Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER: AMONG US HOUSE BUILD CHALLENGE in Minecraft / Animation

15 nov. 2020
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➜Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER Animation
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➜Download houses from my website: billionblocks.com
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Called "Faithfull" at the texture pack menu.

➜Download My Shader pack: billionblocks.com
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This video was inspirated by ManDooMiN who was the first builder who made among us minecraft houses i think..
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    • Noob vs pro vs hacker

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  • Let’s all be honest. Pros house dosent look as impressive

    Mr CatMr CatAcum 4 minute
  • how does a noob have concrete?

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  • Hackers one is big time

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  • I love PRO

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  • I love all of them because they are all very good bids

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  • This is what I thinks best 1st Pro 2nd Noob 3rd Hacker

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  • Pro

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  • Mike is a fun app I am a bit¿

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  • 3:40 *He do be making a blue toilet tho..*

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  • why does the hackers house at the start look like a dick

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  • gg

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  • WOW Pro

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  • Noob Was Like the Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhhhhh

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  • Wow

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  • I think is to hard to build the hacker so I might just pick noob and pro

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  • What is wrong with the noobs house

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  • Hacker

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  • noob' s is cutest

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  • The noob maid a mini crewmate its so cool but the pro maid a crewmte and the hackker maid a impostor oh no oh no oh no no no no no no😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

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  • Haker

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  • lol

  • 1234572+34634774+356425#7’ah

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  • Why god isn’t there oh no don’t tell me that you hate god

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  • Ty for making 1M like in 2 months

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  • I like the hacker's build its so extreme cool!

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  • Ты кто?????

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  • :)

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  • Como se yama el juego

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    • Llama* Minecraft

  • I've gotta say this video is impressive.

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  • i dont know why but its so satifying when watching people build crazy things in fast mode LOL

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  • Ive seen the hacker one on tik tok with people claiming it to be theirs, just to alert you

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  • Me: Noob is starting evrithing

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  • I would watch more of these videos if people didn’t use the terms noob pro and hacker but as in starter then mutual and expert those make a better fit for the characters portrayed or lazy to average to productive these are just suggestions to what I think

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  • Red موف

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  • pero los amon us no tienen guesos

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    • Si tienen

  • Wow pro is pro XD

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  • I wanna say the noob is better than me in build house not gonna lie

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  • I wanna say the noob is better than me in build house not gonna lie

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  • W

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  • Wow!😳😮

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  • вау круто

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  • the pro built my favorite cyan

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  • How Are These still a thing

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  • Ghggg

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  • I love Minecraft

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  • Yop

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  • Like like

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  • Me: *tries to build a among us player* Also me: im so bad than a noob -.-

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  • omg!!!! the last one is great!!!!!

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  • WOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • do you use java edition

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  • hacker on

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  • Looking at the noob’s I felt very sad because I’m his level of building...

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  • У нуба самый лучший дом

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  • Hacher WOW

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  • 15:13

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  • 5:40 omg

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    • Song name

  • 私は初心者よりも悪い建物を作っています

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    • @•Bʟuᴇ Josᴇᴇ• я тебя не понимаю

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    • Supongo

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    • @米川昌宏 чо? Я вообще-то русская :/

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  • Is that u building them

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  • Мне всё интересно

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  • Neee

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  • ok

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  • i wish we could actually build so quick XD imma like my own comment :)

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    • @karix

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  • Wow so cool ! Like it Among us character

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  • ok, but why does the pro have diamond armor instead of netherite?

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  • HACKEr

    Abishai KnoxAbishai KnoxAcum 3 Zile

    Abishai KnoxAbishai KnoxAcum 3 Zile
  • For pro he made a toilet at first

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  • Because when it was his turn to make parsia it was a bath :v

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  • Somebody on til Tom stole this has over 500k likes and people thing he did it 6:12

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  • Me encanta ese video es mi canción favorita espero que tú haces las mejores Videos de todos

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  • this is insane

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  • Yo soy pro

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  • El Pro es el mejor

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  • 1000000➗10

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  • The last one is the best

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  • The player whoever did this is a little weird but they did really good though!

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    • I meant to say that the first one his face on all of them are funny

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  • God

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  • God

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  • i liked pro one 👌👍😃

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  • hello!

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  • I like the noob one cous it is cute and i preety shock too it is cuter than 🥺 this

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  • Вы что все англичани ???

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  • Мне очень понравился ХАКЕР!!!, Но,моему брату нравится НУБИК!!!

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