Minecraft but nothing goes wrong #6

6 apr. 2021
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This is the TENTH video of minecrafts unluckiest moments! In this video, a ton of really unlucky plays happen like someones end portal was completely destroyed by a spawner. Other people had horrible nether spawns and people even got their bed destroyed right when they fell in the void in bedwars. Watch the whole video, its hilarious! :)
▼ Players featured in this episode, thanks everyone!:
(In order of appearance)
SB737 www.twitch.tv/sb737
TibisYT roworld.info/local/SUxgHn_eeDxxFpfcnD17vg
Couriway www.twitch.tv/couriway
FlyGuyAJ_ www.twitch.tv/flyguyaj_
Foolish__Gamers www.twitch.tv/foolish__gamers
BuckyBarrTTV www.twitch.tv/buckybarrtv
flickr_fear www.twitch.tv/flickr_fear
chezzzeh www.twitch.tv/chezzzeh
Denizhanibism www.twitch.tv/denizhanibisim
TheeSizzler www.twitch.tv/theesizzler
favorzz_ www.twitch.tv/favorzz_
enchantrous www.twitch.tv/enchantrous
HamazonAU www.twitch.tv/hamazonau
Hrry www.twitch.tv/hrry
jihita www.twitch.tv/jihita
MathoX www.twitch.tv/mathox
OHSmon www.twitch.tv/ohsmon
u/Mlgyomaster www.reddit.com/user/Mlgyomaster/
Adal www.twitch.tv/adal
JonBams www.twitch.tv/jonbams
fowben www.twitch.tv/fowben
hannahxxrose www.twitch.tv/hannahxxrose
SanDDayHD www.twitch.tv/sanddayhd
hiddenboii www.twitch.tv/hiddenboii
hypixelbridge www.twitch.tv/hypixelbridge
Neptnium www.twitch.tv/neptnium
Ranboolive www.twitch.tv/ranboolive
BenZye3 www.twitch.tv/benzye3
Riskits www.twitch.tv/riskits
ibxtoycat roworld.info
DudeNamedDrew www.twitch.tv/dudenameddrew
supertf www.twitch.tv/supertf
Tfue www.twitch.tv/tfue
thego0gley www.twitch.tv/thego0gley
Wallibear www.twitch.tv/wallibear
zetttii www.twitch.tv/zetttii
joogunstwitch www.twitch.tv/joogunstwitch
katiespc www.twitch.tv/katiespc

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  • Here is a really cool single player trick. I’m not sure if this works on multiple players, because some servers disable it. If you fall from a really high place and you really don’t want to lose all your stuff, get ready to exit out really quick, and then come back into your world again. You could still be falling, but you will safely arrive. You won’t take any fall damage, because you just start the world, and it takes about 3 or 4 seconds until you can get started. It is a really cool trick to not dying from any fall damage or anything.

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