I Found An ABANDONED $25 Million PRIVATE JET In The Woods

24 oct. 2020
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Today, I found something very interesting abandoned in the woods while filming the CarTrek Christmas Special - a Dassault Falcon 900 - a private jet once worth over $25 million. Jared and I go inside and see what's left and what it could potentially take to bring it back. Spoiler alert - it's a LOT.
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  • Uhhh tavarish we miss you

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  • Were is tavarish ?? It has been long time since he posted anything

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  • Were have you gone its been a month

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  • New they cost 44 million nowadays...

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  • R u dead?

  • @tavarish is this channel dead?

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  • There's a great example of a airplane treehouse in Oregon here just not far from my work outside of Hillsboro

    The Official James MartinThe Official James MartinAcum 22 ore
  • What's happened? No new videos ?

    Anthony SandsAnthony SandsAcum o Zi
  • 12:24 Airplane is like a tin-can. Wounder how that could penetrate thru the core in the middle of the building and bring down World trade center. That have 100's+ of massive steel columns and concrete just the outside wall of the building. Plane made it all the way thru to the other side of the building to. Some videos you can see the nose of plane peak out on the other side of the building. :) Strange, very strange.

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  • Hi Tavarish’s, you actually had a R8 with higher miles than mine, I have one with 135k Miles 6 speed manual v8. I thought I ad the highest of all history, lol. facebook.com/groups/1441863539169876/permalink/3621113681244840/?sale_post_id=3621113681244840

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  • Hey Tavarish - you're leaving a lot of money on the table... at least make a second channel where you have short videos that don't have a lot of production quality so we can stay engaged.

    Nitro 187Nitro 187Acum o Zi
  • Do a chopped plane, slice up all the center fuselage sections, connect that shit up, quad LS motors, gotta have enough lift to weight ratio at that point as long as your choice in wing is good (focusing of course on stiffness, lightness and adaptability to the "Choppa").

    Stephen MuellerStephen MuellerAcum o Zi
  • I found an abandoned you tube channel!!!

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  • Why do we subscribe to this bullshit page if we don’t get regular content

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    • How entitled can you be? Either way, this isn't an airport, no need to announce your departure!

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    • Dude you never know what's going on in people personal lives , I hope tavarish and his family are all safe, at the end of the day safety and family come first

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  • Ayoo where’s the 300$ lambo at?!!

    where's my cereal?where's my cereal?Acum 2 Zile
  • Lol it takes two years of tech school or thousands of hours in the industry and you have to pass a written, oral and practical FAA test to be certified A&E.

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  • No new vid?

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  • @Tavarish what happen to the McLaren rebuild?

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  • yo u alive?

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  • Tavarish, where are you?, no more videos?

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  • Can someone explain to me how is this a 25 mil plane?

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  • Hi Tavarish I'm Tarshish

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  • Fixing this plane will cost you less than what you spent on your McLaren.

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  • Where have you gone Tavarish? I am still waiting with baited breath to see what you've done with the mclaren 👍😄

    Jock LewisJock LewisAcum 4 Zile
  • It is worth a whole lot more than that. See that Deutsch connector you touched before entering? That in itself is about $40 used ...not $10. That area you were wondering about mid fuselage is part of the center tank. As you were walking back in the fuselage you got to the lav. Immediately behind that is the baggage compartment. I built up and tested a lot of wheel and brakes for the F20, F50 and F900 model. One brake is about $40k. They're four. That's not accounting for the wheels either. It uses three TFE731 engines. One of the best corporate airframes out there. A very expensive model parts-wise.

    SaabjockSaabjockAcum 4 Zile
  • This can scrap around 250000 dollars...

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  • Jow were you at if been waiting for 4 weeks still no upload⁉️

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    • Making a movie..he promoted in the video above

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  • A cool deer stand....LOL

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  • Please get back to the mclaren

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  • When will you post a new video?

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  • That plane looks like a old Trump jet. He had the black and gold!!

  • Cut off the nose and turn it into a mini van.

