Justin Bieber - Anyone

31 dec. 2020
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Starring: Justin Bieber & Zoey Deutch

Director - Colin Tilley
Producers - Jamee Ranta & Whitney Jackson
Director of Photography - Elias Talbot
Editor - Vinnie Hobbs
Management - SB Projects

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  • This became my favorite song, and i couldint stop listening to it.

    Michael JacksonMichael JacksonAcum 10 minute
  • Justin maybe just has done enough of his fame. He wants to be just an ordinay man living an ordinary and private life.

    Romulo SantosRomulo SantosAcum 18 minute
  • Y los tatuajes🤔😒?

    Leito la para La paraLeito la para La paraAcum 19 minute
  • What do u call an Canada lady who can’t sing... Justin Bieber nah I’m kidding but I hope he sees this I’m kidding tho

    VeggieVeggieAcum 22 minute
  • The chorus in this sounds note for note like the chorus from "Goin' Home" by Toto.

    Hot DogHot DogAcum 40 minute
  • Only like the chorus so catchy

    connor swainstonconnor swainstonAcum 43 minute
  • Hi. Does anyone know a recipe for loaf.

    sveinung lidsheimsveinung lidsheimAcum 49 minute
  • Is that the girl from Why Him??

    Djhoann Chelo CagapeDjhoann Chelo CagapeAcum 56 minute
  • ❤️❤️

    Luana PereiraLuana PereiraAcum oră
  • Reminds me of the rocky movies

    Miranda HallMiranda HallAcum oră
  • Drop the blue heart 💙 if you love Justin

    Zack UKZack UKAcum oră
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Zack UKZack UKAcum oră
  • Nice plagiarized song. Hack!!

    scmclarkscmclarkAcum oră
  • Thank Justin Bieber for composing great songs I would love to listen to the songs you have composed because they have good melodies and attract listeners, I hope you compose more good songs like this for me. Together with his fans to listen to and enjoy your wonderful songs

    phat auphat auAcum 2 ore
  • 5167

    Kaiwen ChuaKaiwen ChuaAcum 2 ore
  • This is 1 of the thing tha happen in my life

    farook budhufarook budhuAcum 2 ore
  • Justin looks a lot better without tattoos!!

    Tim GallegosTim GallegosAcum 2 ore
  • no hate great artist singer but weighing 120 no fighter

    Michael WorthingtonMichael WorthingtonAcum 2 ore
  • This song is so beautifulllll

    farook budhufarook budhuAcum 3 ore
  • I miss my girlfriend so muchhhhh 😢😢😢😢

    farook budhufarook budhuAcum 3 ore
  • When the song is about hailey but doesn't include her 😃

    JudyJudyAcum 3 ore
  • too beautiful this song my life🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🤩🎨🤩🤩🤩🍩🍩🍩🍩

    SpliTSpliTAcum 3 ore
  • Sounds like all these Idiots are suing one another. That will go on forever.

    Buck GammonBuck GammonAcum 4 ore
  • Curry Does Not get Anything!!!

    Buck GammonBuck GammonAcum 4 ore
  • Rick the Dick Does Not get Anything!!!

    Buck GammonBuck GammonAcum 4 ore
  • Prince of pop ❤

    Maria AzhMaria AzhAcum 4 ore
  • and war do you live

    Rachel GaumontRachel GaumontAcum 4 ore
  • hi justin im a big fan and you me so happy when i am sad i want toknow do you hav a grilfriend

    Rachel GaumontRachel GaumontAcum 4 ore
  • if you ever move on without me, i need to make sure you know🤍

    thomas lawsonthomas lawsonAcum 4 ore
  • Great song. But they also took the tune from Toto. Check this out: roworld.info/done/video/qGutoazegeCEhqQ

    Russ TannerRuss TannerAcum 4 ore
  • Sr.justin

    Carlos HenriqueCarlos HenriqueAcum 4 ore
  • Who wrote this song?

    Kathy Grinnell-BrantKathy Grinnell-BrantAcum 4 ore
  • This is my favorite song

    Diego SalasDiego SalasAcum 5 ore

    Léøň LLéøň LAcum 5 ore
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Jovana R.Jovana R.Acum 5 ore
  • Who is she?

