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5 dec. 2020
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Mom cat Belly gives birth to two kittens Crispy and Cream on May 13th, 2020. From cute baby kittens to playful teenage cats, Crispy and Cream are growing up with love and blessing. I have been recorded baby kittens growing up day by day in 100 days. Baby kittens meowing for the first time, baby kittens open eyes for the first time, first time to cry, first time to laugh, first time to fight, first time to walk, first time to drink water, first time to take a bath, even baby kittens pooping for the first time. I have been recorded all the precious memories with the camera. So this is the First Kittens Growing Up Movie on ROworld. Kittens to cats, before and after, you won't miss any moments in this timelapse compilation of baby kittens growing up from Day 1 to Day 100.
We give this Movie a name, "CURE". Hopefully, this movie could help you relax, relieve your stress, and cure your depression. Even just a little bit of help, a good sleep, a wonderful morning, or a lovely smile. That will be mean a lot to me. I record over 6000mins footage. After editing, turn all the best moments into this 58mins movie, "CURE".
One More Thing! Don't miss the bonus scene at the end of the movie. We rescue and adopt a new kitten Twix. Twix’s original owner didn't treat her properly. More than 10 places on her body got ringworm infection. Her little brother was already dead. We adopt her and want to save her life. She is a Golden British Shorthair cat. Please join Lucky Pawison, and give us a little bit of love and warmth to help Twix. Love you all.
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00:00 Kittens' Birthday
02:58 Day001 - Day010
10:15 Day011 - Day016
15:12 Day017 - Day024
19:44 Day025 - Day032
24:38 Day033 - Day045
29:27 Day046 - Day057
35:02 Day058 - Day069
40:26 Day070 - Day079
45:27 Day080 - Day094
50:41 Day095 - Day100
55:05 New Kitten Twix
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Belly, Crispy, Cream, Ore, Reo, and Twix love you all, 😽I will keep updating their videos and photos. Hope you all have a happy life.
🎂(👧)Belly's Birthday, March 4th, 2018. The Calico Cat is a British Shorthair Cat.
🎂(👧)Ore's Birthday, September 16th, 2019. The White Cat is a British Shorthair Munchkin Cat.
🎂(👦)Reo's Birthday, September 16th, 2019. The Black Cat is a British Shorthair Munchkin Cat.
🎂(👧)Crispy's Birthday, May 13th, 2020. Munchkin Cat. I don't know her breed. British Shorthair?
🎂(👦)Cream's Birthday, May 13th, 2020. The Cream Color British Shorthair Cat.
🎂(👧)Twix's Birthday, August 12th, 2020. Golden British Shorthair Cat.
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  • Two years ago... A Kitten that got adopted by an owner. My dad found him stuck at his owner's door. Then he brought him back, we gave him food and water. Then we put him back to his owner. But a few weeks later, we heard his meow in front of the door. We opened our door and we saw him. He has grown up to be a teen cat? My dad was like "How did he get to our property?" Well since its Asian cat I'd say Its orange. This cat we named Bob. We didn't return him to the owner cause we didn't know what hes gonna do next. So We let him stay for the rest of his life. He liked it here, so we gave him a friend. But he was angry at his friend. His friend name was Coco for short coconut since its brown. But a few days he is friends with Coco. Then Coco was lost somewhere when playing with Bob. Bob was crying, so a few days later we gave him another friend Layla. Layla was angry at bob and they fought. But since bob followed Coco's movement he tried to be friendly. But this time it took longer to make them friends, it took 6 weeks to make them friends. Layla missed her family. Layla was black. Then a few months, they became a family. Two Oranges (Boys) One Black (Girl) and a Light brown. (Girl) They had four children. But Bob didn't want to play with them. Layla took the most care of the kittens, it was a great family. Then this day we finally named our 12 week old kittens? Orange First Born : Toby (My dad's old cat name who disappeared) Black Second Born : Mini Layla / Tiny Layla / Layla Junior ( Layla's Name Clone ) Orange Third Born : Mini Bob / Tiny Bob / Bob Junior ( Papa Bob's Name Clone) Light Brown Fourth Born : Lili (No inspiration) And in the future they grow up into a great family. *"By The Way how did Bob survive for 2 years?"*

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