The Afton Family In An Asylum / FNAF

12 feb. 2021
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I know this video doesn’t quiet make sense because this is NOT what they do in asylums! The doctors do not put shock collars on you or do really harmful stuff to you. The doctors actually try their best to help patients.
When I made this video I was not thinking, my mind was some how in a very dark place👁👁
My apologies if I offended anyone with the way I made this video.

  • I know this video doesn’t quiet make sense because this is NOT what they do in asylums! The doctors do not put shock collars on you or do really harmful stuff to you. The doctors actually try their best to help patients. When I made this video I was not thinking, my mind was some how in a very dark place👁👁 My apologies if I offended anyone with the way I made this video. once again; THE STUFF I PUT IN THIS VIDEO IS NOT WHAT THE DOCTORS DO IN ASYLUMS!

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    • It’s ok you offended no one and the video is amazing

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    • Omg hi shadow I'm a huge fan

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    • ._.

    • I mean, that is understandable

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    • Sis, make a video family afton among us

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  • Can u do an episode of Liz being insane Liz I my fav after all and make her have wires and a halo PLZ

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  • Wait rare moment for Chris to sleep POGGIES!

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  • Shadow I love your videos so much I wanna be just like you when I grow up I really mean it!♥️🤗

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  • I love the sound track

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  • Sometimes, it's nice to watch stereotypical Aftons.

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  • Idk w-hy i-m c-crying😢 I just f-feel theare p-pain.....

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  • Will there be part 2 it's interesting and funny

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  • Everyone exept William: what is going on here? William: BeKfAsT

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  • William: I think Chris lis getting tired Me: wait thats illegal

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  • ...couldn't they all just kill them, when that one woman went in they could've gone in animatronic form and killed her, then with William's expertise in robotics they could break the shockers and then escape... Am I overlooking this or was something stopping them from doing y'know ANYTHING to fight back? You're fricking IMMORTAL, what the HELL do you have to LOSE?

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  • Liz and Chris i can handle but MICHAEL I CANT!!!!HE WENT ON FULL CRAZY MODE

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  • 1:58 micheal doesnt have fudging organss :> no this is not a hate comment i love Shadows Glitch -0-

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  • Sjjdjejsksj that's me alright

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  • Shadows Glitch shadows glitch shadows glitch

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  • Elizabeth's Blue eyes and a white rot reminds me of Ennard if you search circus baby at end it says Circus Baby/Ennard meaning circus baby is ennard and elizabeth posses circus baby meaning PEOPLE ARE SHIPPING MICHAEL X ELIZABETH!?!?!?

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  • Dose the Chemical reactions last forever

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  • Me watching this and feeling like how chris and liz where acting when they got the injection ;-;

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  • asylum, how do you pronounce it?

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  • 231 is Liz Chris is 136

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  • C.C : - falls asleep - Me : OH MAH GAWD...WOW..WOW!

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  • wowwwwwww godie

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  • Oh my gawd it's just to scary to watch

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  • im gonna kill who evershocked the aftons :)

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  • i dont like them suffering :(

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  • Did u notice that when he said paitents it changed to prisoners!

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  • Welp the vent😔✌️

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  • Thaths an aslyum🤔

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  • I didn't knew what Asylum ment ...well now i know-

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  • Nobody: still nobody: not even present mic: doctor: he has rot?!

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  • R.I.P Williams coffee UnU

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  • aftermath? reaction? both?

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  • U-u

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  • I kind of wanted to see William turn into the purple guy but pretty good!

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  • Tbh why is michel falling asleep he has No organs than can react to the gas

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  • (^n^)

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  • poor girlllllll

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  • If i we're u i will take william yo prision

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  • alsylums leave meh babies alone ugly and shut the hell uppppppppppp

  • You have no idea HOW MUCH I WANTED TO BEAT THE F*** OUT OF THE PEOPLE WHO INJECTED THE AFTON KIDS! THEIR KIDS DUDE- Im never gonna put my future kid or bassically anyone in an asylum if thats what they actually do to you

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  • After the challange the doctors would be like the painets has escape then they knock on their door

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  • ...

