Surface Duo Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

10 sep. 2020
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Surface Duo: The dual screen Microsoft folding phone.
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Phone provided by Microsoft for review.

  • surface earbuds review

    Adithya chilupuriAdithya chilupuriAcum 21 oră
  • It's like a planner device or just the sort to keep your life together (like how he used it the first time: email, schedule) but not the sort to be used as tools for creators (coz camera, audio, and how smoothly it can handle activity). Like... A digital notebook hehe

    Ashley AquinoAshley AquinoAcum o Zi
  • Excellent review.

    bigbassjonzbigbassjonzAcum o Zi
  • People use anything other than iPhones?... like why?

    Connor MoriartyConnor MoriartyAcum 3 Zile
  • I get the camera may not be the best especially when compared to other flagships but DAMN he makes it sound so much more worse than it actually seems like. Looks decent enough to me.

    zoctorzizzinzerzoctorzizzinzerAcum 4 Zile
  • that thing is the ugliest shit tech I've ever seen in a while

    Fehmi KahramanFehmi KahramanAcum 6 Zile
  • good

    えどシオンえどシオンAcum 7 Zile
  • SwiftKey.. I'm out. That was a bad move! They should have implemented the Windows Phone keyboard. What prick decided this?!

    StereotypeStereotypeAcum 9 Zile
  • Nice sneakers

    Adnan SheikhAdnan SheikhAcum 9 Zile
  • Imagine, a software company that presents a phone without the own firmware... Oh boy, that’s the poorest thing I heard in years... And it seem even more worse then the Microsoft smartphones with windows... Don’t understand this company anymore, in no way, there are so many questions and nobody there to answer anyone of it... It seems that they just give up and want to show this to the world with the duo...

    Eddy E.Eddy E.Acum 10 Zile
  • There won't be a second one, just like their phone effort they will give up in a year and be done with it.

    RAT BURLRAT BURLAcum 10 Zile
  • Muhteşem lan beğenmiyorsan bana ver.

    Furkan KayaFurkan KayaAcum 11 Zile
  • Whether this gets it right or LG gets it right with LG Wing, 2 screens are the future.

    Leadway RecordsLeadway RecordsAcum 12 Zile
  • For decades, Apple created products that told the consumer what they wanted. Steve Jobs literally said it. They got everyone wanting to take pictures with their phones and whatnot. This is exactly what Microsoft is doing with the Duo. It's for the multitasker and like you said: The people buying this phone aren't looking to take a ton of pics with it. This phone is perfect for me and what I'd do.

    LordHollowLordHollowAcum 13 Zile
  • Casually when folded it looks like a 3ds XL

    Dave SimonDave SimonAcum 14 Zile
  • i think it needs SD card reader or 5G or a chrome os

    Admiral Khalifa Al QubaisiAdmiral Khalifa Al QubaisiAcum 14 Zile
  • If it was smaller, I wouldn't even hold back

    House of OsborneHouse of OsborneAcum 14 Zile
  • Probably not a phone to carry around all the time, but great for school, hospitals, work, etc. I would use like a little tablet than an actual phone

    mini smallsmini smallsAcum 15 Zile
  • so when you receive a phone call, you can't even tell who is calling you until you flip it open 😂

    Liren YeoLiren YeoAcum 16 Zile
  • This would be the perfect device for me for work and phone but there is one things that stops me from buying it. There is no expandable storage. A headphone jack and more ram would make this a perfect device but it really the lack of storage.

    Daily DissatisfactionDaily DissatisfactionAcum 16 Zile
  • i can see the future generation have good potential. i think lg is number 1 when it comes to dual screen. they have the dual screen case and a wing innovation. lg will make a comeback

    Knight WolfKnight WolfAcum 17 Zile
  • How many years they last

    Tina johnsonTina johnsonAcum 17 Zile
  • Marques: "so for me, it sticks out a little in the front pocket." Me: *laughs in female*

    Destitute and DecadentDestitute and DecadentAcum 17 Zile
  • The worst device I've ever seen !

