Friday Night Funkin’ - FNF MANIFEST ANIMATION BATTLE (Ft Sky bfswifeforever)

26 apr. 2021
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*screams on the street* THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 500K SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!
I didn’t expect to reach this massive milestone! qwq
I’m truly grateful to all of you who subscribed to me *sends all of my subscribers virtual hugs* (I wish I could hug you all but we're on social distancing, lol) hahahah!
By the way... Sky is 19 (The Character) but The Owner is 14
Correction? Sky is 19 years old but according to the Funkin' Universe, she has shifted through time.
So explanation at the end:
According to her Trypophobia Meme on TikTok ---
We can see sky going into a salon to improve her looks to impress Boyfriend... But somehow, she has been possessed by something(?) idk, I’m not The Owner of Sky. But that’s just a theory. XD
So yeah, this is another Sky Animation, hahahah (I'm a lil bit lazy *slaps myself*)

DISCLAIMER: Characters and Music are NOT MINE! This is all just for fun!
CHARACTER: Bfswifeforever / Maddi
--- Please shower them with love and support! UwU
Procreate (For Drawing the In-beetweens and Tweening)
Flipaclip (For Staging + Storyboard)
CapCut (Editing the Video)
Cute CUT Pro (For Editing the Animation)
7th Generation iPad
1st Generation Apple Pencil
TIME TAKEN: 4 days 7 hours
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  • So let me get this straight. Sky's skin color was brown, but she was worried that bf wouldn't like her because of that, so she bought skin tanning, and then made her hair blue, then she somehow traveled in time to get to bf?

    QuoiseQuoiseAcum 32 minute
  • someone used this as an ad

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  • Hey Kiffy if your reading this then I hate to tell you this but this video is being used for an Ad by an app going by the name of Soundboard for Friday Funkin Music I just saw it and I thought I need to tell you about this.

    Wilkins CoffeeWilkins CoffeeAcum 36 minute
  • I'll owe you one day

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  • Gf is like i don’t care about that monster

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  • Someone used this video for an ad for soundboard for Friday night funkin

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  • I'm here because I saw this in an ad that ROworld gave me so that's messed up

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  • I don't know if you know this but this animation played on a youtube add...

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  • Soooo, I got an advertisement with this being the visuals for a shitty mobile game. The artist is really talented and I feel like they should know this if they don't already.

    The Official FBI YouTube ChannelThe Official FBI YouTube ChannelAcum oră
  • Someone put this video in an ad

    Stick MVStick MVAcum oră
  • I got a youtube ad for some fnf mobile game and they just stole this entire video for the ad Edit: this video is also very epic

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  • Hey kiffy I just saw a add that used YOUR video to promote their app called fnf sound board. LIKE FOR KIFFY CAN SEE

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    • I said that to :>

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    • Same here

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  • Hey did you know that a add use this video for a scam video

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  • Just a heads up a knock off fnf soundboard used this entire video as an ad. I don't know if they had permission from you to do so

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  • Hey kiffy, did you allow your video to be an ad for "soundboard for fnf"?

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  • Hey not sure if your going to see this but some add has been using this video to market itself

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  • Ayo i don't know if you know this but some random "sound board" app used your video for an ad

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  • We need an animation of target practice from you

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  • Somebody took this and made it a ad. AND they're still showing it despite the obvious watermark.

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  • Someone straight up stool this video, watermark included, for a Friday night funkin Sound board ad

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  • Some app stole this animation

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  • Kiffy your video has been stolen by a mobile game maker They used your video to advertise a fnf soundboard

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  • Ayo, so like some people used this video without credit for some stupid fnf soundboard app

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  • Ah, the commenters here already have it covered. Subbing to you, having an animation stolen like this is terrible.

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  • I hopped on this videos to tell you that "Soundboard for Friday night funkin" used your video for there ad.

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  • I watched a random video and I got a ad for this cant remember the name but there was a fake fnf game it had this animation the in background

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  • Ok im just here to inform you that your animations are good and a app used this animation (with 0 credit) for a ad Just wanted to let you know about this have a amazing day :3

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  • Somebody just put this as a ad, Lmao

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  • Someone used this video for ad of an fnf type game which is actually disgusting, stealing a video to advertise a crappy fnf game

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  • Someone used your video as an ad 😕

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  • Dear kiffy, I was watching a video and I got a ad with this animation and I wondered if you had agreed to letting a ad use your animation I already forgot about the app that was supposed to be in the ad, forgive me Edit : I think it was called "sound board for Friday night Funkin'" Or something

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  • Hey,i saw an ad using this video.Something about a board for friday night funkin

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  • Kiffy- a advertisement for a fnf soundboard had your animation as the whole ad uhhh just wanted to let you know

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  • Someone stole your video for an ad

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  • Someone stole this video for an ad... and they KEPT THE WATERMARK AND OUTRO.

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  • I came here from an ad

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  • Gf eyes actually remind me of when gf saved herself from being shot in week 7 (tankman)

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  • Why was this ad for me on a eddsworld video

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  • Your animation has been stolen for fnf soundboard RIP

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  • Someone stole this for an ad for a mobile game I took a screenshot aswell

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  • I love seeing a (Friday night funkin unofficial mods) stealing this entire video for an ad.

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  • I remember a fnf rib of ad using this animation i'm guessing whit out your permission

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    • Yeah lol

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  • Ok so I saw a ad of this it was a fnf game rip off that use your video they didn't even ask permission for you

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  • I saw a fnf soundboard ad WITH THIS VID

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  • An ad had this animation in it, I think they stole your animation without permission

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  • I saw this on a ad

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  • lol someone used this in an ad , good on you for making the watermark big-

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  • Hey! I just saw this in an advertisement. For a Friday Night Funkin soundboard. Do they have permission to use this? They used the whole vid as an ad. Just to let ya know.

