Something About Smash Bros THE SUBSPACE EMISSARY - 2.76M Sub Special (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights)🌌

14 feb. 2021
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Kirbo and Luigi's investigation has finally led them to this point.. It's the belated 2 Million Subscriber Special / Something Series Season 3 Finale - The Subspace Emissary!
Animation, Additional Backgrounds, Coloring, Sound Design & Writing - Jeremey Chinshue
Production Assistant & Writing - Vanessa Chinshue
Background Art & Coloring - Edgar Nielsen
Chelsea Livingstone (Colonel Cheru) - Kirbo, Peach, Daisy, Samus and Rosalina
Grant Patrizio - Luigi
starkyrie - Palutena
Stuart Hutson - Tabuu / Speed Demon
Kojiasano - Anime Mario
Jordan Haro - Future Geno
Announcer - Sandy White
Music used:
Super Mario Bros 1 - Title Screen (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Super Mario Bros 1 - Overworld (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Super Mario 64 - Inside the Castle Walls (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Super Mario Bros 1 - Underground (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Super Mario Bros 1 - Fortress (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 2 - Underground (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 2 - Overworld (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 2 - Boss Battle (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 2 - Wart (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 3 - Title Midi (SMW Soundfont) From
Super Mario Bros 3 - Overworld (Sega Genesis Extended Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 3 - World 1 Map Midi
Super Mario Bros 3 - Toad's House Midi
Super Mario Bros. 3 - World 4 Map (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
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Super Smash Bros. Melee - Menu 1 (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - Boss Battle (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Kirby Superstar - Halberd Deck Midi
Patrick Patrikios - Cover (YT Library)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl - All-Star Mode Rest Area (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Smash Bros. Melee - Poké Floats (Sega Genesis Remix) By TheLegendofRenegade
Kirby Super Star Ultra - Meta Knight's Theme (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Star Fox - Boss: Corneria (Sega Genesis Remix) [2] by TheLegendofRenegade
Star Fox 64 - Andross Battle Remix by TerminalMontage
Final Destination (SSBB) Remix - Drum & Bass By Acid-Notation

Paper Mario - Goomba Village (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade

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Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello
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  • The melee and speed runner Mario 64 tech had me rolling in tears!

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  • It would have been funny if Sonic said chilidogs in Japanese

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  • XD Con los subtitulos en español

    TheBlackTheBlackAcum oră
  • I feel like this isn't very incoherent even for the series standards. I hope the videos don't become more story-driven personally. Tabuu was way too simplified to know it was tabuu and this is super loose retelling more than usual so I feel like the title is a bit misleading. I really enjoyed it otherwise.

    DeeManDeeManAcum oră
  • Japanese/England dude talks like stumpycat. Me: wait what this is not right

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  • love the starcraft sounds lmao

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  • Right after the Super Mario Bros 2 intro, some green text appears. I haven't seen anyone talk about it yet, so I shall record what it said below. RUN: 4,284,172,099,921 UNIVERSE 13729 - VARIANT ???? YEAR 1988 RAM COUNTERS $0551 $0612 $0548 $06D7 World Properties $0635 $06F7 $06F8 $06F9 $8000-$8119 - That's the end to the perfectly legible text. The bottom is a little overlapped, but I think I was able to decipher it correctly. - NORMAL LEVEL 00 - NO $9103-910C-9115 01 - YES SUB-SPACE - The following is legible again. - $9108-9111-911A >MONITOR LOADING.. After reading this, I went back to check, and there was a frame of something like this right after the Super Mario Bros logo too. But I'm not writing this all down again right now lmfao

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  • How did Mario got possessed in the first place?

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  • 8:41 me when I was 7yo pretending to be a Pokemon trainer and losing my one pokeball

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  • Besides being extremely hilarious, this is actually really cool and interesting. Plus I am really confused on how this game works

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  • Is the music at 9:43 part of anything? I can't find it in the music credits

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  • If this was the actual subspace emissary I would been playing it for a long time this is really good.

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  • [Português-Brasil] Muito boa a animação gostei é mais um inscrito

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  • que verga no entendi el final XD

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  • como cuando juntas el torneo de universos, gurren lagan y viajes en el tiempo tipo flash jajajajj ta bueno

  • not me spending a full 15 minutes trying to figure out where the audio at 6:13 is from 👀

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  • Wait... You Patented your name? Dude thats awesome

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  • What if the Speed Demon's first host was Speed Racer?

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  • 16:37 It has a sticky note that says meme lord will this be the next villain?

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  • 0:37 this reminds me of minecraft pvp and falling in lava and then the sweaty kid just gets in there just for a kill.

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  • Interesting. Luigi's big conspiracy wall mentions Smithy, who hasn't appeared yet, and in the credits, Geno is explicitly referred to as *Future* Geno.

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  • Universe 19411 is Something About Sonic the Hedgehog. See it for yourself. Pause the video at 2:59.

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