memes that are PS5 vs XBOX

15 iun. 2020
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memes that are PS5 vs XBOX
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Music probably used - Kevin Macleod | Incompetech

  • I once got a 10 hour unskipable ad (dedoles if you want to know), but it saved me from rickroll

    Adam ŠurinAdam ŠurinAcum 28 Zile
  • I've gotten a fucking 2 hr unskipable add

    Toilet waterToilet waterAcum 2 luni
  • I'm getting the switch Imma stick with my ps4 and I've wanted a switch since it came out

    purplecreacher 3600purplecreacher 3600Acum 2 luni
  • Mini fridge...

    Xerdar36Xerdar36Acum 3 luni
  • Well I would like to go to Japan to see the fox village

    Meme WolfMeme WolfAcum 3 luni
  • My phone died on me as soon as the vid ended lel

    mars-hunter880mars-hunter880Acum 5 luni
    • Charged it and am writing it Don’t hate on me plz

      mars-hunter880mars-hunter880Acum 5 luni
  • 7:25

    Dark green Crew mateDark green Crew mateAcum 5 luni
  • I’m the 669th comment

    Ahmed BoiAhmed BoiAcum 6 luni
  • Once I got a 38 minute ad, it was about Nissan, I was like: Not stonks:(

    FalltiusFalltiusAcum 6 luni
  • 0:04 nah i'd like to have a toaster instead

    binkling vozerozokbinkling vozerozokAcum 6 luni
    • get it? nintendo switch

      binkling vozerozokbinkling vozerozokAcum 6 luni
  • Day -23 of telling Jake to continue his minecraft let's play

    Geese Couch TamingGeese Couch TamingAcum 7 luni
  • I kinda want a mini fridge

    Spader MinSpader MinAcum 7 luni
  • UK is lucky. We get at most 20 second unskippable ads. At least in Newcastle.

    Government Of Shreks SwampGovernment Of Shreks SwampAcum 7 luni
    • On TV we get 1 minute long ads

      Government Of Shreks SwampGovernment Of Shreks SwampAcum 7 luni
  • F

    Qwerty WasdQwerty WasdAcum 7 luni
  • An easy way to skip unskipable ads is to press that “i” looking thing in the bottom left. Then press “stop seeing this ad” then press “close”. It should close the ad instantly and play the video. Idk if it will work on pc because i use youtube on my phone.

    Roberto GomezRoberto GomezAcum 7 luni
  • 2x2 = 2+2 4x = 4 x = 1 3x3 = 3+3 9x = 6 x = 1/3 Here you are! :3

    NoCderNoCderAcum 7 luni
  • I’m getting the wifi router one free internet two fridges aren’t black

    Little person CusLittle person CusAcum 7 luni
  • 1:22 aint no one gonna question how the guy on the wheel chair got up and beated up the guy out of pure anger

    gamer tingamer tinAcum 7 luni

    Cy_ CACCy_ CACAcum 8 luni
  • Mini fridge

    Sandra GunbySandra GunbyAcum 8 luni
  • 30 second unskipable adds Yeah try saying that about 15 second UNSKIPABLE adds that only make you *suffer*

    Kronicle nonicleKronicle nonicleAcum 8 luni
  • "PS5 or XBOX?" "nintendo light bulb"

    Sander TederSander TederAcum 8 luni
  • 10:08 hey look its the local crackhead preschooler michael reeves

    awesomejack6654awesomejack6654Acum 8 luni
  • The router is better You get more wifi

    AspenetratorAspenetratorAcum 8 luni
  • Miney fridge

    Godzilla GodGodzilla GodAcum 8 luni
  • Im getting the Mini Fridge, i dont have that space for the Router... Its me, or that router looks kinda *T H I C K* .

    EnviusEnviusAcum 8 luni
  • f

    MClegend221MClegend221Acum 8 luni
  • Im getting wifi router

    PugsmerPugsmerAcum 8 luni
  • I'm going to go ahead and say it but I'm going to be the first introvert to tap out of quarantine. One of the extroverts that adopted me (a reference to another video) had killed himself... He was my favourite extrovert.

