Finding HIGH POWER 240V in a 120V Country

23 dec. 2019
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Traveling around and need a power adapter to run your 240V hair drier? GOOD LUCK!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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  • OK BOOMers!!! I'm sure a bunch of you will be traveling these holidays. May I suggest... LEAVE YOUR $%#@ing HAIR DRIER BEHIND?!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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    • The phone u threw was ur old one ☝️

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    • @ChozoSR388 man he created it such that we fear doing it, but usually doing it either kills the fuse or circuit

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    • Man nice editing for multimeter burst with a capacitor since the fuse inside multimeter blows first

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    • The background music is lit pls mention the link...#Fan with 0 current...

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    • @ayushman vats I'm American

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  • US electric installation is like NASA tech, and by that I mean tech like it was when NASA was founded.

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  • I am an भारतीय ☺️ and I am new at your channel. Your video gives information with fun☺️☺️☺️☺️

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  • How about finding 120v in a 240v country like Malaysia?

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  • She needs a 50 dollar inverter to boost the power from 120v to 240v. That's really all she needs.

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  • “If you’d like to learn a new skill and improve...” Anyone who watches ROworld too much (which probably includes you reading this because you actually look at the comments) is ingrained with the instinct to immediately skip forward.

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  • Translation: "... and maybe we can burn Arduinos to ashes together"

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  • Also I built my own suicidal adapter to use two smaller extension cords to power an electric heater, but the two hot wire from the two plugs are wired in parallel

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  • We in Europe use two 240V phases to get around 500VAC

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  • 240 doesn't need a neutral to close the circuit? Is that because they're out of phase and use each other as a neutral?

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  • 3:45 - HAHAHHAHAHA, i blew up my multimeter like that in my home, but it blew fuse for power switch outside my home and we didnt have electricity

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  • An FYI... almost all electronics (not hair dryers, irons, refrigerators, or other appliances with heating elements) can operate on 90-240vac at 50-60hz. Electronics only!!! This would be things like laptops, phone chargers, and other electronics one typically travels with, even my CPAP! Pretty much anything with a black box power supply. Look on the specifcation chart printed on the power supply. If it says 90-240vac 50-60hz input, youre good to go. If it is thusly labeled you can run it right off the line voltage of whatever country you are in with just a plug adapter. No voltage adapter box needed. Modern electronic power supplies are made to take this wide variety of voltages because of the international nature of distribution. Nobody wants to make 5 different power supplies for one product and then have to make sure they get the correct ones to the right country. Easier to make 1 universal power supply and have different modular power cords for each country. Also, some countries, like Saudi Arabia, have both 120 and 240 plugs. Yaaay. A coworker blew up my traveling network switch there because the power supply was only rated for 120vac and he plugged it into 220vac.... POP! Smoke! So this is true ONLY if the power supply is labeled 90-240vac and 50-60hz input.

    livingdeadbtulivingdeadbtuAcum lună
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  • Hi I’ve just received a spray tan gun machine from U.S. with 240v. I am from U.K. and the normal voltage in here is 230v. Is it safe to plug it? Please I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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