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  • Hey man we need a new video. Be safe

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  • When is your next video coming out it has been 3 weeks what is the story with the mclaren

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  • Salvation is a free gift. When you believed you were sealed until the day of redemption. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done .

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    • "..death will not be experienced by those who are alive at Jesus' second coming." I sure hope he comes soon - cause I 'ain't gettin' any younger! :)

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  • Next video coming out “I bought a wrecked Pagani Huayra Roadster”

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  • Did this video kill the Chanel?

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  • Looking forward to some 911 content

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  • Idk if you're just getting ready for another car trek release in december and you have a lot going on or corona or what but we love u Freddy and hope you return soon!

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    • I am god.

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  • Kind of creepy

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  • Are you ok, it has been a month since you posted a video (not counting this one as it wasn't about a car!)

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    • He said he was making a movie....sounds alright to me

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  • Make a car out of it!! Or a cabin to stay in

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  • you should more videos like this

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  • Hey Tavarish

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  • If you can get the serial number you can check the registry and see who use to own it.

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  • They once put afterburners on one of those bad boys, only civilian plane to ever have them.

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  • When are you doing the McLaren videos i love those vidoes

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  • Did Freddy get abducted or something?

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  • Luckily no one steal the wiring in that jet

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  • Where you at bro!?!?!? 3 weeks.. miss ya!

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  • Your only good video...

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  • You can search the FAA website by Make/Model and serial number if you don't have the N-number.

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  • I know a guy who gets paid to part these older planes out.

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  • (now... I know you like large projects... BUT please don't do this one hahahaha) Please can you concentrate on us as your viewers and show more of the Porsche and 675 LT rebuilds and not a plane??? Not bothered about plans just cars and that's why i subscribed to your channel as it was the best on ROworld!!!

    Mark BradsMark BradsAcum 11 Zile
    • Yea he shouldn’t do this project

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  • As an avionics engineer, A&P and PPL licens holder it is quite amusing listning to you guys. 😂👍 This is not the "aviation Prius" guys.

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  • Tavarish, you've disappeared. Again. If you have got the coronavirus get well soon!

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  • My cousin is a pilot for south west airlines and he says that a 25 million dollar plane only costs about 5 to 7 million dollars to make .

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  • I would love to see you guys build a Wright Flier and one of those fancy car engines in it.

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  • An A&P cert covers jet and pressurized aircraft as well. You don't need a special license to work on them. Training yes, license no?

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  • Bankrupt or jail?

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  • roworld.info/local/ODFcdkPqtsmBtjvzUyf9Hw

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  • Ya need to Ls swap it put the nose and the sides on a bus it would be great

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  • teflon wiring all throughout . Very expensive

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  • Trying to one up goonsquad?

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  • I don't think you just faound it there, i think someone told you it was there and it would make for a cool video and video title....

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  • Really funny listening to people who don’t know anything about planes, talk about planes.

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  • You guys really want to take a look at this. its a SCCA spec 2000 Lincoln LS widebody race car. needs a motor and trans, but that leaves room for fun. i am a major Lincoln LS guy, but i have never seen anything like this. and its only $2500 in Georgia. considering what you did to that SCCA Camaro, id love to see you work on this. even more so to bring some light to the great platform that is the Lincoln LS. i love these cars. and being built by a bigger youtuber like this is just the boost they need in the community right now facebook.com/marketplace/item/2097611133696478/

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  • Dude it’s been two weeks since the last video!!! Come on!!!!

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  • I always thought that random unsubscriptions didn’t happen , but youtubers talked about it. And now i see that it did happen with me and this channel.... be aware

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  • When can we get Updates on Mclaren 675 build?

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  • I am an actual certificated airframe and powerplant mechanic and that wiring alone is worth more than a hundred thousand dollars because another requirement of the wiring is nickel silver or tin to coat the copper wire to reduce oxidation.

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  • Where is the McLaren?

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  • Please don't make videos like this... not interested at all!

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  • No just buy it and fix it you’ll have plenty of content ngl I’d actually like to see this but I doubt you’d do it especially with all the expenses But it’s also in terrible condition

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  • roworld.info/done/video/w5fUo4qZf5esnZM

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