Surprising Best Friend With A Mansion For His Birthday!

3 mar. 2021
38 014 Vizionare

Surprising my best friend with a sick house for his birthday!
Probably the most cliche youtube video premise if done so far hahah
My friend Levi turned 23 the other week and he didn't want to do anything to celebrate... Which I wasn't going to let happen!
In the words of Shaun "Life is a special occasion so turn up and party!"
A couple years ago for Levi's 21st birthday he rented out a little beach house and we stayed there for the weekend. I thought we could do something like that again... But on a bigger scale!
So I rented out a huge house by the beach that has a swimming pool, hot tub, court yard and a clay tennis court and didn't tell any of my friends hahah! All I told anyone was "I rented a house... Its not that cool though"
So needless to say I think everyone was quite surprised when they arrived!
Also this house has a sick surf break just outside so that was dope!
Anyway hope you enjoyed the video! If you did make sure to like and subscribe and maybe share with a friend if ya want cause this video cost a lot of money and not I'm broke haha!
Catch ya in the next video!!
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