SML Movie: Cody Meets Harry!

12 sep. 2020
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Cody hates harry and proves he is smarter than him!

  • Go watch the behind the scenes:

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    • @Mr_speedy12 is a little more in this game and the graphics look 👀 good 😌 game to keep it to your iPhone 📲 it has to go on the same day

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    • Nice

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    • :|

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  • The person in my picture

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  • He’s guilty

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  • I got a puppet

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  • Harry sounds amarican

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  • Pelea pelea pelea

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  • bruh cody could've just invented the cure for covid

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  • Cody is gay

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  • sml idea: Harry’s parents

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  • Y U DUMB?

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  • 11:57 my favorite sml character is Jeffy

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  • 10:32 Person Who Does California And Now Jackie Chu Had Voted 55 Electoral votes

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  • My favorite sml character is jeffy

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  • hi i’m a big fan and i’ve been watching you for a long time and my mom won’t let me watch you but i still do

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  • 3egvx,

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  • Since Harry made cure for cancer Cody should have made cure for covid

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  • Cody gay

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  • 9:54 joseph is doing karate

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  • SMLMoviecodyMeetsHarry!

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  • NO LOGAN, Harry could cure Cancer, but only because Cody is the principal character, you make him win, you could only put cody as Joseph and Junior friend BUT NOT AS THE SMARTEST KID IN THE CLASS(Harry is smarter than cody)

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  • Cheaters always gets away with everything

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  • 2:29

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  • Who did Harry’s mums voice

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    • Audrey

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  • Jeff is the best

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  • Cody is the defunshon of gay

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  • The dad is the wost parint erfr

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  • The calculus is actually algebra

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  • I liked Harry better

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  • The fact that Harry and Cody were trying hard to be smarter, shows that one of them is actually going to be dumber than one person.

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  • jeffy

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  • Gay people will understand this. 1:13

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  • I love you episodes

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  • The reason why Joseph acting dumb is because cody tried the machine on Joseph to test it

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  • codys dad is right XD

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  • I love Harrys acsent

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  • Well at least Cody wasn’t gay at 5:36

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  • FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN should be a fun weekend and a lot for us too but it’s a great idea and then I’ll get a ride home and

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  • When he said potatoes it was so high end and then it just went down

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  • I die at 9:01

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  • I mean months

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  • The way harry has been in the closet for 7 mouths

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  • 3:07 when u speak german

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  • Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment 🏆

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  • I think Harry is British

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  • Harry hasn’t been in much videos after this was posted

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  • Cody resites Pi as 3.1415265359 but it's actually 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781 and on and on it goes. Point is Cody missed the first 9 between the 5 and 2 lol.

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  • Harry and Cody are such a dweeb

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  • You wanna fight? Ok! (reply your awnser)

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  • jeffy and mario

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  • it must be hard to do this without luaghing

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  • Jeffy

  • Ashoh

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  • jr is funny bich

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  • hi

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  • sml

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  • yes

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  • 10:12 The way Harry shows Jackie chu his invention was super funny

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  • Manny is @@9doolsp2901wlsllslsllsls,,slks,s,ls,lss

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  • 10:06 10:04 🤣

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  • realy cody realy

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    • Yes

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  • Hey What's Good Huge Fan I Love Your Videos Codys The Best Harry Sucks

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  • Harry is better than cody.

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  • Cody is a idiot he said 3.141526 its 3.141592

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  • Nerd are good and nice in school.

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  • 😎

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  • Yeah

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  • When is Harry gonna come back

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  • Jeffy

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  • You mean hex from fnf 4:53

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  • Cody is hunky😂🤣

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  • I just love how funny the way he talks

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  • My fav character is jeffy because stupid and funny are a perfect combination so he's my fav

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  • Opdrh

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  • 0:24

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  • The noxious description aerobically stop because atm considerably cheat per a curved niece. bitter, bouncy carol

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  • Waffles And Pancakes

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  • Really thats cheating and people aren't supposed to cheat

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  • Jeffy

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  • S

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  • S

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  • My favorite SNL character is Joseph And Jeffy

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  • My favorite character is mr good men

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  • Cody got pi wrong it’s 3.14159265359

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  • Petition to bring Harry back for a few more vids

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  • Harry you are stopped

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  • Wait harry doesent have a mother

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  • Uyu

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  • Why do some of these videos have genuine deep points of conversations in them lol.

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  • 6:11 / 6:20 were nods to scary movie 1 when the vacuum cleaner comes to doofy.

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  • How did Joseph not get off the the the stupid way off how did he not get it off first he was the one that got shot first so he hast to get it off first

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  • Hi hi hi he hey hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

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  • Do you make a cure of the coronavirus COVID-19 hi

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  • Rewind this to the episode of jeffy and junior sneak out and go to Disney world and remember when cody was mad about monte mole and pokey and remember junior said you'll be mad about harry and cody was like what and then junior said we'll get to that at another episode

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  • 凸ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ凸

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    • *bear pulls out middle finger*

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  • My fav sml character is jeffy and Harry

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  • The way that Harry said no that was funny

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  • kreekcraft

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  • people who loves harry can like

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