Jeffree Star SPEAKS OUT on the Kanye West DRAMA in new video...!

8 ian. 2021
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This video is about Jeffree Star addressing the Kanye West drama in his new video "Addressing The Kanye Situation"! Enjoy :)
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  • No one: Not a single soul: No one in the universe: Jeffree Racist Star: HUUUUUUHHHH????

    Brawl4002Brawl4002Acum 15 Zile
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Lauren WoodLauren WoodAcum lună

    Neya SamadNeya SamadAcum lună
  • Not the entire world I knew not to believe in a covd19 toilet licker

    80shippegirl80shippegirlAcum lună
  • What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    yescandlesyescandlesAcum lună
  • Your eyes are so beautiful 😍😍😳

    Rosabella SinclairRosabella SinclairAcum lună
  • This rumour is funny.... we gotta admit this !

    Queen oftheHeartQueen oftheHeartAcum lună
  • I was outside watching this walking pass the train station and I swear I almost had a heart attack from the speeding in the beginning

    Moa FernandezMoa FernandezAcum lună
  • At this point I would not be surprised if this man started the rumors himself just to get into the drama. Cause he knows that he can't insert himself the way he used to, so if someone else starts the rumors it's okay😄

    Tjasa PTjasa PAcum lună
  • Kanye ruined their marriage.if he cheated. Not jeffree star. IT s simple. I am tired of hearing The phrase "going after a married man". THE MARRIED MAD IS THE ONE TO BLAME. NOT THE WOMAN OR MAN HE CHEATED WITH. WELCOME TO MY TED TALK.

    elena celena cAcum lună
  • Love you lady, no bad comments from this fan girl

    Lindsey Rose LightsLindsey Rose LightsAcum lună
  • 8:14 Patrick Star 🌟, not sure if that's a real person and I just don't know of them or that was a mistake lol

    HeatherHeatherAcum lună
  • But at the end of the day people are still not talking about her, the girl who made the rumor, everyone was talking about Kanye, Jeffrey and Kim not about her

    Deyaneira FloresDeyaneira FloresAcum lună
  • wasn't that ava girl and the other guy like even slightly afraid that there would be some sort of retribution ?? like how come they were willing to take the risk idk i feel like kim and kanye suing someone for something like this isn't such a far off idea right

    Ashley SooAshley SooAcum lună
  • You’ve gotten your sass back and I’m so happy to see it!

    Alexandra GarifovaAlexandra GarifovaAcum lună
  • I watched your first video and honestly seen JS’ and I was like nono I will wait for Angelika to comment on this hahahha

    Megan FitzgeraldMegan FitzgeraldAcum lună
  • Bro I live in LA and we all love paycheck to paycheck because we don't make a livable wage here.

    AscorpioAscorpioAcum lună
  • his hair looks like the WAP design

    hollyhollyAcum lună
  • The way that you as a mid sized channel have more subscribers than this supposed 'big beauty guru'... I can't.

    Luna FotrisLuna FotrisAcum lună
  • I don't know why people think Jeffree and Kanye were having an affair. Jeffree is a racist. There's no way that he would ever sleep with Kanye

    Jack's Bald HeadJack's Bald HeadAcum lună
  • I hope the girl who licked the toilet bought some mouthwash cuz I know her mouth stink. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Kim decides to pull a lawsuit just because she can.

    Tashiba LampkinTashiba LampkinAcum lună
  • The TikTok star who started the bizarre rumour that Kanye West hooked up with Jeffree Star has admitted she made it up. The showbiz world was shook this week when it was alleged that Kanye, 43, had cheated on his wife Kim Kardashian with beauty guru Jeffree Star, 35. The rumour - which came amid reports that Kim, 40, is divorcing her husband of six years - made its way across the internet after being suggested by TikTok influencer Ava Louise. Ava, who has nearly 600,000 followers on the platform, said in a video that has now been viewed 8.4 million times: ‘This whole divorce comes as no surprise. Kanye’s been hooking up with a very famous beauty guru. Male beauty guru. A lot of people in the scene have known for a while.’