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  • I discovered this thanks to a shitty mobile app stealing this video. Friday night funkin sounds stole the video.

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  • hey! just a heads up that an ad is using your animation. the name of the app is something along the lines of "fnf soundboard"

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  • Soundboard for Friday Funkin Music just stole your whole video for their ad, they didnt event get rid of the Kiffy watermark

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  • Someone stole this and made it an ad for a soundboard of fnf

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  • This video was used in an ad for "Soundtrack For Friday Night Funkin - Friday Night Funkin Songs" Just a quick warning

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  • That was a beautiful animation with a accurate past!

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  • An ad company stole your animation

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  • Just to let you know kiffy this video is being used in a ad I dont know if you let them use it but just know the game is Friday night funkin soundboard

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  • Who else saw this in a ad for fnf soundboard

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  • I saw a rip-off fnf mobile game ad using this animation claiming it was theirs here's proof :

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  • Somebody just used your video for a soundboard fnf app ad-

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  • I saw a ad have this animation and it was claiming it was theirs

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  • Last song X-Event

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  • Some one stole this for an ad

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  • ⬆️⬇️➡️⬅️ ugh

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  • Yo, some crappy soundboard app stole your animation

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    • Oof that's why im herre

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  • Bro this animation was in a ad for "sound board for friday night funkin music" 🗿

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  • This got stolen for an ad wtf

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  • Ma perché sky è infuriata

  • You know this meme is good when someone uses it as a FUCKING AD for a FNF soundboard.

    J DJ DAcum 4 ore
  • Did you know an ad is using this video to advertise their game thing? I'm just wondering if they got your consent for that

    83 hyod83 hyodAcum 4 ore
  • Umm... Kiffy, why did u let a random fnf copy google play software use your video for advertising? I don't like good work like this in crappy mobilr games.

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  • M8 I got this exact video in a add

    ironpiy epicironpiy epicAcum 4 ore
  • Epic

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  • Hello! I have not watched your channel before, but I will now after seeing this animation. Unfortunately that isn't the only thing I came to say. There was an App called "Soundboard Friday Night Funkin" or something along those lines, that used this exact video for one of their ads that I just got on ROworld. I don't know if it was with permission or not, but I did want to bring it to your attention. On the bright side, you just got yourself another subscriber!

    [JetSetWave][JetSetWave]Acum 4 ore
  • Hey Kiffy, I was watching ROworld and I saw an ad for an ap titled "Soundboard for Friday Night Funkin Music" they literally just took your video, this exact one and played it as their ad. I'm not sure if they had your permission but if they didn't then they just stole your animation.

    Fade-_- ExoticzFade-_- ExoticzAcum 4 ore
  • Gf: :D

    Rina-Rina-Acum 5 ore
  • This was made as an ad, and the app who advertised this was Soundboard for Friday Night Funkin.

    basil's flower-garden.basil's flower-garden.Acum 5 ore
  • Some ad was using this. Not sure if they got permission from you or not

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  • This video has been ripped and put into an ad. I'm unsure if you actually permitted it or not, but yk.

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  • I saw an ad with your video I thought I would make sure you know

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  • hey, im not sure your aware but a company tiled "aguratura" stole this video and used it for an ad which whats for an friday night funking soundboard. they ripped the whole video too.

    SeafairySeafairyAcum 6 ore
  • Hey so I quickly looked this up because I got an add for some app that used this video so people took this video and used it for advertising

    Mini SoulMini SoulAcum 6 ore
  • I just seen a ad on yt and it had your vid on it I knew it was you because of your water mark

  • Girlfriend: This is fine...

    CBa08_YTCBa08_YTAcum 7 ore
  • Yeahhh... I saw this being used in an ad for an app called "Soundboard For Friday Night Funkin" So just wanted to inform about that.

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    • Just a min ago i seen the ad

    • Same

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  • 0.75 speed is the best

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  • She want to be girl friend hair same like bf

    Claire LuClaire LuAcum 7 ore
  • **This video is being used as an ad for an app again!** Can't you flag them for copyright violation? It's option is available on ROworld you know.

    AnickAnickAcum 7 ore
  • 0:10 Gff look happy 😂

    honey cathoney catAcum 7 ore
  • Someone used this video as an ad for "soundboard for Friday night funkin" some mobile thing Edit: it's "Soundboard for Friday funkin music" on Google play

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  • Someone stole your video and used it as an ad, this is a big problem with ROworldrs and I'm mad about it.

    Niko_Niko_Acum 7 ore
    • Yeah I saw it

      BushyDrawsThingsBushyDrawsThingsAcum oră
  • Hehe I just found an ad that stole your video kiffy lol

    Kaizser PokoinaKaizser PokoinaAcum 7 ore
  • Hey kiffy some mobile ad literally uses this whole video without even hiding it

    Endless DanceEndless DanceAcum 7 ore
  • I was gonna watch another video and I notice an add plays, and it was for a rip off of friday night funkin, the l Person who advertised the add used your video, or this video.

    Basically Friday night funkin Player.Basically Friday night funkin Player.Acum 7 ore
  • Some horrible fnf mobile app is using this video as an ad

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  • Someone used this video without credit and they were to lazy to edit the watermark

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  • Just saw an unofficial ad. They just stole this and decided to put it in their ad.

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  • So umm I saw this video as an ad for a Bootleg Mobile Game, for real, It just had this video, I was just wondering if they got your permission to use it or not

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