Bryce Vine - Drew Barrymore [Official Music Video]

15 feb. 2018
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Watch the official music video for Drew Barrymore by Bryce Vine from the album Carnival.
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Starring: Christian Serratos from The Walking Dead
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Bryce Vine is a rapper-singer renowned for his hit songs "Drew Barrymore," "La La Land," "I'm Not Alright," "The Fall," "Classic and Perfect," "Sunflower Seeds," and "Guilty Pleasure." He worked with artists like Wale, YG, and Loud Luxury - amassing billions of global streams and receiving multi-platinum certifications.
I want this forever
Just you in the grotto
With nothin' but your nights on
Keep the fuckin' lights on
Same again tomorrow
We don't need no bottle
Purple color lip-gloss
Room at The Saguaro
Ain't nowhere I would rather be
Right between your holidays
Coffee on the flintstone
Jewelry on the ottoman
Baby, let me in, oh
For I get way too adamant about it
Love the way you shiver
Dig in to my shoulder blades
Feel it when you quiver
Higher level, elevate
You could be the renegade
Bonnie to a Clyde
Harrelson and Juliette
Legends never die
The TV hasn't worked in ages
Probably got a shorted cable
Way too busy fuckin' on the sofa or the kitchen table
Is my vision hazy?
You look like you're someone famous
'Cause you're the next Drew Barry
And I want more, yeah (More)
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for
'Cause you're the next Drew Barry, yeah (Barry)
And I want more
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for, yeah
'Cause you're something like the summer
Kinda like a hurricane
Sweepin' through the desert
Hot Americana rain fallin'
Wearing nothing but my Lauryn Hill shirt
It's kinda baggy on you, baby, but it work
The AC hasn't worked in ages
I could probably read the label
Way too busy fuckin' on the counter or the coffee table
Am I hallucinating?
Why do you look hella famous?
'Cause you're the next Drew Barry
And I want more, yeah (More)
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for
'Cause you're the next Drew Barry, yeah (Barry)
And I want more (More)
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for
I wanna make
Every single moment for you great
Fly away to Cairo or LA
Girl, I want it now, don't wanna waste time, waste time
I wanna make, yeah
Every single moment for you great, yeah
Fly away to Cairo or LA
Girl, I want it now, don't wanna waste time
'Cause you're the next Drew Barry
And I want more, yeah (More)
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for
You're the next Drew Barry, yeah (Barry)
And I want more (More)
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for
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    • In 5th grade my teacher knew you. Gabby I don't know her last name but she once sent you a paper i made that is about you.

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    • Love your songs especially drew berry Moore I play this song everyday 2021!!!💕

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  • Dragging it into 2021

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  • Am I the only one noticed that’s susie crabgrass #Nedsdeclassifiedschoolsurvivalguide

  • christian is sooo gorgeous

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  • a bop

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  • (00) _/\_ Don't mind me just watching.

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  • suzie crabgrass is still killin it

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  • Not a lot of songs where the chorus is the weak part.

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  • Why do these pop stars recently jump on the bandwagon with randomly naming their songs after a celebrity. Its stupid.

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    • @Kevin Sloan Yeah over the last several years whatever like that other stupid song "let's Marvin Gaye and get it on" its all fairly new enough to me and all sounds the same to me.

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    • Recently? This songs like 5 years old.

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  • Drew Barry played basketball for Georgia Tech

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  • My sister just showed me this song I LOVE ITT

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  • It's been 3 years. And I still come back to this song 🔥

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    • @Aud Sings I found out since the day it came out 😂

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    • Never stopped playing it! At least once a week! 💜💜💜

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  • I don't know if it's just me or what but in this music video he's just GLOWING and I love it.👍😊

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  • I love this song

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  • Same place where grimes did her video flesh without blood

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  • Imagine thinking he actually was the first to leave on the glee project smh they lost a great talent but then we wouldn’t have this boo if he was on glee 😇

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  • Imagine, you meet that one girl. You see her and you just know that she is what you’ve been looking for. You don’t talk to her then, but after that you start texting and video calling. And.... you fall in love, the both of you. And even tho you have been in contact for such a long time, you still have the feeling that you don’t know her yet just because you haven’t met her in real life. And you probably never will, I wish I have had the guts back then to book that flight to see her. But I didn’t, I told you about this song a lot of times. How the woman in the video reminds me of you. So if you ever find this comment... I still love you and always will 😪

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    • Go get your girl I’m sure she’s waiting..