    Jennie CockburnJennie CockburnAcum lună
  • You look so good!

    Eline LEline LAcum lună
  • ava’s and cole’s plan is genius!!! now everyone’s talking about them for the first time

    Marc EggenbergerMarc EggenbergerAcum lună
  • i haven't been here in a while, it's nice to be back. your hair looks lovely! what happened to the twitter and instagram?

    CarinaCarinaAcum lună
  • My 2 cents on that is that Kris & Kim are probs orchestrating this. Same way they did for Chris and Kim’s first marriage. They want to make Kanye look like the bad cheating guy and hide the fact Kim is divorcing him for this bipolar.

    littlebluealicelittlebluealiceAcum lună
  • Cole whom?? 😂

    Amber RiversAmber RiversAcum lună
  • lol go off on jeffree

    st phst phAcum lună
  • We all need to @ insta on twitter to get her account baco

    MiaMiaAcum lună
  • thank you for including clips from the video, I wasn't about to give that man even a single view

    gunther stewartgunther stewartAcum lună
  • every single person involved in this is SO fucking annoying

    skeletorskeletorAcum lună
  • even worse, they're capitalizing/mocking/partaking in someone's divorce that clearly have mental health issues involved. so disgusting. kim obviously wants to keep it lowkey for once for her kids but also for kanye's mental health but here come the cr@ckheads on the internet for engagements. i hate it here. i dont like kim but i actually want her to sue cole and that ava girl. this is so disgusting.

    lyannelyanneAcum lună
  • Okay it's 4am and a car just revved it's engines down the street outside my apartment, at the exact same time Angelika said "who is speeding at this time of night?!" Sweet serendipity.

    J OPJ OPAcum lună
  • It’s 100% E! Released as statement from a spokes person for the Kardashians, Kanye didn’t cheat on anyone...

    Jodie BrownJodie BrownAcum lună
  • If anyone is say nikita dragun just because she's his type

    Alicia MichaelsAlicia MichaelsAcum lună
  • I know toilet licking girl as “the girl who went on the dr phil show for attention “

    J KJ KAcum lună
  • Lucas Cruikshank did a whole interview the other days with glitterforever17 where she’s super open about the whole story... I didn’t know who she was until I saw that but she’s fascinating

    J KJ KAcum lună
  • He’s pretending he isn’t enjoying the attention

    DemDemAcum lună
  • All jebediah stunkhole had to do was tweet “no it’s not true lol” goddamn

    liquidelationliquidelationAcum lună

    Catalina LydaCatalina LydaAcum lună
  • My 17month old started crying when he saw Jeffery 🙁 apparently he’s a bit scary looking

    Samantha DawnSamantha DawnAcum lună
  • I love ur lipstick which one is it? Xx

    Eve cooperEve cooperAcum lună
  • Wait why are Angelika accounts suspended

    vie en rosevie en roseAcum lună
  • You look lovely!

    Whitetea94Whitetea94Acum lună
  • Ava is a troll when will people realize it lol

    Andreza NevesAndreza NevesAcum lună
  • I don't really like jeffree at all... But to me it just looks like he's making fun of the people who bought the story.

    Gabi PepeGabi PepeAcum lună
  • Amazed to see people still making videos about Jeffree boom boom star. I think we shouldn't give him a minute of more representation. Just my opinion though.