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  • My friend was in a mental hospital for same time and considering that Asylums have similarities to mental hospitals makes it quite offensive! Put in the comments that this isn't what they actually do isn't helpful at all for the people who can't read fricking comments!

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  • When i watch this i wanna say part 2 but because i have no mercy and i really aggressive i will say *agressive mode activated :') I really wanna see all the people on the asylum suffer :") And why u didnt say TRIGGREEE warning? :')

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  • This is so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂wow

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  • Ennard after killing somebody:*walks away like a savage *

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  • I would've been like dang my kids are crazy creepy

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  • Omg 9:23 in dead 😭😭😭😭 Chris face tho dang this FUNAH

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  • Dear ShadowGlitch This is about Chris afton. In the 3rd game we can see the purple man stuffing the kids into the suits after it stuffed the 4th kid a 5th child appears for a frame followed by golden Freddy's jumpscare this shows that the kid haunting golden freddy is one of the kids in the missing child incident and now that both deaths are different we can conclude that chris Doesn't possess golden Freddy

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  • 😔 sad

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  • Good :D

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  • Hos did Michael Fall asleep from the gas if he has no organs no organs = no lungs and = the gas wouldnt afect him

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  • I hope ya know me :^

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  • Me at the beginning: "So William is forst to lose his mind?" Me at the end: "Well then. He ended up being one of the only sane ones. Very nice twist"

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  • I’m going to replay again when this videos hits 1m likes 👍🏻

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  • Rood doctor not calling names and calling numbers

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    • Rood not good

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  • Me* nothing gonna happen Goldie* scares me Me* wow u got me*

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  • It's always Mike who's gotta be evil😫

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  • Rumours say mike is now the only one left on that earth, due to him murdering everyone in this dimension

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  • I love your vids please pin me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • Omg 1m views :0

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  • I love your videos

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  • it's not good Ideas for to afton family

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  • I like the new one better

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  • *stereotypical aftons be like*

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    • lmao--

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  • Whats a asylum?

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  • can you do aftons pay roblox?

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    • So the aftons will pay roblox money? I dont understand this comment due to the lack of grammar

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  • I love how unreal this is

  • i was waiting for mike and william to get an injection reaction

  • Can you change ur clara design (just the hair)

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  • is nobody gonna notice that the braclet around wills arm was green and now its Red?- **I can't think**

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  • why didnt they use animatronic forms to kill the ppl who came in?

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  • Elizabeth:YAS IM POWER ON WAIT AHHHHH IM TURNING TO SCRAP BABY *power off* Me: laughing

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  • I thought William hated needles...-

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  • Well l’m new and l’m from Malaysia with l’m from the afton Sisters

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  • What is this it looks like a cave lol

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  • 8:22 ELIZ *SANS* BETH

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  • I feel bad for the one girl who tested mike. Is she alive?

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  • no

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  • Where am i in this

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  • ooooo im getting HELLA mad and its just the beginning

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  • I know this is just part of the video but I just wanted to say this for people who don't actually know what people who work at asylums do. They don't actually test on you or force you to do anything, they actually try to help you become a bit more mentally stable and are (mostly) very kind people. They don't use shock collars anymore because they relised it didn't help the patients at all and most asylums do call you by your real name.

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  • No

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  • :O I didn't know Lizzy had wings!!!??

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  • circus baby become scrap baby *-*

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  • Chris's personality actually makes sense.. His frontal lobe was crushed so hus desicion making and actions are worse

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  • Me:*sees Chris sleep* Also me:*silently celebrates bc he sleeped*

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  • Gacha club

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  • Hey... maybe like change the title to “insane asylum” so it’s a bit more obvious that this is the movie/stereotype asylum not irl 🐸

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  • Has anyone noticed that every scarp baby has a SAWMILL in her hands😂

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  • I searched up "willam getting dragged to hell for insanity" not the afton Family in an Asylum, but Chris can fly out that asylum with his fam-

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  • What the hell did they put in that injection?

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  • Do you ship nightmare x chris jus curios ;-;

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    • she said she doesn't ship anything. i'm hlad she doesn't ship c.c/b.v/evan x nightmare anymore. the ship is just disgusting.

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  • Clara:At least we're alright... Me:Well most of you...I won't name names......

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  • Thats not what they do in actual asylums this is fake crap

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