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    • Aw I hope she sees this 🥺

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  • The virus is over pain brought everyone back to life

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  • “The a/c hasn’t worked in ages” yessirrr I felt that amen!!!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾💖💖💖

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  • Does anybody else wonder how Drew Barrymore takes this song, or is it just me? Lol

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  • Bro im your first subscriber!

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  • I've always been confused about this more concept?? That woman is absolutely drop dead gorgeous and is it his actual woman??

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  • And she looks like summer glau

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  • All of yall are wrong that is Christian Serratos

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  • I remember this was on the radio

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  • I’ve probably played this 30 times in the last month lol. Great song, I know all the words now 🤪

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  • Fun fact, she played bellas friend on twilight and also plays Selena in the netflix series.

    Saint ASMRSaint ASMRAcum lună
    • Also she’s suzie crabgrass

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  • 3 days, 72 hours on the Trainwreck. I mean Trainwreck. I love killing time, damn Des gave MD and Me,, Lithium Iodine poisening. Keep a eye on that assault. Clark "Steinsbach". Lyric AL GUINNESS.

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  • Heard this eating at the patio @ Rubio’s, & I literally wanted to kill myself

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  • Songs good but the way he said saguaro hurt me.

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    • okay and????

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  • Suddenly remembered this song existed

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  • I'm here bcuz of Rosita❤ The songs catchy🎶

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  • ♥╣[-_-]╠♥ happy bday to @drewberrymoore.

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  • All yall saying its rosita from the walking dead but its actually suzie crabgrass from neds declassified 😜✌ lol same actress but thats how i know her

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  • 👏👍👏

  • i love this song so much

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  • Omg it's Selena bidi bidi bom bom

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  • Is that his gf?

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  • Fresh out of prison doing 2 and a half yrs still bumping this...

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  • there was no other miss sunshine, there was 1 multiverse sunshine

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  • My favorite song

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  • She will forever be Susie crabgrass to me

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  • I want Drew Barrymore to comment here 😂

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  • I miss her whenever I listen this song💔

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  • Alright so here's a theory. In the video, Bryce's character lost the love of his life in a tragedy. She either died of an illness or an accident. Ever since then he has never fully recovered from losing her, and has used his riches to finance these androids to resemble her in every way. Once they boot up they must be trained to do certain tasks or behaviors, which is why in the video it shows him teaching her tennis and doing all the stuff she used to like. Basically he has created this illusion where the woman he loves is still alive, and he can pretend like nothing ever happened. Emphasis on "I want this forever". His friends are worried about him, they want him to move on but he is clearly ignoring their advice. Women don't date him because of his obsession "All the other girls keep wonderin what I Fuck with you for". It's the perfect setup, except the technology is experimental. Giving the androids short operating life spans of a couple months before they need to be disposed or reconfigured. Which is why he keeps a closet full of them, for when the active one runs out. As shown in the end of the video once the robot is trained he is able to live out his fantasy exactly the way he wanted. But deep down in his heart he knows that nothing can really replace his true love or bring her back. So there are moments when the illusion fades and reality pulls him back into depression. As seen in the very end 3:08 Posting this again cause this gold comment was dragged down to the end.

    Apurv GautamApurv GautamAcum lună
  • If u read this your a true G

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  • Just heard "Youre the next Drew Carey".. I need to stop smoking so much.

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  • Who watched this video for Rosita!!

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  • christian is so beautiful

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  • You listen to thing song high as a plane and all you’re doing is just falling

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