Lil Wayne Talks New Album, Cash Money Records, Drake, Skateboarding & More | Drink Champs

1 feb. 2020
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On today’s episode The Champs chop it up with one of the most influential artists in the game, the legend, Lil Wayne. An artist with no ceilings Wayne shares with us the importance of never being afraid to be yourself.
Having a career that spans four decades Lil Wayne has been a master at reinventing himself. From being the youngest Hot Boy on Cash Money Records, Mixtape Weezy grew as a lyricist and became a rock star, forever standing tall among his peers, the GOATS. The Young Money Executive is responsible for putting on stars such as Nicki Minaj and Drake, just to name a few.
In this episode Lil Wayne shares a lot of stories that span from the early days of Cash Money Records, to recording his classic mixtapes. Wayne shares with us how he evolved as an artist and how he transitioned to a CEO. Weezy drops gems, revealing how he came up with “BLING, BLING” and revealing who his all time favorite artist is.
While we discuss topics such as sports and skateboarding, Lil Wayne finds out for the first time who co-signed his feature on Destiny’s Child “Solider” Remix. As a featured artist Lil Wayne has been featured in almost 200 songs, Weezy reflects back on some of those hit records and shares how important it was to build relationships with these artists over the years.
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  • Man wheezy get clean bro

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  • Long Live Lil Wayne

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  • These comments funny ASF

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  • Is he drinking lean , smokin ,and drink alcohol

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  • Interviewing Lil Wayne can go many, many ways. 99.9 of them WRONG! This dude is a great interviewer!!

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  • The sound is really bad, guys! Make something and improve it.

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  • I still remember watching this dude back in the day when he was new. Never would you think the kind of level someone can attain. Lil Wayne has come a long way. Keep shining brotha!! Same goes for Jay-Z. I even remember 8th grade when my classmate brought in this cassette with a red cover and a guy behind a flame. I was like "who is DMX". Man time flies!!!

    Grubbin with Jay!Grubbin with Jay!Acum 5 Zile
  • Why nobody fix the sound quality on this before uploading smh

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  • He made money off mixtapes when he performed mixtape material he just didn’t eat off sales cause it’s for promotional use only 💡

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  • Wayne high asf😂😂

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  • 2021 watchin this after wayne skated on the feds 🐐 we really watchin a master at work

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  • Did this nigga just say Betty white taught him guitar

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  • “Dough is what I got” drought 3 disc 1 is what you’re looking for

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  • Word up, I just woke up & hit ROworld and seen this video n I literally just watched the whole thing and only paused it for a bathroom break n hit da corner store so I can roll upp!!💯 This video dope 👌💯

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  • Masters. Augusta Georgia

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  • This dude really got a Percocet chain on

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  • Yo, whoever edits this video needs to get rid of that hiss or fan or whatever tf that is. That shit is terrible. On a 2 hour Weezy interview....... shame on you.

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  • That’s the question. Wayne is funny lol I love him 😍

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  • I'm still tight AF about this sound. Highest viewed episode even with this rubbish audio

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  • Wayne got bars

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  • quality control music or TDE...then he confirmed what he said earlier about 21savage..wayne said he doesnt know TDE OR QUALITY CONTROL MUSIC....see seriously this is how hard of a worker i won be with my craft....i dont won give a F about whats going on..just won do MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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  • I cant deal with the background noise

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  • Very nice interview but if they spoke in the mic

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  • Nore never let his fuckin guess talk

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  • The reaction he gave @2:03:56 is priceless 😂 we all thought the same thing

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  • So funny!! Loved this one

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  • yeAhhhh wayne go Sox Boston babie much love from the beAn

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  • Nore is a cool ass dude fr fr hip hop needs more dudes like him he's a true fan of rap and rappers stays giving props showing love he's good for the culture. I got more respect for him and never listened to him as an artist

    wendysue3680wendysue3680Acum 20 Zile
  • protect wayne at all cost sucks he sold his masters i dont wanna see him go broke hes a legend i want him to stay "rich wayne"

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  • Wayne the best in coffin Culture, then Brand.

    JP O'KeefeJP O'KeefeAcum 20 Zile
  • Lil Wayne, you are an elevated spirit, you are a dope emcee. Awesome person too.

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  • 0:45 “that was awesome” lmaoo

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  • 56:17 Nore acting like a real industry ass nigga on some fake shit. Like He don't know who Nicki used to be signed too. When I know for a fact I seen Fendi up there a bunch of times. Nore know the backstory of how dirty She did Fendi and Dirty Money. But He wanna minimize that shit. Niggas fold up when they in the presence of other people. Shit wild

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  • Mr Wayen is my favorite artist in fact the living legend:" I don't want any attitude against him!!!"

