Mini Crewmate Kills Five Nights at Freddy's Characters | Among Us

26 feb. 2021
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Pizza is innocent
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  • When the man behind the slaughter is sus

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  • Yes, die bonnie

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  • Buen video

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  • Fnaf amogus

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  • Wins freddy 1:01

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  • wtf

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  • That's ma boi

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  • mom say dont close the door you: 0:09

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  • Chika is now chuck

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  • Ф

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  • Do you know why fnaf hate you because you don’t know how to play the game

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  • Why all animatronic is small dont subscribe pls

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  • Mini crewmate do be a gamer tho.

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  • It’s actually funny when the mini crew mate slams the door with is hand and then Bonnie yells😂😂😂

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    • Hi

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    • First and hello

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  • Instead of the purple guy it’s the res guy

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    • Red

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  • 1:09 I always come back

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  • finally... ...they have been avenged.

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  • pelot

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  • Trevor henderson vs fnaf Help me this is going on irl

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  • Animatronics are already dead.

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  • Wow that's funny

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  • Springtrap got a partner

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  • 0:00 somebody calling? nah. 0:02 "sorry! pirate cove is out of order" 0:08 HI STEPBRO- 0:09 no, i ain't- 0:10 BOOM 0:11 *visible pain* ÆAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 0:13 r u ok 0:19 time for cake at sta- 0:22 OPEN THE DOOR I NEED TO TAKE A SHOWER I SMELL LIKE OIL 0:26 50%? 20% looks like 50% so im going to 0:28 that golden duck was ugly, and know what? 0:30 QUACKQUACKQUACKQUACK *turns into angry bird* QUACKQUACKQUACK *slingshot* 0:40 you'll never beat me, THE GREAT FOX 0:42 F.B.I OPEN UP 0:45 say me if f.b.i allows this 0:48 no? then EAT THIS 0:52 oh god oh crap-

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    • 1:03 BOOOOOOOOO

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  • So mini crewmate died?

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  • Hahahaha

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  • This is my favorite animation keep up with funny stuff

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  • 1:03 😥😳😵

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  • me muero de risa en la parte en donde bonnie le cierran la puerta con todo y mano

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  • thus is how you fnaf

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  • To be continued-

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  • Sus

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  • xDxD

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  • 0:57 1:07 dead of mini crew

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  • 0:10 i like your cut G (taco bell)

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  • 0:26 YAHOO *throws tablet on ground angry 0:31 angry birds lol

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  • Bonnie's hand got stuck

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  • Brawl

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  • 0:49

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  • Le quitaste la cabeza 😂

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  • Make part 2

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  • No!

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  • Mini crewmate kills Portal 2 characters 1. Wheatley 2. GlaDOS 3.Turret 4. Defective turret 5. Space core 6. Chell 7. Valve because of portal 3’s wait.

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  • Siii por fin muere

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  • 0:30

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  • Gay

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  • Among us kills ok

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  • plot twist: he lived

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  • Apo diolah cubo cak lemah nian animatronik nyo

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  • I like your videos

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  • At the left door you can see a crewmate.... or an imposter......

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  • 0:55 where's my minigun?

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  • Omg guys it’s a suit on a suit

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  • >:(

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  • 0:57 this part gives me nostalgia from fnaf 2015 animations

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  • 1:11 when you thought he was dead...

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  • The one with foxy, I laughed to death!

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  • *jumpscare warning* 1:03

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  • very cool your videos dude congratulations

  • Freddy: you cant do nothing mini-crewmate Mini crewmate: NANI!? 0:59

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  • Among us suck

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  • Sad mini crewmate di- Wait hold up

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  • I like Freddy jump scare

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  • Crewmate is 0 IQ cuz power

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  • 0:44 🤣

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  • 0:27 elektrik bitince güzel taktik

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    • Meric

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  • woooooo

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  • 1:01 *OH NO U DIDN'T!*

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  • I love this

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  • дa😍

  • Oloco

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  • Plot twist ending:mini crew mate didn’t die he just killed freddy put on his mask then some sharp things cut him and there was blood and then he fell asleep then his eyes just look like that with the mask on

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    • He's still alive

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  • The cup song

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  • Its not crewmate He's a serial killer.

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  • Just noticed he was pressing the left door buttons with his foot.

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    • I saw it too

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  • until he died it had already taken

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  • La primera vez que veo que matan al mini tripulante o impostor the first time I see the mini crewman or impostor get killed

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  • Booo among us 👎

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  • 😱

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  • Si se va la electricidad en el juego porq Freddy no se apaga

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  • Pollito en la convertiste en la película que yo sé que ya nadie:-P 😉👍

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  • 0:09

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  • At mini crewmate dies he kills sectury

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  • But are you pro

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  • This is so cool! My favorite part is Chica Turning to Chuck from Angry Birds 😆

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  • He was there only for Watch. Not for kill the animatronics

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  • ATTENTION at the end of the screamer !!! cool animation I do like this too)))

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  • Пдкгаіш😞😞😞😞

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  • Who just die is Freddy of mini crewmate

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