    Pubg DevilPubg DevilAcum 17 Zile
  • This would be a very nice addition to my "Surface setup", but I'm skipping this first generation... Maybe next time Microsoft :)

    Sparky RihSparky RihAcum 18 Zile
  • This guy is unwatchable at normal speed, talks way toooooo sloooooooooow. 1.5 is just about normal.

    Silas CZSilas CZAcum 18 Zile
  • looks like a chinese rip off samsung z fold

    baba yagababa yagaAcum 18 Zile
  • Without showcasing the device capabilities for first 2 min , the subjective opinion was rubbed into the video instead of objective opinion. If the same device was from apple, the same reviewer will gloat endlessly. Gone are the days of objectivity.

    bkmr78bkmr78Acum 19 Zile
  • 1400 ffs...rather do coke and spend it on hookers with that much money a shit phone.

    monkeypolicdmonkeypolicdAcum 19 Zile
  • This concept is so cool why did they fuck it up so much

    Danii DecayDanii DecayAcum 20 Zile
  • This product is straight trash. Poor reception, poor connectivity, software bugs, charging port will crack, if you buy to test it out do not do so through AT&T. After the 14 days, you will be stuck in purgatory with a poorly designed piece of beautiful crap because Microsoft will only give you the same piece of crap over and over again while under warranty. Meanwhile, you have to deal with wasted money on skins and screen protectors and time of switching phones (7-10 business days without a phone if you don't have another one laying around) time of dealing with pitiful customer service and time of redownloading apps and contacts... Trust me folks, I thought this product was the bees knees after I figured out the functionality of it. But you can only drop so many calls, deal with not being able to make calls in normal places you should because of the poor antenna, or deal with the frustration of the poor Bluetooth and wifi connectivity before you want to pull your hair out. Stay away from the device. Wait for the next one maybe...this product shouldn't be anyone's daily driver especially for $1500! It is a ball of sh!t. And this is coming from a Microsoft Surface fan boy who has pretty much bought every Surface device in the past 5 years. That ended with this phone and the poor customer service in dealing with it. Oh and the camera will drive you absolutely INSANE!!!

    ondray29ondray29Acum 20 Zile
  • I thought this was a tablet. I wanted one so bad for clinicals at school but I am a brok college student. 🤣

    Cristal WallaceCristal WallaceAcum 20 Zile
  • When is the second one coming out? Thanks!!!

    Mayra AnsaldiMayra AnsaldiAcum 21 o Zi
  • The worst thing for me is how janky the software is

    rfr Fogliarfr FogliaAcum 23 Zile
  • If I had to get a foldable I’d get this

    RedDidIt LRedDidIt LAcum 24 Zile
  • Agreed, don’t buy this bc once you realize how shitty it is, they won’t give you a refund or just a partial or just simply ghost you. I’m still waiting for $500 that they owe me back from July

    Daegun SongDaegun SongAcum 24 Zile
  • Omg the good the bad the ugly mkbhd my man

    Friedrich von HoffmeisterFriedrich von HoffmeisterAcum 24 Zile
  • I think this duo will be used by a small minority of people and I don't see it ever going mainstream. On the other hand I do see the galaxy fold 2 going mainstream, its just a nicer form factor which mimics a real tablet!

    vapefunvapefunAcum 25 Zile
  • The thing that he and other youtube reviewers refuse to understand is who the phone is marketed tooo.... It's not a camera's for productivity....

    Brendan BarryBrendan BarryAcum 25 Zile
  • this is an awesome device, have had mine for a month. Super awesome for entertainment. This coming from a lifelong Samsung user. Own the Fold but like my duo better.... only strike is the camera.... for $1400, I would expect a better camera.

    Rodney ORodney OAcum 25 Zile
  • How is this comparable to the latest lg side by side display??

    cornholecornholeAcum 26 Zile
  • I’ll wait until the 2nd or 3rd rendition of this before I jump in. I already know I want to switch away from apple and I like this phone, in concept, so I really hope Microsoft can work out the kinks.

