Cursed childhood memories

22 oct. 2020
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well that was. cursed. but happy halloween!!! lemme know ur spooky tales from school :')
▶ BG ARTIST: Ingrid Umbach
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▶ Cintiq 16 Pro - screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
▶ Adobe Premiere CC - to edit and compile
- I'm sorry, I'm not available to do lines for videos anymore; I've gotten really busy :(
- I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I'm not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.
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  • follow me on twitch! i animated this video live, and even got you guys' input while i did it (:

    illymationillymationAcum lună
    • we lernd the birds and the bees with no parnl consit in 3rd grade

      hvae muomhvae muomAcum 2 ore
    • ... we had birds and the bees in well... 3rd grade lmao

      Emily BenavidezEmily BenavidezAcum 12 ore
    • @illymation NOTIC3 M3 PLZ

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    • @elizabeth chavez what about Discord

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    • i'm sad i don't have twich

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  • Honestly, I don't know how my parents did it but I have always known about the "birds" and the "bees" like with their terms and shit. When I was 6 or 5, my sister and I found a book about sets and seTsual positions and we were curious about it but we knew it was like a forbidden topic so pretended we didn't see anything until my mom found out cus we are also bad liars lol

    AnxiouscouchpotatoAnxiouscouchpotatoAcum oră
  • in second grade i already knew what the birds and the bees was i just didn't know what came out of doing that sometimes does, but then one day my friend (she was a girl who was adopted to two gay dads so we love) asked me where babies came from so i asked my mom and she just straight up told me "you do the birds and the bees" and i told my friend the next day :>

    Skida Who?Skida Who?Acum oră
  • did nobody notice AMONG US CHARACTER AT 1:02 , 3:30 , AND 5:50

    That Weird ChildThat Weird ChildAcum oră
  • That years cookies are infused with broken childhood innocence lol

    Gavin HartmanGavin HartmanAcum oră
  • Why is Ino pig there

    Manuel A. CampoverdeManuel A. CampoverdeAcum oră
  • When I was about in 2nd grade? Or 3rd grade me and my sister had this one friend and she told us about how she read h3nt@I and me and my sister was like what was that and in the end she told us everything...

    Chloe LeeChloe LeeAcum 2 ore
  • In my elementary school, there was this thing that the second graders did every year around Valentine's Day. We'd all dress up fancy, and then the teachers would pair up the girls and boys randomly. The boys would escort the girls to the gathering area, where a bunch of tables were set up, and they'd pull out our chairs for us and maybe get our food for us? I don't really remember, I think it was supposed to teach us chivalry or manners or whatever. Anyways, when I was in second grade, I was really excited for this. One of my best friends was a guy in my class, and I was hoping the teachers would take friendships into account. When it came right down to it, however, I wouldn't have been too upset being paired up with any of the guys, except for one; George. I can't remember what it was that I disliked about George exactly, but he was obnoxious and he wasn't nice to me (granted most boys weren't back then, but something about George made it worse). My teacher liked me, so I knew she probably wouldn't intentionally put me with someone I had much issue with. Unfortunately, she was doing the stick popsicle stick method. She had our names written on popsicle sticks that she would draw at random for various purposes. When my name was drawn, I can remember sitting there just thinking "please not George, please not George, please not George". I think you know where this is going; I was paired up with George. I don't remember how the entirety of the event played out, but I do remember that he was slouching and scowling the whole time he escorted me to the gathering area. I wasn't super stoked about it either, pal, but at least I had the decency to act polite about it.

    Obvious NinjaObvious NinjaAcum 2 ore
  • I'm 12 now and my period started at 9 but my I got the talk at 7... oops

    z4r4liciousz4r4liciousAcum 2 ore
  • In my school they gave us the birds and the bees talk in 4th and 5th grade I'm not kidding

    Heidi AguilarHeidi AguilarAcum 3 ore

    Cari PandaCari PandaAcum 3 ore
  • This one time like a month ago my 8th grade health class was talking about the birds and the bees. And because of covid there were like 5 people in the class in whole. But because of covid i was the only girl in class that day. When my teacher got to the part about breasts and stuff i could feel every boys eyes on me because i was sitting up front and i was the only female there.

    Aspen TeaWitchAspen TeaWitchAcum 3 ore
  • I can say in the south, ya it’s weird to get the talk there are so many weird restrictions

    Nerds PresentNerds PresentAcum 3 ore
  • The art style soooooo cute, I love your videos beautiful so funny and always makes me laugh and smile!!!!!😄😄😄😍😍😁😁😘😘😘💕💕

    Lila BasenerLila BasenerAcum 4 ore
  • 1/10 all of them I'm 10 and I know that people just have s3x I already new when I was 7

    Racquel Rene'Racquel Rene'Acum 4 ore
  • I am jealous that you learned birds and bees in 5th grade I learned that in 3rd grade

    Kira WestbrookKira WestbrookAcum 4 ore
  • My parents would not sign the form for the nasty pictures or the drug education because she's not dumb

    Katlyn CriswellKatlyn CriswellAcum 4 ore
  • *corpse has hacked into this video*

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  • The volleyball from haikyuu XD

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  • you already know that girl in front of robin is going to be a tiktok star

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  • LUIGI! NO! NOT THE GLUE!!! *NOT THE GLUEEE!!!!!* ~Raptor

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  • its not diffrent at all boys get gum and watched a movie and the girls get a box of tampons.