    Grey TrovatoGrey TrovatoAcum 5 ore
  • Anyone 🥰🥰🥰

  • He photo shopped his tattoos

    Seth BieleckiSeth BieleckiAcum 5 ore
  • Español??? xD

    Miguel PérezMiguel PérezAcum 5 ore
  • this song+ anyone but you= cOnFuSiOn

    Vi HollanderVi HollanderAcum 6 ore

    Aliyah ThomasAliyah ThomasAcum 6 ore
  • Come catch these handz beebz

    Henry Sullivan FreerunningHenry Sullivan FreerunningAcum 6 ore

    Tejeshwar YadavTejeshwar YadavAcum 6 ore
  • era broma es chidisima

    Dario CarbajalDario CarbajalAcum 7 ore
  • xddddxxdxdxdddxxdxdd que fea musica

    Dario CarbajalDario CarbajalAcum 7 ore
  • This just showed me that JB is not complete without his tattoos

    havenhavenAcum 7 ore
  • Same girl in Ed Sheeran music video lol..anyways nice song

    mich cmich cAcum 7 ore
  • He looks like Logan Paul,doesn't he?

  • I lowkey forget he even existed -

    ‘ diorrr ma‘ diorrr maAcum 7 ore
  • After Hailey watch this you smell like her😠😠😠😠

    lewis Starlewis StarAcum 7 ore
  • Rocky

  • Is this true? Justin bieber ain't got no tatts?

  • Camila has a beautiful voice. Buh i love Justin's version😭❤️💎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Letoya MentoorLetoya MentoorAcum 8 ore
  • love justin bieber

    patriciasilva04fernandes fernandespatriciasilva04fernandes fernandesAcum 8 ore
  • Everyone be like: Hailey watching this... Me: the whole damn song is about her

    It'sreallyJaeIt'sreallyJaeAcum 8 ore
  • here after JUSTICE ANNOUNCEMENT 🤭👋

    harshitharshitAcum 8 ore
  • Looks like it takes a production team of 9 "profesionnals" to steal from Toto. They should sue. This is a clear copyright case.

    jeanrepaljeanrepalAcum 9 ore
    • Stfu

      Jeremiah lsrael DsouzaJeremiah lsrael DsouzaAcum 9 ore
  • Amazing song ❤️❤️

    Chandana GohilChandana GohilAcum 9 ore
  • Hello beautiful person scrolling through the comments Sending you positive and healing vibes and a huge virtual hug ❤

    interrupted Girlinterrupted GirlAcum 9 ore
  • I bet Hailey was. It impressed 😂😬 I saw the new video for the song today 😂

    Mwansa SenkweMwansa SenkweAcum 9 ore
  • Justin i just rent the movie never say never and i finished it. It was so good. And i was sad when it ended.

    Alexandra GomezAlexandra GomezAcum 9 ore
  • I'm hating myself for hating you 10 years back.

    Dinnesh DailyDinnesh DailyAcum 9 ore
    • Why were you hating him can I ask you? Not being rude, Just curious to know :)

      Belieber&WalkerBelieber&WalkerAcum 29 minute
  • roworld.info/done/video/05W8fYW9q9GpiMY

    Infinity 8Infinity 8Acum 9 ore
  • roworld.info/done/video/kqu0dHapgJuwZ7w

    Infinity 8Infinity 8Acum 9 ore
  • In this video Bieber looks a lot like Zac Efron when he stared in high school musical

    Bella the Troll Fan ArtistBella the Troll Fan ArtistAcum 9 ore
  • I love it so much

    Virginia BaldazoVirginia BaldazoAcum 9 ore
  • I don't know but it sounds like a certain TOTO song... 🤔🤔

    Aryan SinhaAryan SinhaAcum 9 ore
    • Whats that

      Gunther Central perkGunther Central perkAcum 7 ore
  • roworld.info/done/video/tmm9eZu0adyHZsY

    Village DancersVillage DancersAcum 9 ore
  • justin, you are a pure trash * angy face *

    luisitocrack 1luisitocrack 1Acum 9 ore
    • @luisitocrack 1 GTFU then 🤮

      Belieber&WalkerBelieber&WalkerAcum 28 minute
    • @Tejeshwar Yadav because I was checking some but I saw Justin Bieber Is trash

      luisitocrack 1luisitocrack 1Acum 6 ore
    • Why are you here then

      Tejeshwar YadavTejeshwar YadavAcum 6 ore
  • Justin jr

    justin jrjustin jrAcum 10 ore
  • so 80´s love this.. fashion and music.. I was teenage in 80´s

    Teijul1Teijul1Acum 10 ore
  • well wishes to you and your lovely wife.

  • i

    • Hello my dear fan It has been a perfect playing for me to have a lovely and awesome fan like you. Thanks for your love❤ and support always You can mail me at Justinbieber18646@gmail.com

      Justin BieberJustin BieberAcum 9 ore
  • Hi sir my name is disha I am biggest fan of you

    Sanju SukhijaSanju SukhijaAcum 10 ore
    • Please reply sir

      Sanju SukhijaSanju SukhijaAcum 10 ore
    • Please reply

      Sanju SukhijaSanju SukhijaAcum 10 ore
  • Malayali da

    Raheesh bin nazerRaheesh bin nazerAcum 10 ore
  • Just thinking what Hailey would do to Justin after watching the mv 😂😂

    Chvhg KvfbjChvhg KvfbjAcum 10 ore
  • Wow... it’s true, check out TOTO Going Home, the songs are so similar!