    Dogg CriptDogg CriptAcum 21 o Zi
  • lol i feel that. That was dumb af. I dont believe in guns. We can solve that situation. The strife the turmoil in the streets and world. The one in front of the g lives forever. Thats just QS stuff. Science? Philosphy? We split nucleuses not wigs. Long live the greats: biggie 27 pac nipsey the rest of the lost ones. We went through a lot this year. All love. They live on through their music but also in spirit. Guess we gotta just wait for the right time to pull the strings and bring em back you know. Is it even possible? No disrespect though bro, but i know we back in this. Im just a little upset about the way that this all panned out with the code words and stuff. Like the whole gatsby honda accord steve liz and tommy stuff. Is that a joke? Much love and the utmost respect to you Tune. We aint this for the money were here for the soul. You know i created bitcoin? Keep it real brotha. We on to the next. All for god!

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  • The Corp doesn't follow so much anymore that it's intoxicated by all the it takes. He's fucking scared shit!

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  • Wayne looks like the old yoda

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  • @1:12:30 it sounds like he snorting coke..some said he blew the blunt ash off the table

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  • Y'all couldn't fix the audio? With all that studio equipment..... Wow

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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • i am who #Motherknows

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  • damned if I do damned if I don't. Funeral album was on time for what I wasn't expecting Lil Wayne in bottomfeeding mode. Call the government out of lines but stayed in his lane. In case wayne really is a martian I'd like someone to lemme know his kind didn't breed an antichrist and that Weezy knows the ppl have no opportunity against calling in near future mistakes. holla back could leave together or my pace. whattup tho WAYNE

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  • Astral Gang ft Jasper The Scary Ghost - "Super Powers 2020" (Official Audio) :::::::

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  • I Love Wayne ❤❤ 82 Baby

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  • It’s good to see Wayne laugh so much🤗🤗

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  • he didnt break the exclusive wayne told that before

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  • This story really motivate artistes out there. Even in different genres. I work in Europe as a reggae artiste. I think more people should pay attention to the dubai story.. 1:14:59 .. The world is huge and people will support you once you do not try to push religion on them. Nice interview.

    Teacha DeeTeacha DeeAcum 26 Zile

  • I like how he said a real DJ

    Ernest CarranzaErnest CarranzaAcum 27 Zile
  • One of the best Drink Champs interviews

    Michael S LMichael S LAcum 27 Zile
  • Nore act like he on moly or coke i cant stand when he get overly excited and interrupts the historical events the guest be tawkn bout he be interrupting great stories. On a side note wayne outta line fa them damn gucci uggs and leggings

    T DrillaT DrillaAcum 28 Zile
  • Diz nigga said was it Fireman then said i was close lmao 😂 Nore was way the fuk off fureman when he was grown block is hit when he was a kid that shows Nore aint no real fan

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  • Sponsored by America's Opioid crisis 😂🙃🤦🏽‍♂️

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  • This nigga sound like he rapping in the interview you the King GOAT be my mentor

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  • Weezy

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  • Yo if you really think about it Weezy do rap like he from east,west coast you don't really hear too much of the New Orleans in his raps, it's a little bit of a slain not too much. wow just notice that

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  • He looks so different now... can’t even open his eyes fr pray for mans 🙌🏾🙌🏾

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  • Blessings god I appreciate you and y'all time humor love integrity and most of all the vibes and energy are strong...🙏🙏🙏

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  • Protect our children😔😔

    Regular NiccaTVRegular NiccaTVAcum lună
  • Summer of 05 or 06 when I heard that Lil Wayne Dedication Mixtape...I been a fan ever since and been following his music for 14 to 15 years....Legendary....

    TTMTradesTTMTradesAcum lună
  • I hope these young people are taking notes 📝💯

  • 1:14:00

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  • weezy f. baby and **THE F IS FOR FATHER**

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  • Come on y'all now enough is enough were is lil wanye foreal April fools is over this ain't wanye this gizmo from gremlins after he got wet this ain't no dam wanye

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  • from smokin on drink champs to face 10 years for a hand gun, damn wayne

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  • Hip hop Michael Jackson Is 2pac but carry on

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  • Wayne so clueless...that’s why he always getting finessed out his bread

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  • sound like they in a cave

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  • 15:15 Jay Z question

    Thomas Hester IIThomas Hester IIAcum lună
  • From the bottom (base) to the top now he there. 👽 se/ga

    Ciiig SpøøksCiiig SpøøksAcum lună
  • One thing I admire most about lil Wayne, is as a rapper, he never said somebody is doper than him. No rapper can body him. And, 99% of rappers openly admit Eminem killed them, wouldn’t want beef with em, etc etc.. but this dude, lil Wayne doesn’t refuse how dope em is, he just sees him on his level. Rather you disagree with it or not. That’s he true drive of hip hop. You’re not to bleed in the water when you’re up there with the likes of em. My point is, I admire lil Wayne Bc when says he’s the best rapper alive, rather you agree or not, you’ll feel that bc he believes hat 100%. That’s entire faith in his craft. I probably sounded like the guy in the Interview who gave his intro lol but that’s just one thing I wanted to point out.

    Xodia The Forbidden OneXodia The Forbidden OneAcum lună
    • Gave u a like because of the long text

      FuchsFuchsAcum lună
  • 💖💖💖

    mi amor mi amormi amor mi amorAcum lună
  • LEGEND 🐐 this generation will never know

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  • The fucking GOAT 🐐 imma get in the studio with this man one day inspired a generation 💯

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