Making of futuristic motorcycle - I Modified Scooter to the two-wheeled vehicle

1 apr. 2021
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Greetings dear friends,
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In this video, I will share with you one of the most challenging projects I have ever done.
I will show you how to make a futuristic motorcycle made from a regular scooter.
When I was still young, I had the idea to make this particular vehicle.
And all after I, as a student, went home by bus and through the window I saw one motorcyclist driving all wet in the mud.
A thought crossed my mind, it would be great if he also sat in the cockpit and could enjoy the ride, and not fight the cold and the inconvenience of the rain.
I think almost all motorcyclists will agree with me.
There is no comfort, and besides, it is dangerous.
Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and the idea remained in my head to live.
Honestly, many of the machines that I made and showed you, I made precisely in order to build this futuristic motorcycle (Future Motorcycle).
By the way, I have not yet decided on the name. I think I'll have to ask you to help me.
Please tell me what to call this two-wheeled vehicle.
The name that I like the most, I will leave it.
In order to build this two-wheeled vehicle, I bought and disassembled a scooter.
By the way, the engine of this scooter matched the power of my project, namely 125cc.
I would like my futuristic two-wheeled vehicle to be not only visually beautiful, comfortable, but also economical in terms of fuel consumption.
Fortunately, all my expectations were met, and the result even exceeded my expectations.
Another long-standing goal has been fulfilled, which means that the next more significant projects are in the queue.
I have long dreamed of building an aircraft, and I am more than sure that the realization of this goal is not far off.
Once again, I want to thank my family and friends for their support.
Special thanks to the RocketCars team for their help in filming the final tests.
I look forward to your comments.
See you soon!
Yours sincerely,
Meanwhile in the Garage


  • Very good, Regards from PERÚ 🇵🇪

    Brando MoscosoBrando MoscosoAcum 7 minute
  • Why do you need the belt? Plz don’t tell me its for safety, ha)

    John GaltJohn GaltAcum 10 minute
  • Cest tres lourd en plus on est totalement emprisonner dedans. Resultat c est tres dangereux

    ouldhamadouche mohamedouldhamadouche mohamedAcum 16 minute
  • Yo creo que hubiese usado doble rueda al frente y evita las auxiliares de parada. Creo yo

    Compras La Gente Que Me GustaCompras La Gente Que Me GustaAcum 20 minute
  • You are truly a master metal fabricator along with many other skills I am certain. I have learned so much from just this video which is Professional level as well.

    Trevor clerihueTrevor clerihueAcum 39 minute
  • На нем вместо двух колес нужно три

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    GERZELGERZELAcum 56 minute
    • Амин, вай массер бойл са ваш.

      Meanwhile in the GarageMeanwhile in the GarageAcum 55 minute
  • В описании поменяй ссылку на канал дани, это не тот

    ROLIK ChannelROLIK ChannelAcum oră
    • @Meanwhile in the Garage а понятно

      ROLIK ChannelROLIK ChannelAcum 48 minute
    • Это тот что они просили.

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  • No u turn in future???

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  • Можно было бы листом 50мм обшить что уж мелочиться! Что турку делать в Германии? Конечно тук-туки! :)

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  • Однозначно лайк, спасибо Крастеру за канал, а автору канала за усердие и качественный контент! Удачи в новых проектах!!!

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  • you should try it with a Piaggio MP3, amazing work btw

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  • This lad deserves a medal ! Fantastic fabrication of the steel and the amount of thought gone into the hydraulics and steering wow !. Mind you I actually cringed and hid behind my settee when he bent that slim piece of perspex lol ! I spent years building bikes and restoring bikes so this video was better than watching Rambo .A very well done .That tank slapper was a beauty lol ! I thought from the start dual steering dampers or quad dampers at the front end. Looking forward to seeing the next project.

    Mike JakesonMike JakesonAcum oră
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  • It is a new and very beautiful innovation that deserves an award, but how can I stop in the crowd when cars are directly next to me from both sides and how can I get out of it if I land in a lake or move on the only side that is done in Do you have to accompany your friends everywhere to save you? 🤔

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  • необычно молодец

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  • Sorry I can't speak english, i coment speak indonesia. Modifikasi yg sangat bagus,....akan lebih bagus lagi tampilan posisi Ban tambahannya seperti pesawat terbang bisa turun kebawah otomatis dan letak penyimpanannya dibawah body motor samping kiri kanan tidak kelihatan akan lebih bagus dipandang, tidak seperti yang ini menurut saya penempatannya jadi mengganggu pandangan body motor. Thx. Good job!!!

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  • Muito top!

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  • Did you have any problems with the documentations and the law in your country after the modifications?

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  • Meanwhile in the Garage ,You will have problems with lateral wind .

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  • Досихпор не могу понять как можно снять интересно не комментируя спот действия))) молча взял и сделал))) необычная подача зашла на ура))) буду рад наблюдать за каналом))) обязательно просмотрю прошлые видосы

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  • Great work! really liked every second of work. I have idea, what about automatic side wheel down when speed below certain amount? And it can be on/off by switch. like Auto, Manual. it will helpful for traffic stops.

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  • Didn't those types of bikes exist in the late 90s and early 2000s?

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  • This is actually not a new idea - in 1960s the concept of covered motorcycle like this was pioneered and developed by Czech engineer Jan Anderle. Later he realized some of his designs with Swiss company Peraves. But anyway, you did very good job building this! Very interesting video from beginning to end - especially your mechanism of side wheels is ingenious! I would propose one modiffication: does this scooter have ABS and therefore speed sensor? If yes, you can maybe automatize sidewheels movement depending on speed - something like 10 or 15 km/h treshold would do the trick instead of manual switch... I wish you good luck and a lot of happy kilometers. Keep going!

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  • have you considered reinforcing the stabilizing axles with some tubular supports. and perhaps a gyro or two inline gyros to compensate for windy conditions? also maybe a wiper for rain? just some ideas for future modifications :) looks sweet though good job!!!

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