Building a Medieval House | 10 Day Bushcraft Shelter Build

29 iun. 2020
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Building a medieval house in the woods, a 10 day bushcraft shelter. This is a full build video of the anglo saxon house with thatch roof that we built using simple hand tools. This medieval-era bushcraft camp was inspired by the anglo saxon "pit house". The saxons occupied Britain from the 5th to the 11th century. Many of their houses were built by digging a pit in the ground which would not only help to keep a consistent temperature in their homes throughout the year, but it would also mean that they needed less building materials to build the house upwards. We used simple hand tools: axe, saw, knife, pick axe, hand auger and drawknife to build this tiny house in the forest. I built this with my Dad in 10 days. See below for individual episodes of the Saxon House series where we talk about what we are doing and why.
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  • This is an Anglo-Saxon inspired Medieval House. We built it with hand tools and it took 10 days. Watch our other iron age/medieval inspired builds here:

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    • I love it, ngl...but for how long will this beautiful house survive ? I mean it's only woods and wheat. These items can be damaged due to weather conditions.

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    • omg that is such a good idea aagghhh like i wish that would happennnnn that would be so interesting to watch

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  • axe, saw, knife, pick axe, hand auger and drawknife - power tools for REAL MEN

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  • Well... Guys did have some fun. But honestly he result is BS in comparison to advocate Egorov's forest house. No offence, really...

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  • nice one!

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  • These guys could build an anglo saxon style KOA camp and advertise it.

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  • Imagine living in medieval times, doing all this hard work. And then some lord comes by on his high horse claiming you havn't paid enough tax, and proceeds to burn it down to a crisp.

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  • Awesome to see the method step by step! Thanks! One question: since the floor is recessed, did this type not catch and hold water with heavy rains? Not from the roof leaking, per se, but from water flowing on the ground. Or were the sides bermed?

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  • *You need more overhang or your walls are going to rot!*

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  • Packing the walls with mud was gross but useful! Good job, not having music was great.

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  • Too bad we didn't get to see the finished inside when you were done.

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  • Also, my friends used wattle and daub on their cabin, but they mixed it up in a cast-iron tub-a little easier I think than using a hole in the ground ;)

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  • I'm both impressed and jealous. Also curious. How are the 'clothespins' that you used for the thatching made fast on the inside, or are they? I want to help next time you build something! I come equipped with a good selection of hand tools . . .

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  • dry when finished; love that! but I am pretty sure they would need some additional heat source inside during winter. looks like a tinder box when that happens

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  • I love it!!! What did you cook and eat?

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  • What I'm curious about is why wasn't the clay/mud+straw mixture also not used to fill the gaps between the logs, and instead used moss? I saw in your smaller/broken up video segments of this build that you used moss cause it can create insulation, but wouldn't the straw and mud mixture provide the same?

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  • Great house... I and my husband have a dream to get the house like this...simple, tiny but comfort

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  • I'm one with the meme... its 3am and I'm watching DIY house videos..

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  • imagine the first guy who ever thought about living in a house instead of a cave. he was the steve jobs of bronze age

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  • You 2 are a couple of beasts. I love watching your videos. I'm never going to attempt this but like watching it none the less

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  • this is so dope. I just started watching the show "Vikings" and I'm thinking to myself these men would've come in handy there.

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  • Ein schönes Video. Ich schaue mir deinen Kanal mal genauer an. Sehr informativ, und ich habe viel gelernt. Ich habe mal ein Abo hinterlassen. Vielleicht interessieren dich meine Naturvideos ebenfalls. Mfg Benne

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  • 10 days? Jesus modern day sucks more

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  • Awesome, and they didn't have to run to home depot for anything! Waiting for amazon to offer kit version of this. Seriously, these guys must sleep well, great work creating with nature . At the very end, it would've been cool if they broke out a banjo and guitar and rocked it out..

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  • The thatch roof looks awesome

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  • This looks like one of the most fun, rewarding and exhausting thing to do.

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  • Só ferramenta boa e muito talento , tope .

  • The old way of building homes excellent and good for the environment

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  • why not immerse the house a meter into the ground? why leave the walls? leave only one roof under ground

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  • Now live in it

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  • Totally nuts. Most inefficient method of construction ever construed. it's no wonder the English have the disposition they do (or used to - Lord knows there is No England anymore). Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way. You could have built four far more secure, comfortable and stout log cabins in the time it took to build that shanty. Not to mention the entire mud sill would have been rotten in 2 years.

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