    Random YoutuberRandom YoutuberAcum 8 luni
  • I have a fridge I have a game xbox series x buy it if you don't like it go play some good games every once in a while

    cez carscez carsAcum 8 luni
  • Definitly the ps5 who wants an x batteries

    Robert Benjamin StorkRobert Benjamin StorkAcum 8 luni
  • I once got a 2+ hr ad that was unskippable

    AWRAWRAcum 8 luni
  • Memes then: haha 1820 and 1920 had plague outbreaks maybe we’ll be next •3• Memes now: good lord please help me escape this nightmare

    Bean KatyBean KatyAcum 8 luni
  • Why did I get a KFC Ad??

    PapasitoDonkeyPapasitoDonkeyAcum 8 luni
  • I’m getting the mini fridge

    Falcon231 SFSFalcon231 SFSAcum 8 luni
  • Honestly I prefer the mini fridge

    Sheepish KidSheepish KidAcum 8 luni
  • I get wifi router

    bartek przyłuskibartek przyłuskiAcum 8 luni
  • I'm getting the router because my wifi is trash

    PHARA GeoT3x063PHARA GeoT3x063Acum 8 luni
  • 7:25 I spent 10 minutes looking for this

    Roman PosnerRoman PosnerAcum 8 luni
  • K

    Kaso GustoKaso GustoAcum 8 luni
  • I'm getting pc2

  • I am British and I hate tea

    Claire PulfordClaire PulfordAcum 8 luni
  • I once somehow got a 57 minute unskippable ad...

    fishfishAcum 8 luni
  • I'm most likely getting the wifi router because mini fridge games are going to come to PC anyway.

    UnL1k3UnL1k3Acum 8 luni
  • Minifridge gang

    David ScaricamazzaDavid ScaricamazzaAcum 8 luni
  • F

    Jan BlahaJan BlahaAcum 8 luni
  • 5:16 *Laughs in YT Premium/Vanced*

    GadgetActivatedGadgetActivatedAcum 8 luni
  • "The Mini Fridge or The WI-FI Router" How about the money first

    IseeWhiteFoxIseeWhiteFoxAcum 8 luni
  • 2:10 I would’ve named him ‘anything sketchy’

    Ryan O’sRyan O’sAcum 8 luni
  • PC master race

    Suh CheuySuh CheuyAcum 8 luni
  • 5:53 forget about the fact that his name is big mac

    Yash PatelYash PatelAcum 8 luni
  • 7:25 where is that from

  • 3:54 there’s something moving at the top of the screen

    [chill dog][chill dog]Acum 8 luni
  • 9:45 Weebs: *casually weebs and speaks in Japanese*

    ꧁ᴍxʟᴋʏ ʙʀᴇᴀᴅ꧂꧁ᴍxʟᴋʏ ʙʀᴇᴀᴅ꧂Acum 8 luni
  • I wish I had some chicken to help me in these sad times but my sister ate it all before I got home.

    Jessica JenningsJessica JenningsAcum 8 luni

    2018 Audi s52018 Audi s5Acum 8 luni
  • for the heart beat thing: TIME TO PUT ON GALAXY COLLAPSE

    TNTTHXTNTTHXAcum 8 luni
  • Imagine plugging a wifi router into a wifi router

    Jack Doesn’t like to talkJack Doesn’t like to talkAcum 8 luni
  • 9:13 more like beyond save

    Loki The Lil' PugLoki The Lil' PugAcum 8 luni
  • I’d rather have the WiFi router because my internet sucks =)

    Forrestbump23Forrestbump23Acum 8 luni
  • why is the series x so goddamn big

    OzoneOzoneAcum 8 luni
  • My dad is a weirdo and got all of my family youtube premium so what im saying is what are ads?

    Leo ReidLeo ReidAcum 8 luni
  • i chose wifi coz who needs a fridge

    GerGerApex1GerGerApex1Acum 8 luni
  • *laughs in backups world*

    Kruemmelbande The CatKruemmelbande The CatAcum 8 luni
  • Fun Fact: Pink Panther can be a female lion (female bc no mane) because lion is just pantera leo. Just me being triggered warning: (notice it's a member of the pantera group/family/whatever that category is called, unlike cats: lions are felines but not cats!)