    Righteous TrollRighteous TrollAcum lună
  • Ew boasting about ruining someone’s marriage is NASTY

    J KJ KAcum lună
  • Didn’t love how you poked fun at people living paycheck to paycheck :/ even though it wasn’t aimed towards those under the poverty line it still came off as kind of hurtful

    sav ssav sAcum lună
  • How could you even believe the girl licking a toilet 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

    Elizabeth RuizElizabeth RuizAcum lună
  • i generally have nothing against dr*g users but i loathe it when people who aren’t prescribed or don’t need adderall take it :/ as a person with adhd i had to fight tooth and nail to get my medication, because of people like toilet girl who take it for funsies

    ATurtleAteMyTrexATurtleAteMyTrexAcum lună
  • “Huh” I can’t stand watching Jeffree talk

    G-racerG-racerAcum lună
  • I remember 2010 ROworldrs when people would ask in their q&a what they'd do if ROworld stopped, they were all really pretentious, get annoyed and say that it was their forever job

    NeldaNeldaAcum lună
  • 0:08 me every night

    Reaver GodReaver GodAcum lună
  • "wHo'S SpEeDiNg" babes that just a loud car lol, he legit could have been going from 15mph to 20mph. my car is much louder just idling.

    Wasabii ZombiiWasabii ZombiiAcum lună
  • Honestly anyone being mean to angelika in comments can fight me because do you not see how hurt she is? The last few videos have made me so sad because it's like shes just going through the motions. She messed up, apologized, but now people think they can destroy her mental health for it. Stop

    Alyssa KAlyssa KAcum lună
  • glitterforever17 OF has videos of her having seggs with a blow up turkey and and a christmas tree. i just want to know how she came up with those ideas and why

    ughughAcum lună
  • Love you girl keep your head up 😘

    Alyssa KAlyssa KAcum lună
  • People exist...

    M TM TAcum lună
  • They really trying to take you down 🧐

    CourtneyCourtneyAcum lună
  • Maybe he should address the more serious allegations about him

    Crystal TCrystal TAcum lună
  • Kanye west is in homophobic and has confirmed it himself

    00Acum lună
  • Omg!!! That totally make sense now Over the holidays when ulta had the 20% coupon I tried getting the west wedding eyeshadow pallet and there wasn’t any. When at other times they were fully stocked

    Olivia SolorzanoOlivia SolorzanoAcum lună
  • With Glitterforever, what happened was she got a lot of money and bought a really nice house, but it turned out the house was real jank so she ended up spending a lot of money trying to fix/renovate the house, which is how she got broke.

    JessJessAcum lună
  • the only thing about this whole story that's shocking to me is that people care

    HoshiMiddayDelusionHoshiMiddayDelusionAcum lună
  • Your makeup is stunning! What is that lip color? I love it!

    Robin BlissRobin BlissAcum lună
  • ngl hearing the police in the background when youre talking about j* is hILARIous

    Hope LeeHope LeeAcum lună
  • Please don’t use toilet lady’s name 😄 just call her toilet girl.

    PippaPippaAcum lună
  • Great video thanks. I bet he leaked this 😂 just for attention.

    PippaPippaAcum lună
  • Your makeup looks amazing 🥺🥺🥺

    Lindsey ElaineLindsey ElaineAcum lună
  • End his fuckin career Cancel his ass I want him out of my fucking seat

    This World is now Controlled by SolReeseThis World is now Controlled by SolReeseAcum lună
  • If these ROworldrs knew anything about finances they would invest their money and then never have to work again but they rather spend it and therefore they are not wealthy. Wealth isn’t based on the things you have it’s based on the money you have and in a case of unemployment people who have stuff rather than money or investments actually can only survive for a few months

    DDAcum lună
  • that’s so embarrassing for Cole...

    Emma GraceEmma GraceAcum lună
  • Hey Angelika I was wondering if you have seen the ad for the Discovery channels segment on “The Real Onionson” or however you spell the ROworlds name lol it’s wild

    DDAcum lună
  • My theory is that kanye didn’t sleep with Jeffery BUT I think maybe one of Kanye’s rapper friends might have so that would explain them being in the same state and area. In your last video you said that Kanye had rapper friends at his Wyoming home so... and then there is a Snapchat of Jeffery saying “did I sleep with Kanye, hell NO, have I slept with other rappers, hell yeah but I ain’t gonna tell”

    DDAcum lună
  • I think it’s an opinion, and you said it’s an option so I think as a sane person would say you are totally allowed to have the OPINION that Jeffery would go after a married man

    DDAcum lună
  • I felt a full body cringe when I watched the jafar clip you've put in. I had almost forgotten all about him

    Pegah AfrasiabiPegah AfrasiabiAcum lună
  • I hate the fact that i actually like his wig and makeup in that video. Can someone else thats not a horrible person do the exact same look so i can apreciate it without also wanting to pounch them in the face.

