually mworks

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    • @Mariami Sheshaberidze what

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  • At least he save crewmates

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  • 1:02 the 5 zombies votes the donald

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  • zombie 0:19

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  • Why did the zombies vote out the black guys HUH!?

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  • New zombie mode for among us

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  • 0:42 White and yellow did 0:54 White and yellow?

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  • anyways this was really cool

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  • r u the person that created the among us figures (the among us figures i used for videos)

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  • Что за звуковые эффекты...

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  • Wait zombie can,t eat impostor.impotor is alien.

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  • But the imposter saved them

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  • Dam I thought it was green

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  • I like this zombie ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

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  • White was killed then came back to life

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  • lol the impostor noob

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  • I feel so sad after that because the impostor did so much for them and they didnt care.

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  • reto de likes 190.9032 :) solo si pueden soy buena gente

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