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20 feb. 2020
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Best Friends (Live) by Hillsong Young & Free, live in Sydney, 2020.
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I don’t want to be on my phone but I can’t be alone
Welcome to the modern way
Trying to be somebody I’m not but it’s not what I want
Tell me there’s another way
All of the lights
I chased are now faded
All the cheap thrills
Were only time wasted
Tell me why society’s plan should define who I am
Surely there’s a higher way
All of my best friends
Are sick of pretending
We want the truth
So much is missing
So give us the real thing
I know it’s You
I don’t want a stereotype
To decide who I am
It never knew me anyway
I’m over trying to find the next hype
Cos the high never lasts
I’m going to go another way
All of the lights
I chased are now faded
Dylan was right
The times they are changing
Tell me why society’s plan should define who I am
Surely there’s a higher way
Words and Music by Joshua Grimmett, Aodhan King, Ben Tan, Benjamin Hastings & Karina Wykes
© 2020 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia
CCLI: 7144628
#BestFriends #HillsongYoungandFree

  • Every time Y&F releases a single, it’s absolute fire. So stoked for this one. 👏🎵

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  • Jesus loves you all! He hears you and knows you, He saves 😊🤍

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  • Ufas, Gloriosa es la Gracia de Dios ♥️

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  • I’m so happy I found this song again I feel like I finally found my way back ❤️

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  • Hai koi best friends ❣️ Nhi hai please friends ❣️ banega mera

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  • Christian music has come a looong way 🎉. Keep it quality and keep it coming!

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  • This voice aodhan🙏🏾

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  • Is this Lord!

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  • Bro this is a vibe

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  • anyone here knows the name of the lead vocalist? he's kinda cute lol

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  • I don't understand your lyrics can you sing clearly?

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  • If you mute this video, and turn on any non-christian rock song instead, - nothing will change. Think about it.

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  • This song really reminds my a lyric Of mcfly no cap.

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  • This sounds like Out of Touch by Dove Cameron.

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  • I love your voice

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  • To all those who think the church is dead. JUST LOOK!!

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    • This is not church. This is entertainment dressed into christianity.

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  • The timing for this release was just right!

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  • Jesus is the Real thing, we know Its Him

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  • Je ne veux pas qu'un stéréotype définisse qui je suis Car qui connaît vraiment ma vie???? À quoi ça sert de chercher la hype Si au fond rien ne dure Il doit y avoir un autre moyen Ces lumières que je poursuivais palissent Les temps sont entrain de changer Dis moi pourquoi la société devrait me définir Mes meilleurs amis n'en peuvent plus de faire semblant On veut LA VÉRITÉ Redonne le vrai sens à notre existence Je sais que c'est Toi

    Gauthier ChrysthofayrGauthier ChrysthofayrAcum 2 luni
  • like the song but need to hear the name of who is the truth for many can listen with believing something else is truth lift his name up JESUS

    Apple CinnamonApple CinnamonAcum 2 luni
  • There's Only One Way & That's The Higher Way ❤💙💚

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  • JESUS is my best friend !, and to you

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  • when i here the songs of Y&F my hart open, this group is the best singing group at this time i love you

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  • Listening to your songs keep me inspired to hold on to Jesus

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  • This song speaks for people...... at least it did for me

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  • Hillsong love u, i also like singing along to Jesus

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  • i show this song to my friends to try and get them into a christian song on the dl (;

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  • I certainly can't be the only one who loves this song because of how relateable it is.

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  • this song remains me the beginning of that summer of 2020, that was unforgettable and so cool.

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  • live from hastings

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  • I think it's more focused on making the youth feel like it's be like the world

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  • love you Hillsong Y&F and your song

  • Hilsong is My favorite group

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  • Why are there so many symbols on the stage and NO CROSS? This is just horrible. JESUS is the only way and this is just a party for your egos

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  • I feel like pretending would be a better title

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  • Part of me understands the “give us the real thing” line because so many churches pander and don’t preach the truth unashamedly. And then another part of me thinks, “You’re old enough to read the Bible and learn the truth.” Let’s not be lazy.

    HappyToBeKLBHappyToBeKLBAcum 5 luni
  • Every generation"Yee Hallelujah! Gbu 😊

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  • I love this song to the fullest

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  • Wow! Jesus is just our Friend...........Love from India......

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  • This is giving me church camp vibes we played this song a lot during camp and it’s just bringing me back to camp this song is amazing

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