George Russell First Reaction To His New Mercedes Team Radio | F1 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix

4 dec. 2020
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Initial reactions from Russell as he's still adjusting to his new office. His pace looks promising so far though!
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  • Why does he start in 2nd gear though?

    The aThe aAcum lună
  • 'Jackie Stewart was right... the car's the star, not the driver': F1 fans claim rookie George Russell's fantastic Mercedes debut proved Lewis Hamilton is NOT the greatest ever, with only a colossal team error costing him victory

    Ken O'NeillKen O'NeillAcum lună
  • I expected something in the lines of: WHOAAAH!!!!!! but then again I'm not an F1 driver

    Lars AgerbækLars AgerbækAcum lună
  • Had Valtteri or Max won Sakhir, George's result would have felt worse. But the disappointment of driving his socks off and being relegated to 9th thanks to non- driver error is offset somewhat by Checo's victory, Esteban's 2nd and Lance's podium.

    Nixer DoyleNixer DoyleAcum lună
  • Are the pictures real or from the game, I genuinely can't tell

    CookieCookieAcum lună
  • What a boring sport. A mean there more than one line through a corner if your not fast your last. Not giving way that ruins it

    alex williamsonalex williamsonAcum lună
  • Quality from the first second despite the physical discomfort of an undersized cockpit. Looking forward to his tyre management skills in the race tomorrow. Podium prediction: *VER BOT PER*

    y1521t21b5y1521t21b5Acum lună
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    Mykola RielandMykola RielandAcum lună
  • Race start in 2nd gear?

    loligagerer 265loligagerer 265Acum lună
  • oh shit, i forgot that he just got thrown into a car with DAS system he didn't know before. Wow, that makes his results even better

    Zia1987Zia1987Acum lună
  • If he can manage to win this Grand Prix tomorrow, Bottas is surely gone.

    Shane2982Shane2982Acum lună
  • Russell is going it one of only 3 people who have used DAS in a race

    WolfdogWolfdogAcum lună

    Hugo OlofsgårdHugo OlofsgårdAcum lună
  • Cannot believe how shit of an engine Ferrari have...😡🤬

    Florin TripaFlorin TripaAcum lună
  • Lets " Hustle Russell " !!!!!!!!!! Go for it dude .

    derek crymblederek crymbleAcum lună
  • George definitely deserves to drive this car! The guy was proven worthy in the slowest car on the grid, managing getting into P2 which is something Williams hasn't done in a long time. So glad he can finally prove himself driving the correct car for his skills.

    Roy LiberRoy LiberAcum lună
  • I like George Russell radio 📻 message very good shows what he does better on track in Bahrain 🇧🇭 night 🌙 grand prix.

    Peter FowkePeter FowkeAcum lună
  • interesting

    Hoten HitonokoeHoten HitonokoeAcum lună
  • Hows my DAS usage? Yeaaaaaah poping the big questions....

    Akshay KanojiaAkshay KanojiaAcum lună
  • Imagine if George wins and then Bono says: Get in there Lewis... I mean George!

    FNA miki07FNA miki07Acum lună
  • Ngl, Bono has a good voice to listen to Oh and also, dont be sad with mercedes because sad turned around das. und DAS is nicht Gut

    AcE StebbaAcE StebbaAcum lună
  • Now !! Is this the proof that it’s almost just the car that decides the champion?

    Liam LundLiam LundAcum lună
  • just let the OP car drive itself, no need for a driver to win really, hamilton was just a spectator inside it......

    Houssam the braveHoussam the braveAcum lună
  • I like the way he said "and how was DAS usage?" idk why

    Luís E. P. GomesLuís E. P. GomesAcum lună
  • You know what's the worst thing one can do. Kicking back George back to Williams if he win this Race.