    Cat LifeCat LifeAcum 8 luni
  • I’ll get the amazon fire tablet (Nintendo switch)

    PokeSangPokeSangAcum 8 luni
  • 2:31 hey, white coloured pencils can be used to blend some other colours (especially if you're using the cheaper pencils, such as Crayolas)

    YamiGekusuYamiGekusuAcum 8 luni
  • US TV: 10 min content, 20 min advertisement. Norwegian TV: 20-35 min content with movies and 5-7 min advertisement.

    VideoscavengeVideoscavengeAcum 8 luni
  • PS5: WiFi router Xbox Series X: Mini Fridge Apple Mac Pro: Cheese grater Nintendo: Toaster PC: Mailbox with windows

    Liss TheLegoManLiss TheLegoManAcum 8 luni
  • My username obligates me to go xbox. Fuck.

    Portable RefrigeratorPortable RefrigeratorAcum 8 luni
  • Pin this for no reason

    MadFoxx15MadFoxx15Acum 8 luni
  • Getting the Nintendo toaster

    Itachi UchihaItachi UchihaAcum 8 luni
  • He’s just given up on the titles

    A T-rex with internetA T-rex with internetAcum 8 luni
  • I'll be getting the wifi box

    PansarPansarAcum 8 luni
  • i choose nintendo 4DS

    ducklord9000 who eats grapesducklord9000 who eats grapesAcum 8 luni
  • Would you rather buy Xbox Wall-E or PS Eve?

    Alfian FahmiAlfian FahmiAcum 8 luni
  • 4:08 There's also the double barrel Shotgun/Multishot Crossbow

    justin wongjustin wongAcum 8 luni
  • F

    Jovani PJovani PAcum 8 luni
  • Why are they so many memes about the PlayStation 5

    OwOOwOAcum 8 luni
  • Bing bong

    Jesus ChristJesus ChristAcum 8 luni
  • Imagine 1min of unskippable ads on chinese website

    Vitaliya KanVitaliya KanAcum 8 luni
  • Ima get both the mini fridge and the router so I can get wifi and cold drinks in my room

    Asmo YTAsmo YTAcum 8 luni
  • f

    Morslandium MappingMorslandium MappingAcum 8 luni
  • Queen Elizabeth is using necromancy to keep her husband alive

    Sheogorath on crackSheogorath on crackAcum 8 luni
  • Keep up with the uploads 🤙 See ya in the future

    Noble GamingNoble GamingAcum 8 luni
  • im getting the mini fridge

    MeesMeesAcum 8 luni
  • I'm going with the mini fridge. I like the minimalist design. It will also blend in really well with my IKEA furniture.

    oskado95oskado95Acum 8 luni
  • What do PewDiePie and Jake have in common? Answer: They both don't have legs.

    TheBWoods15TheBWoods15Acum 8 luni
  • PS5

    Audrey StrouseAudrey StrouseAcum 8 luni
  • F

    Stop SignStop SignAcum 8 luni
  • “So are you guys getting the Mini Fridge or the WiFi Router?” People with the toaster: “Am I a joke to you?”

    It's Devin J.It's Devin J.Acum 8 luni
  • Me with two 20 second ads

    LenuliasLenuliasAcum 8 luni
  • 3×3=3+3+3

    Mighty XTMighty XTAcum 8 luni
  • I already got a toaster.

    CodaCodaAcum 8 luni
  • People sayin the ps5 looks like a WiFi router and Xbox x like a mini fridge are forgetting the Nintendo switch dock be lookin like a toaster

    StroyoshStroyoshAcum 8 luni
  • 9:28 Is that a Jojo's refrence for C H A S E OP 6

    francisco penafrancisco penaAcum 8 luni
  • 1:05 I'm this person.

    MaXiMe PGMaXiMe PGAcum 8 luni
  • Wifi router

    Kevin WongKevin WongAcum 8 luni
  • I’m getting the WiFi router

    ZNXT_ControllexZNXT_ControllexAcum 8 luni
  • 3:49

    Jasonius The BoniusJasonius The BoniusAcum 8 luni