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£10 MSQ BRUSH SET: ali.pub/281le4
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Hey Girlies!
So i recently grabbed this set from Aliexpress for £10.19, here's my thoughts on it...
I hope you enjoy!
WHATS ON MY EYES: Morphe 35R Palette
WHATS ON MY LIPS: Makeup Revolution Lipgloss 'Capricorn'
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£10 MSQ BRUSH SET: ali.pub/281le4
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  • Hi Tammi, i really liked ur video, it was really detailed and informative video on brushes.. this video was really helpful to me and also ur review on these brushes coz I totally trust u, and even I was planning on to buy these Beili brushes set.. overall video was nice👌💕👏🤗😊

    Manju ModiManju ModiAcum lună
  • how sweet u r! Salute from Egypt🌷🌷🌷 The brushes here costs 250 L.E

    Beauty for LifeBeauty for LifeAcum 4 luni
  • Thank you for going on sites and using products US EVERYDAY people would💖💜🇰🇷🇱🇷

    KoreAn AKoreAn AAcum 6 luni
  • Sorry I just joined u but I honestly have watched your videos for so long. I have A BAD habit of watching but forgetting to subscribe 😬

    KoreAn AKoreAn AAcum 6 luni
  • Tammi what lip combo are you wearing in this video please?

    Nash _Nash _Acum 6 luni
  • Use tumeric and coconut oil for your scars; they will disappear; like in a few days. And yes, Ali Express has amazing products.

    Keys MateriaLKeys MateriaLAcum an
  • Love your makeup and the brushes looks good too!

    snouzerssnouzersAcum an
  • Tammi, you're giving off Mona Lisa Vibes before you add your brows! 😊 in other words you're a masterpiece with or without brows!

    Calendargirl007Calendargirl007Acum an
  • Bruh your makeup is so good. You look like some sort of doll when you have it on.. And you look good without makeup too!

    Kim TiffanyKim TiffanyAcum an
  • Tammy I was unable to get on your lash site to purchase lashes...said web site can not be found???

    Geraldine MartzGeraldine MartzAcum an
  • Omg! I Love your accent! And I enjoyed the video!

    Jimena SandovalJimena SandovalAcum an
  • I just love you! You’re come across so real, down to earth & approachable. Thanks for sharing your awesome talent & skills. As always...you’re stunning!!!

    Michelle CaudillMichelle CaudillAcum an
  • Am I the only one that say Tammi’s thumb at 8:39?

    big pimpbig pimpAcum an
  • I just got it and it's soo good highly recommend

    Imane BezouiImane BezouiAcum an
  • Your foundation an skin color is beautiful ❤️🙌🏼

    SavannahaSavannahaAcum an
  • Omg ... she looks like jordyan woods...

    SavannahaSavannahaAcum an
  • Wow, morphe never failed, i had 35M pallete too. Your eyes so nice. this brush doing well, so thanks for the brush review. 😊

    Christine NababanChristine NababanAcum an
  • Thank you, on my way to ali ! 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️

    Melanie E.Melanie E.Acum an
  • I love that you don’t overdue your make up... you don’t make anything overly complicated. I don’t know what it is, but you’re also just so enjoyable to watch. Like I said before, easily becoming my favorite youtuber

    Lilac LizLilac LizAcum an
  • I love how u develop an American accent when u get excited 😂👌🏽

    Angelina HargroveAngelina HargroveAcum an
  • Tammi you look beautiful! This is a weird comment but you were talking about the little under the skin bumps, whenever I get them I use aspirin crushed up. Mix with water to make a paste and put on. It makes them come out so you can dry them.

    leelu monkeyleelu monkeyAcum 2 ani
  • Is the msq brushes tested on animals because I recently ordered it and I won’t have it if it’s tested on animals

    Chloe WrightChloe WrightAcum 2 ani
  • I've always had these clusters of scars on my right cheek since forever. I'm so tempted to try those peel facials or that serum that causes peeling because I heard its amazing but I know it causes sensitivity to the sun the first few times and know myself I'd be unlucky enough to have to go out the day I do it and only make things worst lol

    Peach FuzzzPeach FuzzzAcum 2 ani
  • Hi new subscriber. I love your videos.

