COOL IDEAS TO SNEAK FOOD INTO CLASS || Funny Life Hacks and School Supplies by 123 GO! SCHOOL

12 iun. 2020
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It is sucks when no food allowed in class.
But don’t worry we’ve got some sneaky tricks up our sleeves!
Think you could get away with these hiding spots? 🍭🍫
You know what to do 😉

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  • Nerds are my best candy too

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  • You guys are the best at sneaking food in class love you💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

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  • Do some new videos plz and this video is so Nice

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  • All teachers dont have glasses and they don't sound weird

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  • But the teacher is proud of you maddie

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    • But she's quitting school forever

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  • Me in online class: turns off camera and eats and drinks

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  • not to be rude but when u put candy as the front cover is not a good idea cuz then when u finish all of it u can see the paper and if other ppl know it candy your done zo

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  • Very sneaky

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  • You copied Sara's beauty corner

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  • that is not fair teacher gets food but not us

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  • I can't tell who made this up but I know some series of hacks that were stolen. You guys don't think of it but you guys STEAL IT! Take that back there were 2 hacks the notebook and the chapstick. ( I watch that yesterday by hair salon something. But I am not bad cause without your video's I would have been scrolling threw youtube looking for the best video to watch so I take that back.

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