FOXY Eyes Makeup Tutorial - How To Make Your Eyes Look BIGGER

9 iul. 2020
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  • What if she gets an offer of being a makeup artist of a famous well known person..... Will she accept it? Or deny it????

    Christine YermalChristine YermalAcum o Zi
  • I really want you to do my makeup someday (although it's next to impossible). I too want to feel that pretty

    EceEceAcum 10 Zile
  • ❤❤❤

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  • I love your videos Deni❤️ you r doing great and u r soon gonna hit 10 million! Also can you do a video on how to do makeup if you wear glasses

    Isha RanaIsha RanaAcum 25 Zile
  • she is so cute 😻

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  • I love it!

    chibixiochibixioAcum lună
  • You may want to check the hairstuff section in stores next time you go shopping , there's a cheap clip made specially to make a messy bun easy you just fold it in and roll it on the clip and than you close it. In NL i only paid 1 euro.

    Rinie Cassteele-KoedijkRinie Cassteele-KoedijkAcum lună
  • Her voice isss soooo cuuutteee

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  • Absolutely gorgeous and extremely helpful!!!!

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  • You’re voice is so soothing 🥺

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  • Last time i saw your videos was about 2 years ago but now i watch your videos you are still the same cute and beautiful

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  • I followed this look for my wedding.. Got so many compliments. Thanks girl! You deserve way more subscribers!!!

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  • Ok that's my first video of you and you're so cute I love your voice, you have a new subscriber 😊❤

  • Idk why I keep watching this but her voice is adorable

    lizzy bethlizzy bethAcum 2 luni
  • Your eyes looked like those of Ariana Grande. 😀

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  • ok so no one gonna talk how cute and beautiful she is and so talented

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  • I can't wait to try this! I have wide set eyes and makeup always looks weird on me, so let's hope this works!

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  • Are you Bulgarian 🇧🇬

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  • Tu es magnifique

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  • Honestly, have never before watched anyone actually EXPLAIN HOW TO APPLY make-up when they explain how to apply make-up... 😆❤️

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  • It's not a Bella Hadid look.. It's mimicking Asian features.

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  • « Appealing to birds » ahahahah

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  • I really love ur make up , i always try to follow you 🥰🥰😘 Much love god bless you,

  • I am not expert enough to do that eye makeup 😟😟😟 Btw fall in love with this makeup 😍

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  • Cuteness overloaded 😍😍😍

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  • This look reminds me of Audrey Hepburn ♥️

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  • Great tutorial. Thank you for taking the time and sharing!

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  • That bird nest was 🤣🤣

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  • Hello! What eye makeup would you recommend for Asian eyes?

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  • 🐿💕 I 💕 my soap brows but sometimes it gets “bally.” Idky. I try less setting spray or less Patrick Ta soap. It holds my brows better than anything, I just haven’t mastered it yet. Bending the spoolie, spooly, etc. make ALL the difference in the world! Your looks are all perfection. You are the Audrey Hepburn of Makeup Tutorials! 💕💕

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  • Honestly, my favorite beauty channel to watch actual tutorials. Sweet, gorgeous, unproblematic, funny and super talented. Also, gotta love that we have the exact same eye shape, helps a ton. Luv u girl

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  • Beautiful color choices for a natural look. I adore the foxy eyes and looks pretty on younger as well as older generations!!

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  • Do not normalize the “Foxy eye” makeup trend. It’s offensive to asians who’re constantly bullied because of their eyes, and for it to now be a “trend?” Does not sit right

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  • You’re so cute!

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  • Ur so beautiful voice...& tips thx soooo mach

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  • Her accent look alot like indian accent...are u from India????

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    • @Vitria Pratika wlcm😊

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    • @Nidhi Das thanks

      Vitria PratikaVitria PratikaAcum 4 luni
    • Nd I don't think her accent sounds Indian; btw I'm Indian too

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    • Nope she's from Bulgaria

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  • Omgomg thx for the great tips, I try it can make me as beautiful so good! I tried earlier while I wait for a friend to come over and with some music I like Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, Delta Parole etc. and I already saw so much progress. Thanks for the helpful video again!!!

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