THIS is the McLaren Speedtail! MY FIRST DRIVE

25 oct. 2020
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This is the McLaren Speedtail and everything you could want to know about it! Join me for an in depth discovery inside and out, as well as my first drive in the 3-seater hyper-GT from my friend @muc.collector. It's a totally unique offering, blisteringly fast, comfortable and loaded with special features, so let's go through it in detail!
The McLaren Speedtail is the follow-up to a legend, a modern interpretation of the McLaren F1 of the 90s, a car of which 106 were made in total and the same number continues to the production run of the new 3-seater. In similar fashion, the F1 was first introduced to be an exceptionally powerful yet still comfortable hyper-GT and the Speedtail now carries this philosophy into a new era with hybrid technology and immense performance available, along with a host of new features and details.
The Speedtail is powered by a hybrid setup including a 4.0l twin turbo V8 and electric motors for a total output of 1,070hp and 1,150Nm, which helps it to boast a top speed of 250mph or 403km/h, and able to do the 0-300km/h (186mph) sprint in just 12.8 seconds - compared to say 16.5 seconds for the McLaren P1. Despite these ludicrously fast numbers, it's also about comfort, featuring luxuries like motorised opening doors, 5 screens in total for the driver including the cameras that replace the traditional mirrors, and quality materials throughout.
By far and away the stand out experience is to be seated right in the centre, with entry via either door, and the option to transport 2 passengers plus a decent amount of luggage space split between the storage compartments front and rear. Onboard the feel is very much that of a hyper-GT with a silky smooth ride yet plenty of power and still the incredible handling of a McLaren thanks to the hydraulic suspension. It's unlike any other model from Woking thanks to a different sound with the hybrid system, being sat in the middle, and the unique displays and interface that faces the driver.
For a full look of the new hypercar, there's plenty to explore including the tool kit found in the front, through to the operation of Velocity mode and the secret hidden access key process. I hope you enjoy this in depth exploration of a landmark car that is something truly special.
I cannot say thank you enough to my friend @muc.collector for this incredible opportunity to take a first drive in his McLaren Speedtail. Please do give him a follow to see some of the other amazing cars in his garage both now and plenty more coming in future:
Thanks for watching, Tim


  • The McLaren Speedtail is no ordinary car, and thanks to my friend @muc.collector I've experienced what it's like to drive sat right in the centre! Let's explore this incredible hyper-GT in detail, because believe me there's a lot to see. Huge thanks to

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    • Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Review I'm glad Muc collector let you drive his Brand New McLaren Speedtail and I think it's absolutey Incredible and Gorgeous

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    • Hé Hof. Z’n@Ing. Peter Dindeský sf jammer eeaSWpssdsWz-aaaxe😂😭😭🇸🇾🇱🇰🇦🇪🇸🇬🇸🇰

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    • I'm was nervous for him

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    • Wowx1000 but i prefer the GMA T50

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    • That is one of the most sleek and sexy cars I have seen I love Aero cars like the Senna, Ford GT, Aston Martin Valkyrie and now the gordon murray t50. McLaren have gone one step above again.

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  • Imagine going to football game with your naibour in this car and coming back all everyone sweaty and sitting to gather and you had to drive it whole time sitting in middle

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    • I know my English is bad

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  • have to say, I'm surprised at how much this held my attention. that is NOT 'just another hypercar'! thanks Tim.....Dave

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  • this car is perfect if you have two wives.

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  • after this review this car seems like its confused when you loook at the feeeling it gives you when you drive is not overpowering you which makes the central seating position kinda dull because it doesnt give you the rush when you drive . the only current competetor is mclaren f1 really and the rush it gives you makes the central positioning so special because it is a high performing car for the DRIVER and it takes the all about the driver focus to a completely another level . this looks like a car where you wanna take it to a posh night or something which makes the central positioning so weird .

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  • The most ugly car from the back.. Nothing look smooth in the designing of that car...

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  • Actually ingenious! A centre steering position means that this is legal in both LHD and RHD countries.

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    • @Riki Coleman did you even read my comment? Yes, the McLaren logo used to be a kiwi, but McLaren themselves are saying that the current logo has nothing to do with that, but is instead a smoother version of the chevron logo.

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    • @Lime Icing its a kiwi...first created and built from here in New Zealand.

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    • According to McLaren, the current logo has nothing to do with the old kiwi.

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