    TrinimaTrinimaAcum 26 Zile
  • I love the look though

    Giorgio ElgarGiorgio ElgarAcum 26 Zile
  • So now we got two mobile phones side by side doing multi tasks by one user 🙄, how much we achieve if we were doing that many tasks at the same time? At the end u just have to fold second screen in order to make sure battery isn't being drained. It only works perfect for those who wants to read books in the form of gadgets.

    Justin LattJustin LattAcum 26 Zile
  • Can you give a tablet to use please.. i need one.

    Rishant ThakurRishant ThakurAcum 26 Zile
  • its just a gimmick, what would u actually use this for lmao

    Nathan StewartNathan StewartAcum 26 Zile
  • Personally, I've always wanted a flash for certain moments.

    Jon Wilbur TanJon Wilbur TanAcum 27 Zile
  • Just bcuz you like only apple you cant say bad ugly any other company product

    god zillagod zillaAcum 27 Zile
  • Talk tooooo much i had to move onto another review

    Bibo SaigonBibo SaigonAcum 28 Zile
  • This is a ridiculous device. It pretend to be foldable but is actually an NDS. It is so expensive while doesn't come with the basics for a flagship phone. It created the so called need for multitasking with cell phone out of nowhere. It ruined Windows Phone and then turned to Android. You cannot call this their first attempt at smartphones because it start everything all over again each time. What I see is Microsoft itself doesn't know who this product is designed for. Microsoft fails at its hardware all the time that the limited success in Surface Pro and laptop become all it can boast of. Don't compare Surface Duo with Galaxy Fold because Samsung has all other flagship phones and fold is their concept design while Duo is the only thing Microsoft can offer. I was in favor of Microsoft for very long time but it literally has worn my patience out.

    Cheung TyroneCheung TyroneAcum 28 Zile
  • $1399.99 is outrageous price. No sale like new cars only the rich can afford. Bill gates monster wants to chip people for tracking. I will not buy from Microsoft monster. It is an old upgrade flip phone that is way overpriced. It is a mini tablet. People boycott Microsoft monster.

    Eye on artEye on artAcum 28 Zile
  • I always find his reviews kinda funny when he talks about performance and then compares it to other android phones none of which he has ever used as a daily driver. All of these guys use iPhones and they use them for a reason.

    P wP wAcum 28 Zile
  • The width is a necessary evil. Any thinner and it does not make sense to get this anymore

    ZD LeongZD LeongAcum 28 Zile
  • Is it only me that thinks those photos aren’t THAT bad.

    David MkwizuDavid MkwizuAcum 29 Zile
  • Every time he clapped the phone shut, I cringed and thought he was going to shatter the screens. Close runner up: Him flipping the phone around single-handedly while standing at the top of a staircase.

    Spencer HowellSpencer HowellAcum 29 Zile
  • And I thought that it was another Microsoft laptop.

    Mortimer LivanMortimer LivanAcum 29 Zile
  • Feels less like a foldable phone and more like a foldable tablet

    Ayush bhagwatAyush bhagwatAcum 29 Zile
  • This device is for a business strategist! The productive multi taskers that write emails, during meetings on Teams or Zoom. This device is not for social media multi-tasking though it can be used for that. With all the distractions from the atypical smartphone, this phone is for FOCUSED multitasking. This phone would work well for the business professional. Your millennial view of MEH is NOT TECHNICAL.

    C JHCC JHCAcum 29 Zile
  • Photos look totally fine to me, guess I'm not a photo snob.

    Dylan ChaddertonDylan ChaddertonAcum 29 Zile
  • 3:25 in short good for bunking classes😂😂

    Anyash PrasadAnyash PrasadAcum lună
  • Just because it's first generation doesn't give it an excuse to suck ass when such features have already been made flagship and expected. Microsoft should not have attempted to release that piece of shit device. It's literally early 2000's era tech. Honestly after they've abandoned the loyal customers of the Lumia 950 XL, all hope was lost in them, this Surface Duo could have been their redeeming moment had the did it right. Just imagine turning the Lumia 950 XL design into the Surface Duo and just improving upon the hardware specs and software. Would have been the ultimate companion and stand alone for windows users. Ugh

    NativeBrownboyNativeBrownboyAcum lună
  • I don’t get why phone makers even release these garbage phones. Turning customers into paying beta testers may seem like good business, but for those of us who see through the gimmick, it just seems scummy. Why not have an amazing gen1 instead of having to wait for gen2? I guess manufacturers are ok with shitty flagship products now.