    Pineapple BitchPineapple BitchAcum lună
  • People with mania do crazy sexual things. I wouldn't be surprised.

    TopHatKittyTopHatKittyAcum lună
  • Jeffrey paying the girl who licked a toilet seat to make it up so that he is back on the news?

    ruta sudmantaiteruta sudmantaiteAcum lună
  • That is one gross looking human being

    Mark SentowskiMark SentowskiAcum lună
  • the ridiculous and sad lie aside, if cole actually had to sign an NDA he couldn’t have said anything he said in those tiktoks

    hannahhannahAcum lună
  • What if this is all in fact true and Jeffree signed a crazy NDA to keep the relationship on the down-low, and now since it's come to light, he's going to all efforts to make sure people know he's not involved with Kanye, just to protect himself from the repercussions from the NDA? or, this is just classic JS trying to stay relevant...

    Monica LiannaMonica LiannaAcum lună
  • There’s so many things to come for Jeffree for. If he sleeps with a married man, that is the married man that chose to cheat not Jeffree. You’ve spoken about this with women before and you never blamed her you blamed the man so you need to check your morals

    Owen McLaughlinOwen McLaughlinAcum lună
    • Well said, takes two to tango .

      m rm rAcum lună
  • Okay this is totally off topic but I REALLY like your hairstyle in this video 🥰

    Sa TaSa TaAcum lună
  • Can we talk about the fact that Ava (? The toilet licking girl ) got all those information from a friend that’s a lawyer and met with Kanye ? Like lawyers have confidentiality too ?!? That friend would be sued to death if it all were true ...

    Sa TaSa TaAcum lună
  • It’s a fact that there are people who win lotto & they spend it all in a matter of a few years.

    Just JessicaJust JessicaAcum lună
  • This is more of a twist of when my kkk racist friend came out as bi lol

    Airwolf 276Airwolf 276Acum lună
  • you all spend way too much time on Tik Tok

    CCAcum lună
  • seriously if i made 20k a video, i would save around 2.5k to 5k each video. like fuck.

    AngelAngelAcum lună
  • i thought you were wearing a tank top at first glance cjdjdjxj

    flynnflynnAcum lună
  • I find quite funny that they possibly made up the Kanye rumor to benefit themselves but everyone immediately thought about Jeffree even before Cole could say it was him 😂😂😂 sis you though you did something 😂

    Karla CamposKarla CamposAcum lună
  • did angelika speed up the jeffree clips or is he actually that annoying

    alba mcvicaralba mcvicarAcum lună
  • People are giving Ava too much credibility. She has never given anyone a reason to believe her for anything.

    BellaBellaAcum lună
  • jeffree & kanye otp 💖💖💖

    xanderxanderAcum lună
  • Have you ever considered making a video in Polish? Would love to hear you in your native language

    Kinga BiśtaKinga BiśtaAcum lună
  • how on earth did people believe a girl who licked a toilet seat for attention? are we really that bored?

    Olga AndreevaOlga AndreevaAcum lună
  • Jeffree Star addressing these stupid silly rumors before he addresses the serious allegations made towards him on s**ual a*use in the last few months really is something.

    Nuša VučinićNuša VučinićAcum lună
  • Poggg

    Pickpoppit _Pickpoppit _Acum lună
  • I’m sorry but no; I actually have more respect for jeffree for being able to laugh at both himself & the situation; this is his life too; he’s allowed to react with humour. That doesn’t make him a bad person.

    Heather HoldenHeather HoldenAcum lună