    213sandra213sandraAcum 2 ani
  • What did she mean by tartes shameful launch when she was priming her eyes

    Emma DEmma DAcum 2 ani
  • Thank you, very helpful

    Steffy k.Steffy k.Acum 2 ani
  • Msq brushes r one of my favs!

    biba 30biba 30Acum 2 ani
  • ❤️💕

    Skinny IncognitoSkinny IncognitoAcum 2 ani
  • You are so freaking funny and cute. When you apply the shimmer shadow...hahaha 😂🤣🤪😜

    Constance GConstance GAcum 2 ani
  • Tammi what number is the Maybelline Caramel foundation? It seems like the UK carries different shades to the Caribbean, or maybe an older series..

    SwiedenSwiedenAcum 2 ani
  • I have 2 sets of those same type brushes . They're both under 2 different names . But , they are the very same brushes . I got my sets off of Amazon for between $7 - $9 . I like and use them alot still . I also have that particular Morphe palette off of Amazon . Much love .

    Roberta McCullumRoberta McCullumAcum 2 ani
  • Those purple hair suits you so well 😍😍😍

    indre_artindre_artAcum 2 ani
  • I have been binging on your videos and they are amazing.. could you please give me advice on what brush to by for concealer application? 💕great videos

    Tatiana Fraser A.Tatiana Fraser A.Acum 2 ani
  • Just discovered your channel & i love it!! ❤❤❤💖💖💖 which brow brush would your recommend? I got the real technique one & its to soft & flexible i need a more dense one. X

    La RougeLa RougeAcum 2 ani
  • Hey tammy which brush set will you recommend the previous one(ombre) or this one? ❤️

    maham rafimaham rafiAcum 2 ani
  • This is the first video of you i see, and you're absolutely gorgeous! And your makeup is sooooo pretty! Subscribed!! ❤️

    Maya ShaharMaya ShaharAcum 2 ani
  • You're giving me Keke Palmer vibes :) you guys look alike :)

    Lysha_LLysha_LAcum 2 ani
  • Thank you so much! I had litterly put this brush set in my shopping cart and wanted to buy it and then I wondered "Maybe, maybe I should look up a review of some sort first for AliExpress make up brushes." And there you were, reviewing the product I was thinking of buying! Thank you ♥

    NailsByAdanjaNailsByAdanjaAcum 2 ani
  • Hi Tammi! :) Which aliexpress brush set is better in your opinion, the ombre 7.50 one or this one? Like your brush review videos! :* :*

    Valentina VeljkovićValentina VeljkovićAcum 2 ani
  • That brush is flat definer brush which is used to tightline, under the brow and used in contouring the nose and lips. I'm here for your accent😍

    uberhaute looksuberhaute looksAcum 2 ani
  • You could try the anmor brushes from Aliexpress, they're amazing!

    Belen PaulBelen PaulAcum 2 ani
  • it picks up a lot IT PICKS UP A LOT !

    Princess PenaPrincess PenaAcum 2 ani
  • Love the reaction to the gold shimmer at 8:51 😂 💕

    HollyCHollyCAcum 2 ani
  • Thank you so much for this awesome review, I have been eyeing these brushes but wasn't sure if they were good quality 😉

    Alexandra AlvarezAlexandra AlvarezAcum 2 ani
  • Whoaaa I am so blown away by that shimmer! I thought Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette had the better formula of all other Morphe palettes which pigmentations I was underwhelmed with. But this Morphe 35R looks amaaaazing! I want it!!

    ali ceali ceAcum 2 ani
  • It’s might be good at first use , but with time the hair maybe fall when cleaning it

    Free999SpiritFree999SpiritAcum 2 ani
  • Just bought one of these but on amazon, I hope it’s the same quality 🤞🏾

    Adesewa AnimasahunAdesewa AnimasahunAcum 2 ani
  • I’ve been watching your videos since yesterday on like your Aliexpress reviews cause I always purchase hair and phone cases from them but never makeup related items so i was skeptical but after watching some of your reviews I will be purchasing a few things and I’m a new subie❤️

    Aaliyah JadaAaliyah JadaAcum 2 ani
  • Hey Tammy, please can you give us an update on how the brushes are after you wash them?