    Tyler DurdenTyler DurdenAcum lună
  • how was DAS usag.😅

    weixian zhaoweixian zhaoAcum lună
  • I’m so happy he gets to finally show his talents in f1

    Next Fool MartyrNext Fool MartyrAcum lună
  • Someone should use Bono´s voice as an AI assistant

    OverRatedTheFirstOverRatedTheFirstAcum lună
  • I guess we will find out how good Russell is on Sunday. Can't wait personally. Being British, I like to support the home teams and drivers so I'm always rooting for Albon, Russell, Norris and Hamilton. I prefer to back the underdog and Hamilton is a given most of the time, so I'm thrilled George gets a stint in the best car :)

    Adrian TysoeAdrian TysoeAcum lună
  • Dá pra perceber a inteligência de Russell, parabéns

    Rui TakedaRui TakedaAcum lună
  • He's doing better than bottas

    í'm α nαgαí'm α nαgαAcum lună
  • George gives me shivers.....

    James SimkinsJames SimkinsAcum lună
  • I was expecting something like: "WOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS SO FAST!!!"

    Grimm DokerGrimm DokerAcum lună
    • He's not Lando.

      DerekHartleyDerekHartleyAcum lună
  • Bono and tony ross are my all time favourite engineer in F1! They sound very professional and calm under pressure

    UltraAmzzz GamingUltraAmzzz GamingAcum lună
  • wasn't DAS only to be used to warm-up the tires. here we hear russel's enigineer say DAS worked fine going into the final corner

    RC3RC3Acum lună
  • Bono is such a great engineer, always calm and collected

    martijnmartijnAcum lună
  • Seeing Russel in that car is amazing, he's so composed. He's already acting like he's been in that seat for years. Maybe Lewis won't want him to be his teammate.

    Josh ChristianeJosh ChristianeAcum lună
    • Technically it IS his three year old seat but I know what you mean...

      DerekHartleyDerekHartleyAcum lună
  • i was expecting russell to say something like '' POWEEEEEEEEEER'' like Jeremy Clarkson would say

    Souhail HARRAKSouhail HARRAKAcum lună
  • If George wins in the Mercedes it will be the only time I would be happy about a Mercedes win.

    Gail CrawfordGail CrawfordAcum lună
  • Teamwork its important. Learn learn n learning

    Iqbal 928Iqbal 928Acum lună
  • Come on George!!!! This is your moment!!!

    Lewis ArcherLewis ArcherAcum lună
  • We're watching the start of the next english superstar this weekend

    dc 27dc 27Acum lună
  • we all new it was the car...... :)

    Zombie GeorgeZombie GeorgeAcum lună
  • Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that if you put any of the upcoming drivers - leclerc, verstappen, norris - in a mercedes then all will give lewis more of a run for his money than they've currently been doing. It's just that the car is so much better than the others, not necessarily the superior car handling skills of lewis. It is a shame really that F1 has become so stale - it was much more enjoyable when nico rosberg was in mercedes actually challenging hamilton every single race and the tension between the two drivers was always an enjoyable sight.

    Da. ZemsDa. ZemsAcum lună
  • i like: how is DAS

    Phillip Holm SørensenPhillip Holm SørensenAcum lună
  • I wonder what happens if he isn't struggling or having shoulder pain from the new seat or the right size boots...

    MagMagAcum lună
  • Just came to remind everyone Hamilton is the 🐐

    abdi libaaxabdi libaaxAcum lună
  • Bono: "Get in there Lew.. Bono: "wait a sec"

    Lazuli.Lazuli.Acum lună
  • George Russell will be a Champion before Crashtappen. Mark my words.

    Dont even StartDont even StartAcum lună
    • I agree. Russell will be at Merc before too long and will dominate. Red Bull are going to be in shambles with the new regs and trying to make their own power units.

      AshAshAcum lună
  • I HATE listen to THAT kind of conversations. Men working. Like me on my job. They use special words, "codepharases"... but they working. Like.... Everyday job.... - ok, it was burnout? - yes, a little. Could you manage it? - ok, I finished this report, is it ok? - yes, but it have some issues. Could you manage it?