    HogVlogHogVlogAcum lună
  • I always put my phone in my back pocket anyway since I've been using Note phones for years now and they're not very pocketable, esp these last couple years with the + and Ultra lol. I love the Surface line and me and my wife both currently have the Surface 7 Pro(with pen of course it's one of the best thinga about it) and love it's features and portability so we were looking foward to this phone. The reason I didn't get a Fold 2 is I'm stuck on the pen and seeing as how the Surface Duo has one I thought best of both worlds. But after seeing this I may wait another year and see what both Microsoft and Samsung do next year with the Fold 3 and Duo 2 respectively. Hopfully Samsung merges the Note lines into the Fold line, or they offer a premium Fold with a pen at least, and if not hopefully Microsoft can fix everything wrong with the Duo in it's sequel like Samsung did on the Fold. But having to put it in a back pocket is the least of my worries since I do thay anyway(or inside cargo pockets in shorts in the summer and those are huge lol).

    zack phyzack phyAcum lună
  • I bought Microsoft surface Duo phone unlocked for US $ 1483.99 from Best Buy zip code 40503 on 15th sept 2020. after few days this phone start giving me problem such as camera,microphone,speaker and many more. This is a rubbish garbbage phone. When i contact to Microsoft coustmer care they simply refused to help me out and same time they e mailed me company policyPLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SPEND YOUR HARD EARN MONEY BUYING MICROSOFT SURFACE DUO..THIS IS NOT A ALLEGATION ON MICROSOFT. I AM FACING ALL THESE PROBLEM IN REAL.

    ideallionideallionAcum lună
  • Would anyone be interested if this was running like a mobile version of windows? I would be willing to pay 2k for an OLED screen 120hz, 4K resolution, 5G, good hardware spec device that also can make calls.

    Tommie QuallsTommie QuallsAcum lună
  • Marques : This phone kinda sticks out in my pocket Me : *Laughs in pocketable ipad mini*

    Ranting CommenterRanting CommenterAcum lună
  • Aloha! Thanks for this excellent presentation. You provided the thumbnail information i was seeking regarding the Surface Duo. This is a most useful presentation! Be Well!

    Mfirst JlastMfirst JlastAcum lună
  • One thing is I don't think this is a main phone kind of thing, it's more of a secondary device, like iPhone, and iPad

    CMDR unemattiCMDR unemattiAcum lună
  • Bezels are perfect like this I think. I rather it was 2x16:9 tho... Maybe I'm just too used to the note 8 long screen

    CMDR unemattiCMDR unemattiAcum lună
  • The incremental updates are going to make the device amazing! The true pocket pc.

    Robert MoonRobert MoonAcum lună
  • Hmm, Interesting

    Julia LJulia LAcum lună
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    Jeremiah LimJeremiah LimAcum lună
  • I want a foldable Kindle.

    WensiWensiAcum lună
  • Like a note 20 ultra

    Test toastTest toastAcum lună
  • It would be nice to see that with the pen

    Test toastTest toastAcum lună
  • Looking forward to the Surface Tuo, eh?

    Kurt TennantKurt TennantAcum lună
  • Definitely true!

    T HT HAcum lună
  • NDS emulation

    Goldenhawk521Goldenhawk521Acum lună
  • Flash on phones nowadays are typically used as flashlight 😄

    Von Albert AstorgaVon Albert AstorgaAcum lună
  • two cheap android phones hinged together?

    Yang HagenYang HagenAcum lună
  • My eyes is on fire!!!! Need kindle screen on that!!!!! Please!!! 💰 💴

    Dr. ParticulaX17Dr. ParticulaX17Acum lună
  • One kindle screen( e-ink). And the other screen ( normal screen). I buy it right now!!!! Is the futur baby!