    Doha BenDoha BenAcum 2 ani

    Rehab GhaziRehab GhaziAcum 2 ani
  • Beautiful with and without makeup wow

    rimshahrimshahAcum 2 ani
  • Makeup on fleek 😍😍

    rimshahrimshahAcum 2 ani
  • Ahhha a 2 in one vid! Testing a new morphia pallet and new brushes! Loved this!!💖

    mols stapesmols stapesAcum 2 ani
  • Yass🙏🏾💜

    Tasha TeeTasha TeeAcum 2 ani
  • Wow, I'm impressed with the brushes and the Morphe palette! You look beautiful, as always. 😍❤ I bought a set from Amazon, and I haven't tried it yet but it looks promising. That flat top brush you used for foundation looks a lot like the Sigma one!

    joannej_1974 Youtubejoannej_1974 YoutubeAcum 2 ani
  • I've seen other MUA use the flat top brush to apply eye shadow on the lower lash line.

    Tina PlankTina PlankAcum 2 ani
  • Lmao your reaction to the shimmer shade cracked me up!! Love you Tammi!!!

    Tina PlankTina PlankAcum 2 ani
  • As a natural blonde I can say that everything (makeup and style wise) goes with blonde hair. Actually, you can go crazy! You look gorgeous as always!

    Dana Mikey Robison MyersDana Mikey Robison MyersAcum 2 ani
  • Your reaction to using the shimmer dry had me shook xD

    Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈Acum 2 ani
  • Love your reaction to the shimmer shade😂😂 but I mean wow that pigmentation is insane!:o

    Laura A.Laura A.Acum 2 ani
  • Wish the brushes were sold in the UK. Don’t want to order from USA

    Bee ABee AAcum 2 ani
  • Could you please test some more cheap brush sets ❤❤😘

    Bep LaxBep LaxAcum 2 ani
  • Wow! Those brushes look amazing for the price. Love your purple wig. Looks amazing

    Charlie CummingCharlie CummingAcum 2 ani
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Elza Das nevesElza Das nevesAcum 2 ani
  • Can you do the review on qivange eye brush set from eBay.

    Sharon NagwanshiSharon NagwanshiAcum 2 ani
  • I need to know more about this bronzer!

    ShawnShawnAcum 2 ani
  • One day...one day, I will be able to finesse my face like you lol. Great video as usual Tammi.

    TweetztheoneTweetztheoneAcum 2 ani
  • Gorgeous, but you can actually use a shade lighter for your highlighter. That's almost your color.

    DeKarla Kyle BeyDeKarla Kyle BeyAcum 2 ani
  • Serving amazing looks 😍 I saw a brush set by DE’LANCI on amazon for about £10. Would really love a review of you are able coz they deliver faster than AliExpress. Love your videos 💜💜

    Mwaba C Mumba-ElkinMwaba C Mumba-ElkinAcum 2 ani
  • Beautiful look😍😍

    YnmiYnmiAcum 2 ani
  • This video is so helpfull

    Caitlin MartinsCaitlin MartinsAcum 2 ani
  • Loved the video keep up the good videos 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    SoftxytnSoftxytnAcum 2 ani
  • 600th like. Gorgous as per usual tammi. Your so talented at makeup 😍💜

    Milly-Jo PonsilloMilly-Jo PonsilloAcum 2 ani
  • Heyy! Love your videos ..I want to buy an affordable brush set.in your opinion What brush set should I get? Thanks x

    Sam SamSam SamAcum 2 ani
  • The reaction to the shimmer shade had me rolling

    Precious ObidigboPrecious ObidigboAcum 2 ani
  • I've already bought the brushes you've reviewed and I will also buy these so THANK YOU GIRL!!!!!!!!!

    KlavKlavAcum 2 ani
  • Broke AF but I am off to buy my first Morphe palette........what have you done Tammi! Oh well who needs food whe you look good!