    JBIckxJBIckxAcum lună
  • After the Race bono is going to say: Get in there lew äh george

    Fips FipsFips FipsAcum lună
  • He's Russelling a few feathers

    Paul RobertsPaul RobertsAcum lună
  • meanwhile Vettel's engineer: checking!

    Victor SinhaVictor SinhaAcum lună
  • Hmm guess what,... it isnt Hamilton who wins the races,..but the car;) who knew!🤷‍♂️ .. George deserves every bit of this!

    Elysian Tattoo TravelElysian Tattoo TravelAcum lună
  • He will be very close to pole position might even get p1 but think he might struggle in the race tho. I predict max will win and bottas 2nd and russell 3rd or 4th .

    eyob mesfineyob mesfinAcum lună
  • How was *DAS* usage????

    George Russell Fan 63George Russell Fan 63Acum lună
    • Non of your business! On your slow button please!

      tan hongleetan hongleeAcum lună
  • get in there george

    Tim _Tim _Acum lună
  • Plus court la vidéo encore

    Jeune ZinzinJeune ZinzinAcum lună
  • Everyone feels sorry for Bottas and the big loser is Hamilton. Many people already begin to doubt their titles without competing against anyone

    Turo GnlzTuro GnlzAcum lună
  • Brazlian

    JonesJonesAcum lună
  • Since he is using Hamillton's car, will he have to complain about his tire being gone during the race?

    Gabriel PicardGabriel PicardAcum lună
  • lewis has stated that the people try to 'devalue' his racing skills, they say the car gets to P1 itself. so this is the time for hamilton to drive for williams to prove it. end of discussion. period.

    mani motomani motoAcum lună
  • that sounds like a very competent team and driver. nice communication !

    Black WolfBlack WolfAcum lună
  • He's got it!

    KoziolrhKoziolrhAcum lună
  • Such calculated, short but precise communication. I love it.

    xGeoThumbsxGeoThumbsAcum lună
  • Get in there George... I can smell it.

    Alex MartossyAlex MartossyAcum lună
  • DAS ist gut Herr Bonö

    Mr_RickH GamingMr_RickH GamingAcum lună
  • So all you fucking Hamilton fanboys its pretty clear: ITS FOR 80% THE CAR and nonly 20% driver. Verstappen, Leclerc and Ricciardo would DESTROY Hamilton in the same car....

    Richard van WijngaardenRichard van WijngaardenAcum lună
  • For a team used to dealing with talented veterans, they seem very motivated to be working with upcoming talent. Russell is in the midst of the best learning experience and the team looks happy to provide the support even if only for this one race. They know what it means to George and his potential future with Merc.

    In OrbitIn OrbitAcum lună
  • No wonder Hamilton prefers to have modern David Coulthard (Bottas) as his wingman. 😆

    TaikatanhuTaikatanhuAcum lună
  • driving hamilton's car and is fastest. hmm

    MercuryMercuryAcum lună
  • waiting for "get in there, George"

    IgorIgorAcum lună
  • Lewis and Bottas got totally different cars - i bet if you give this car to Magnusen he will be first - lewis is a great driver but sore looser - i remember When Rosenberg challenge him few yrs know what was next. Give lewis Williams car and you will see how good he is - i bet he will be maximum at 10 place.

  • Bono my car is gone... I mean good. Very good.

    Dylan GeorgeDylan GeorgeAcum lună
  • I hope Lewis makes a swift recovery and the silver lining to him getting sick is an incredible one. Obviously, this isn't qualifiers but I do hope it gives us a glimpse at how talented Russel really is. They have the slowest car on the paddock and he still manages to get out of Q3 on a regular basis. He's a real one. I'd still bet on Bottas over Russel to win the race on Sunday.

    Vincent HebertVincent HebertAcum lună
  • Bono: Radio check. Russell: Bono, tyres are gone, we should just retire the car already. Bono: This is just a practice session...