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  • Omg the pickle plush in the background

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  • One time in 3rd grade I had the brilliant idea of using the water fountain to wash my hands instead of the sink, because I didn’t want to want to walk all the way to the bathroom... some girl walked up with a look of pure disgust on her face. I simply hung my head down in shame

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  • nobody pickle the dinosaur

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  • Who else Saw gingerpale on the bus

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  • Ok so my parents never gave me the birds and bees talk because my school taught it all really well, but, when I was 10 I got my first period. I didn’t know what it was so I was obviously freaked out. My mom wasn’t home so I told my dad. So my father had to explain to me what my period was. I feel so bad for him 😂

    LolaLottaLolaLottaAcum 11 ore
  • Uhh I never had “the talk” but ik what it is cuz 𝙏𝙞𝙠𝙩𝙤𝙠 𝙩𝙤𝙪𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙢𝙚

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  • truble

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  • O birds and bees are ****** and ******

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  • All the anime references are GREAT

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  • I had the birds and the bees in........ 3rd gradeeee!!! Lmaooooo

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  • Illy has cursed experience and so do i

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  • My mom told me about “birds and bees.” On a walk that was SUPPOSED TO BE RELAXING.

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  • 6:45 is no one going to talk about the little among us guy right there that has Jschlatt's skin?

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  • 5:53 Did anyone noticed the among us character several times?

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  • Comedy Central filled in a lot of blanks 😐😐😐

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  • My cursed experience was sad bc I lost my best friend ): through my own stupidity and ignorance. So my 4th grade bestie and I were in my basement, and I just wanted to make sure she was having fun at my house while she was over. But she seemed bored, so I ran upstairs bc I had to pee but then I saw it. A box of tampons. So I grabbed them and ran downstairs. I asked if she wanted to play with them, and she asked, "Uh, do you know what those are?" anD I DIDN'T WANT TO LOOK STUPID. SO I SAID YES. SO SHE SAID SHE HEARD HER GRANDMA CALLING AND LEFT. AND THEN WOULDN'T TALK TO ME AGAIN.

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  • Did anybody see corpse in the bus here is the time 1:00

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  • Nobody: The teacher:👁👄👁

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  • Ah. *I'm f**king scared for the highschool half of the birds and the bees*

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  • I ate those cookies and they are not good

    Mr. Yello LarvaMr. Yello LarvaAcum 14 ore
  • it still happens in fifth grade

    The3rdAtteptThe3rdAtteptAcum 14 ore

    spy team rulerspy team rulerAcum 14 ore
  • my church taught me birds and bee's... when i was six i am disgusted

    Bagel BBagel BAcum 14 ore
  • What is the exact square of you isn’t that weird

    Insane999 Adxthunder21Insane999 Adxthunder21Acum 14 ore
  • I want to the exact same school as you

    Insane999 Adxthunder21Insane999 Adxthunder21Acum 14 ore
  • Me looking at thumbnail trying to puzzle it out: hm... birds plus bees equals to birds and the b- oh. Also me: [deep inhale...] 𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓵٫ 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓷. 𝓑𝓮𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓯𝓵𝓮𝓮 𝓫𝓮𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓮 𝓶𝔂 𝓶𝓸𝓶 𝓬𝓪𝓽𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓼 𝓶- Mom: 𝒀𝑶𝑼'𝑹𝑬 𝑮𝑬𝑻𝑻𝑰𝑵𝑮 𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑩𝑬𝑳𝑻.

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  • If you don’t understand me I love your videos though

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  • しなひはしたはたやたゆたやたは「た

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  • like- GAY RIGHTS.

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  • So one time in pre-k there was also like these babies in the class so i was like cleaning up for lunch and then this one baby comes up to me as Im trying to put away my mickey mouse lunchbox she comes up to me and starts pulling on it so I pull it harder and then it was like a constant match of tug o war but with a lunchbox and the finally i pull it hard enough i knock her to the ground my stomach drops and i dont remember if i got in trouble or not but i do remember it was pretty cursed

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  • I hAtE thE dEviL

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  • I see among us

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  • 1:04 in the corner of the bus me:that’s kinda sus

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  • I saw all those little Hakyuu easter eggs 😏

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  • When I was in 1st grade I thought everyone died at 86 on their birthday and this guy comes up to me and starts making fun of me cause he was older then I said “yeah but your gonna die first” and he started crying and I got detention

    the gaming kidthe gaming kidAcum 20 ore
  • 1:04 *is it just me or do I see an among us Person 0-0*

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  • Is that Canary and Tanaka in the front?