    Mad PhatchickMad PhatchickAcum 2 ani
  • You're actually the only ROworldr I enjoy watching! You look stunning as usual 😍❤️

    saffia akhtarsaffia akhtarAcum 2 ani
  • i love you tammi..have a great day for you and your twinnies ❤❤❤❤

    Dewi HapsariDewi HapsariAcum 2 ani
  • You look so pretty Tammi & I love these Aliexpress review videos!!

    Debbie OreDebbie OreAcum 2 ani
  • People use that small flat top brush to carve out brows

    RochelleRochelleAcum 2 ani
  • I agree with you about the morphe shades being similar. They need to work on that. Tbh that has turned me off buying a morphe palette. I have all those shades in my coastal scents palette. I am on the hunt for a yellow gold and I found coloured Raine superstar. I'm gonna order that instead of wasting money on a whole palette for just one shade.

    BohemianwildoneBohemianwildoneAcum 2 ani
  • Sweetie I would wash the brushes before you use them. Especially aliexpress brushes as they are cheaper made and have chemical residue from manufacturing. I learned after I bought my first set from aliexpress and didn't wash them. I got a bad reaction on my eyes,they swelled up and watered the whole day. It was so painful. I should have read the packaging,I only realised after it said wash them before use. My bad😭

    BohemianwildoneBohemianwildoneAcum 2 ani
    • I agree. I got some ebay brushes about 2 years ago that I washed instantly because I could smell the chemicals through the packaging, even before opening the package!

      RochelleRochelleAcum 2 ani
  • The spots under the skin on the cheeks is from your pillow case and sleeping on your hand not enough water intake and caffeine. My doc told me that

    lynslee makeup huzzielynslee makeup huzzieAcum 2 ani
  • Your reaction to that pallette😂💜

    Amber CassidyAmber CassidyAcum 2 ani
  • Hi Tammi, the best way to help the small spots under the skin is to steam and use a exfoliate regularly, it just a build of of skin sebum (it your skin protective barrier) you need to use a gentle exfoliate to get rid them. I usually get them, but use a brand that keep them at bay. Will email you details if you interested

    Susan ThomasSusan ThomasAcum 2 ani
  • My queen is slayin' xxx!!Much love 💕💕💕💕

    Kat R UKat R UAcum 2 ani
  • Love the fact you put out a great video despite being sick x

    Anu-Oluwa Christos-WahabAnu-Oluwa Christos-WahabAcum 2 ani
  • Beautiful is what you are Tammi❤❤❤❤❤

    Tolulope AkinyeleTolulope AkinyeleAcum 2 ani
  • Still looking gorgeous in that purple hair 😍😩 Beautiful makeup look by the way ☺️

    emessemessAcum 2 ani
  • 8:49 when you tried the shimmer dry😂😂💜

    Shey MShey MAcum 2 ani
  • Girllllll you rock that hair 💜😻😘

    Aspen coppardAspen coppardAcum 2 ani
  • Delivering the best tutorials as usual Tammi ☺️☺️💜

    Shey MShey MAcum 2 ani
  • You know what I love about you, you’re always so nice about cheaper makeup, other youtubers hate so much but you’re really open!!

    Heather Donnelly-ZdebskiHeather Donnelly-ZdebskiAcum 2 ani
  • The flat brush you didn’t know what was used for is for carving brows and cut creases xxxx

    Florence BrewerFlorence BrewerAcum 2 ani
  • Love this video, thanks for finding us great brushes

    A Life In High DefinitionA Life In High DefinitionAcum 2 ani
  • hi tamii are u going to do the look of juvias pallette u showed on instagram it was bomb

    Ahlaam89Ahlaam89Acum 2 ani
  • AE doesn't have nice brushes. Your eye look is on point!😍 Thank you girlie😊

    Naturally Speaking KarenNaturally Speaking KarenAcum 2 ani
  • U r amazing u should have a million subscribers 😍

    Amna ZareeAmna ZareeAcum 2 ani
  • this brushes are from the brand msq.. it's a chinese brand.. this brand have a very popular 12 pcs eye brush set.. plz can u review those?

    Tasnuva Ahmed EshaTasnuva Ahmed EshaAcum 2 ani
    • They are super good I got the 12 pc eye brush set and and bomb 🤗

      Goth Angel SinnerGoth Angel SinnerAcum 2 ani