    AstraXAstraXAcum lună
  • He definitely deserves a place in the team

    Chris CarsChris CarsAcum lună
  • Bono will be like a proud dad during the race

    Mattia LonghinMattia LonghinAcum lună
  • He’s using DAS to the fullest

    TGR FilmsTGR FilmsAcum lună
  • Russell is indeed a future championship in making and this weekend gonna prove that. And I bet as a true sportsman Lewis sitting at his hotel room watching this ( hope he get better soo ) must be happy to see Russell doing so well.

    Anshul SainiAnshul SainiAcum lună
  • This race is gonna be interesting

    Mick PlompMick PlompAcum lună
  • Level of George professionalism is absolute awesome

    Flasino FlasinoFlasino FlasinoAcum lună
  • Imagine he was driving in the ferrari, every answer would be, okay understod,we are looking

    H DHILH DHILAcum lună
  • Just a quick question for someone who knows a lot about F1. When the drivers drive for other cars as substitute, wouldn't they have access to information that they can learn and use for their own cars? Just curious

    Bahadur AliBahadur AliAcum lună
    • Yeah, it's not that simple tbh. A lot of the systems that make each car unique are quite complex, and I doubt the drivers would have access to the technical information of exactly how it works.

      ABVW92ABVW92Acum lună
    • Yes they would but I imagine that knowledge wouldn't be an easy "copy & paste" because the cars are so different (besides RP 😅) so they react to setup changes in their own unique ways. Also every single part of the car is designed to work in unison. So simply bolting a Mercedes front wing on a Williams doesn't necessarily mean they will be faster, which is why a lot of times upgrades don't work as expected when teams introduce them at race weekends.

  • First time this year, people will be rooting for Mercedes

    Uncommon SenseUncommon SenseAcum lună
  • He wins this race..... OP Car CONFIRMED. Strip Lewis of his championships NOW. Just let me pretend.

    Uncommon SenseUncommon SenseAcum lună
  • Apparently anyone who works with bono has a tendency to complain about aomething(i'm struggling with turn 1) and then end up being first😂

    A.I. MalekA.I. MalekAcum lună
  • Can we just agree that Russell is a great driver instead of trashing Lewis and Bottas. Russell will still have to prove himself in the actual races under different conditions. I don’t see George catching up to Lewis in day one and be anointed king. I would love to see him race with Mercedes in 2022. From a McLaren fan.

    4ray4rayAcum lună
  • Omg... if Merc moves fast enough... I wonder if GR will beat all of lewis's records?!?!?!?

    yongmin kimyongmin kimAcum lună
  • Hamilton would be nothing without that car anyway let's say Russell wins the race or gets points, would they carry over to his standing at williams?

    Mabz • RahmanMabz • RahmanAcum lună
  • Meanwhile at the ferrari radio: *Yes fam.*

    LucasLucasAcum lună
  • Let Kimi take that mercedes fo a spin.

    Piete KooPiete KooAcum lună
  • Struggling with turn 1. He's P1 and he can go faster. Oh my goodness.

    WDSimpWDSimpAcum lună
  • He sounds very confident.

    Rick te KronnieRick te KronnieAcum lună
  • Get in there George

    Maciek StaweckiMaciek StaweckiAcum lună
  • Good luck George. At his age I was still playing with dolls. Erm, I mean Action Men.

    Dave WilsonDave WilsonAcum lună
  • Russell is an absolute professional , he's enjoying it so much I think and he truly deserves it all!

    Lorin StefanLorin StefanAcum lună
  • Really appreciate the effort you put into animating those graphics, not quite usual!

    KnosseKnosseAcum lună
  • legend.

    Haydn ChanceHaydn ChanceAcum lună
  • How did George Russel stay in front of Valtteri Bottas?

    Yulia TchkhebeliaYulia TchkhebeliaAcum lună
    • Because Bottas is struggling with staying on the track. I don't think he was expecting George to be as quick as he was, and it mentally rattled him a little bit.

      ABVW92ABVW92Acum lună