    Attainable AudioAttainable AudioAcum 10 ore
  • I don't like this song I love it

    Leigha HaleLeigha HaleAcum 10 ore
  • roworld.info/done/video/l427g6XQYquNq84

    R F R FR F R FAcum 10 ore
  • My family condition is so bad. And I want to study but I have not enough rupees for study and ROworld is not giving me views. Please support my channel guys.😭I am from India and I love the English songs...please guys...

    SoleMelodySoleMelodyAcum 10 ore
    • @veerXeditz 🙄😑😔

      SoleMelodySoleMelodyAcum 9 ore
    • 🤣🤣spammer

      veerXeditzveerXeditzAcum 10 ore
  • Is it just me or does the chorus sound like You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

    Ziggy Fuller-EngelmajerZiggy Fuller-EngelmajerAcum 10 ore
  • Beebs is gonna help the world return to real music requiring actual musical talent to create!

    BryTunesBryTunesAcum 10 ore
  • This by far my favorite song. I can’t stop listening to this. Please help me;)

    SCExtreme10SCExtreme10Acum 10 ore
  • Hey isn’t that the girl who played zacks girlfriend on suite life on deck

    Jack McCabeJack McCabeAcum 11 ore
  • Justin without tattoos is the best you will see today.

    Luisito Eliot ShowLuisito Eliot ShowAcum 11 ore
  • Care vrg jaj

    Paul CabreraPaul CabreraAcum 11 ore
  • Toto song??

    Tasso TagangTasso TagangAcum 11 ore
  • I really want him to recreate one time

    Bryn DeloBryn DeloAcum 11 ore
  • if its not you its not anyone

    Veby SasiVeby SasiAcum 11 ore
  • my cool daddy:)

    Veby SasiVeby SasiAcum 11 ore
  • This guy is unstoppable with the hits. Billboard, not boxing.

    John PhillipJohn PhillipAcum 11 ore
  • Estão tentando separar Justin da Haley...esse senhores da indústria da música são fogo na roupa...

    jessica Martinsjessica MartinsAcum 11 ore
  • roworld.infojsoVjRbf1vg

    Zee ArcherZee ArcherAcum 11 ore
  • i love this song😍

    77シオコショウ77シオコショウAcum 11 ore
  • 🥺💙

    Kim GirrafeKim GirrafeAcum 12 ore
  • @camille Lv feat please ! 😍

    tonton illutonton illuAcum 12 ore
  • This hits me so hard. Listening to this song is inexpressible. As I was reading thru the lyrics while listening to the song, I didn't notice my tears fell down. I was really moved by this song, it shows how Justin emphasing the love he has to her wife( for sure this is dedicated to his ever beautiful Hailey). As the song says, " You say that I won't lose you, But you can't predict the future. So, just hold on like you will never let go. Yeah, if you ever move on without me. I need to make sure you know that you are the only one I'll ever love. Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone." 😭😭😭. True love is unconditional commitment towards imperfect people to seek their highest good which may require sacrifice. I can really feel the deepness of what love truly is- it's unconditional and sacrificial. Thank you Justin for writing amazing songs that inspire people. Praying for more relatable, inspiring and encouraging songs to make. Congratulations Justin and to every person behind this beautiful song, well done! I'm lways be your follower, a Belieber (also, I'm a follower and believer of Christ too😊 ). Praise be to God for your life. Thank you Jesus! God is good all the time! ❤️☝️🙌🙏

    Jel RoseJel RoseAcum 12 ore
  • Seein Justin hurt makes me feel like I'm going to die 😵🤕😢

    soraya ramlakhansoraya ramlakhanAcum 12 ore
    • @Bright Night Hello my dear fan It has been a perfect playing for me to have a lovely and awesome fan like you. Thanks for your love❤ and support always You can mail me at Justinbieber18646@gmail.com

      Justin BieberJustin BieberAcum 9 ore
    • @Justin Bieber Hello, nice to meet you Justin Bieber

      Bright NightBright NightAcum 10 ore
    • Hello my dear fan

      Justin BieberJustin BieberAcum 10 ore
    • Me too

      Bright NightBright NightAcum 12 ore
  • Total Rip Off of TOTO'S "Goin Home". If I was this Goof I would too

    Richard RudarRichard RudarAcum 12 ore
  • If this is not for selena💔

    Angip AleAngip AleAcum 13 ore