    Dr. ParticulaX17Dr. ParticulaX17Acum lună
  • Thanks it’s a useless device

    Gully GillGully GillAcum lună
  • Can we all agree that having actual and objectively "great speakers" is just not possible and never will be on a smartphone?

    David DunnDavid DunnAcum lună
  • If they add a stylus and some sort of Bluetooth (magnetic) keyboard accessories/connectivity for the Duo 2, I think this device could really fly

    James MontellatoJames MontellatoAcum lună
  • let's be honest, we both know that this IS NOT for the average consumers. Those are going for apple who needs a fancy - all the same since 2007 device. This is for do-ers not for the " influencers". i do agree there are seemingly a lot of glitches yet and misses features but hey "Rome wasn't built in day" as well as you know extremely close that nor even tesla is 110% perfect and they are on the market for a while now and still struggles with a lot of issues! so as of a device, in term of a telecommunication product it is pretty sharp already! When the second generation of this duo surface going to come out it will break the market i am pretty sure! Microsoft did produce a pretty cool product and device here! It is a fact. and the lack of 5g honestly, its not that a big deal with all due respect if you do think or approach this "issue" with the average consumers perception and sort of perspective.. :. It's got a strong wi-fi all the remaining business are coming w/ wifi connection, so why to waste money on 5G data plan, when you can get 4G automatically and other times you are on Wifi at cafe's, home, during underground travels or even coach busses. let's face that is not that a big deal, nor the "fast-charging". For all those tasks this phone for is perfect as it is now, there should be a bit of framing and polishing BUT i am 110% sure they are going to do it! and then it is going to blow everyone's mind! even those "influencers".

    Marshall BlrMarshall BlrAcum lună
  • We need this design for a foldable Apple iPhone. Then I’d buy it.

    Jean Baptiste DesjardinsJean Baptiste DesjardinsAcum lună
  • samsung :that good idea for next fold

    En joyEn joyAcum lună
  • Title of the video Sound almost like The Marvel comic Deadpool the good the bad and the ugly

    Dexter HuertoDexter HuertoAcum lună
  • I love the width of the phone. It's my favorite part. I'm tired of the long slim phones. Love mine!

    Treva BurnsTreva BurnsAcum lună
  • A phone designed specifically for the businesswoman. Microsoft are such feminists.

    ScienceGuyScienceGuyAcum lună
  • M.B. not a fan of the chin and forehead. Me: I actually kinda like it. Makes it feel more like a small book while giving a bit of the older phone nostalgia. It also gives a bit more room to hold it without hitting any apps accidentally. Neat device, especially for multitasking. Bit overpriced for a beta test on hardware/software. Also not a fan of the low ram/older cpu. A definite wait till version 2.

    Kaoru SugimuraKaoru SugimuraAcum lună
  • bruh i cant lie this shit is dope af i seen it at an att but its not logical like its big af lmao would look hella big in your pocket

    Dr SauceDr SauceAcum lună
  • Thanks Marques ! All that waiting for the phablet went down the chute. Will just wait until it screams instrumental soundtracks. For now and to use OneNote which crashes iPhone will settle for the Go2 and see if it takes better notes.

    Omar ReggioOmar ReggioAcum lună
  • I'm guessing there's no case for this

    DjinnDjinnAcum lună
  • Cool comment that 2 screens gives you "great compartmentalization." Could this be a right brain/ left brain thing, one for each side?

    Jim WhiteheadJim WhiteheadAcum lună
  • That's pretty dope tech. And nobody can read two things at once :-)

    Joe GarnerJoe GarnerAcum lună
  • I think in terms of concepts this is one of the coolest phones out there, but I wish another company had developed it and done it better.

    Jaden JohnsonJaden JohnsonAcum lună
  • yer killin me on the edge of a staircase playin on yer phone, really? hehe

    TJ MaherTJ MaherAcum lună
  • Brooo Pls do a user review of IQOO 3 smartphone.. Please please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Arun AkArun AkAcum lună