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  • Congrats on a million views on this video

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  • Why is nobody talking about the anime references- You got one piece, My hero academia, Blue exorcist, Haikyu, Naruto, and Soul Eater

    TyRELL Is DumBTyRELL Is DumBAcum o Zi
  • I was 5th grade now but i hope i didnt have the BIRDS AND BEES

    banana girlbanana girlAcum o Zi
  • Anyone see among us and ino from naruto

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  • Now a days parent don’t have to give u “The Talk” ROworld gives it to u I knew wat the “The Talk” when I was 4

    Red Wf4Red Wf4Acum o Zi
    • I got "The Talk" from both my parents and school!

      LeeAnn MorrellLeeAnn MorrellAcum 8 ore
  • did i just notice someone with a haikyuu / karasuno jacket and a volleyball lol

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  • 2020 is the devils words. 2020 and COVID-19 is the devil spreading his evilness we have to stop the evilness we have to become the angels and destroy the evil heart of COVID-19!

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  • All the anime references in this video (that I saw) Fullmetal Alchemist 0:54 and 5:54 (Equivalent exchange and the classic transformation circle) Demon Slayer: 1:39 (Tanjiro’s haori) Naruto: 2:13 (Ino was in the scene) Haikyuu: 4:19 (Nishinoya was on her calendar) If I missed more please tell me

    Mystical_TailzMystical_TailzAcum o Zi
  • 2:16 you know actually the same thing happened with my kinder garden class but instead I was terrified because my friend was a boy which is weird

    Liam DiazLiam DiazAcum o Zi
  • lol

    lollolAcum o Zi
  • I still haven't had the birds and bees talk

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  • HEY HELP JACK RAISE 1,0000!!! @

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    • ugh

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    • ​@​

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    • AT THIS LINK @​

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  • Am I the only one who noticed the pickle the dinosaur plush in the background at the beginning Just Me? okay👁👄👁

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  • Who saw the among us crew mate

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  • Am not a native english speaker, sooo... i have a question, why does she call thouse experiences as cursed? Its a way of saying thouse where unfortunate things? (Because thats what i believe it is)

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  • For the birds and bees everybody said that they had no questions. nobody admitted it

    Liam WaltonLiam WaltonAcum o Zi
  • i have the talk tommorrow in my school and im scared :´)

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  • 3:02 your teacher will only care of you in a Christian School

    Brendon BethellBrendon BethellAcum o Zi

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  • 2:35 I had the exact same discussion like this well really young anatidae why don't what a gay person was

    Brendon BethellBrendon BethellAcum o Zi
  • its off ik 0:51 emrichu 1:03 black crewmate 1:18 emrichu again

    sarah chordalsarah chordalAcum o Zi
  • How I would rate all of this in the cursed scale Gingerbread cookies ornaments:2/10,not so cursed Best friends getting married:5/10,pretty cursed Birds and bees:Infinite/10

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  • In preschool at four I kissed a girl

    PiggyXDPiggyXDAcum o Zi
  • The backgrounds are so beautiful!!

    Sebastian HawnSebastian HawnAcum o Zi
  • The girl next to her on the bus has a hikyou uniform (I can’t spell sorry)

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  • Me: wait a minute why are they anime hints in this 🤔

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  • You want cursed? Ok I can do that. In elementary school during recess this girl named Brianna would run around and randomly hug people. Not that bad, but it gets worse. It eventually evolved into here tackling you and trying to scratch your eyes out. It evolved into some weird game, where all we did was try to avoid her. One last thing, one time in the 3rd grade some kid grabbed my butt region. Keeping it family friendly here. And years later last week actually, I found out he was gay. So yeah pretty cursed if I do say so myself.

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  • Did anyone notice the among us guy on 3:29 and Gingerbread on 0:30. Lol

    •Dazing Off••Dazing Off•Acum 2 Zile
  • Anyone else catch Ino in there??? Just me? Ok......

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  • 0:44 I physically recoiled Too soon man Too soon

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  • Once in, like, 3rd grade my friend "married" this stuffed monkey I gave her on valentines day. I don't think they ever officially got divorced so I'm pretty sure that means she cheated on the monkey twice. Also, the monkey's name was Stevenson, but his friends called him Steve and/or Steven.

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  • My good chart in kindergarten: 💖卂山丂ㄖ爪乇💜 💙 𝖈 𝖔 𝖔 𝖑 💙 💚 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘥𝘪𝘥 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 💚 🧡d͜͡o͜͡ b͜͡e͜͡t͜͡t͜͡e͜͡r͜͡ p͜͡l͜͡e͜͡a͜͡🧡 ❤️c͒a͒l͒l͒ h͒o͒m͒e͒, o͒w͒e͒ r͒e͒c͒c͒e͒s͒❤️ Also my cursed story is: So i was in my room CUTTING a stuffy beacause i was bored. 3rd grade illy cutting up a stuffy that was my moms stuffy! My mum comes in "(:(" LA CHANCLA BUT A TAP!!! Yea so 7/10 :/

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  • Illy thank you I love your videos so much you helped me through a lot thank you - Bailey #1 fan bye!!!!

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  • Did I see canary from hxh in a chair in this video

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  • In 5th grade, they gave us a run down of what's gonna happen to our bodies like periods and hormones and all that, while in 8th grade they taught us in the same room as the boys about the birds and the bees. Of course, the boys would be inappropriate about certain pictures that they would show us and would be stupid.

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