We Survived 300 Days In Hardcore Minecraft - Duo Minecraft Hardcore 300 days

16 feb. 2021
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We attempted to survived 300 days in Hardcore Minecraft. This is Duo Hardcore Minecraft meaning it is Minecraft Hardcore with two people/2 people. I survived 300 days in hardcore minecraft with my friend. This is the first duo hardcore minecraft series on youtube! Hardcore minecraft is minecraft in its highest difficulty mode. We were inspired by Luke thenotables 2000 days series.
This is Duo Hardcore Minecraft with LockDownLife and GamerZ!!!
Credit to Luke thenotable for the 100 days idea: @Luke TheNotable
Watch GamerZ vid here: @GamerZ
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    • 400 days 🎆

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    • @Asfar Ali z

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  • build off is tie there both 10/10

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  • You should make a under water build sense you have sponges

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  • Do 100 day as duo sky block

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  • me: just watching this on loop until 400 days comes out

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  • Gamerz house is a tower :/

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  • You made a better house

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  • It started at 200 likes for 200 days and then 50k for 300 days and then 200k for 400 days congratulations

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  • Well This is A suggestion I hope you read this You and GamerZ in A voice call And doing 400 days Challenge

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  • Hey I drew you a outfit idea is there anyway I can send it to you?

    Sell your BoxxSell your BoxxAcum 9 ore
  • Amazing

    MasonDaTurtleMasonDaTurtleAcum 9 ore
  • While both builds were REALLY good, I have to go with Lockdown's. Gamerz had a really nice tower, those are super hard to build in my opinion, it just looked a bad bit bland :( Towers need some exterior decorating, otherwise, it just looks like a pole. Of course, that's just my opinion! They were both great builds, better then anything I could do, but if I had to pick one to follow like, a template and build one for myself, I would pick Lockdown's. It looks nice and cozy and the decorating was creative and gave it a nice lived in, fresh look :)

    XxWolfRocksxXXxWolfRocksxXAcum 9 ore
  • that of you not of gamerz

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  • tower i think

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  • need 1000k

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  • if i were you and gamerz killed ur dog i wouldve killed him right there

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  • Waiting for 300-400 days in Minecraft!!

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  • Please do 200 of pixelmon or 400 days of hardcore

  • My siblings: he cheated for the achievement what a noob Me when I see him use the trapdoor ‘genius’ 👌🏻

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  • Ngl he’s not even that bad at building he hasn’t seen mine...you don’t wanna know

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  • Why do you ask for 100k likes ? 😡 You supposed to ask for 100 likes 😡

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  • Gamers build 100%

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  • Make the next vid 9000 days lol


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  • Plz make a vid how to make your mob farm

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  • Wow you survived 100 days to 300 great job

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  • Wave ????

  • I think you won but for the most work I think gamers

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  • He got more than half his subscribers to like lol

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  • 15:14 had me dying

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  • Your billd

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  • cool but turtles eat seagrass you can get seagrass with shears in river or sea

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  • Gamazer build is the best

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  • Make a luke the notable banner sine

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  • 400 Day plisssssss :c

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  • when you made blue banners i think its l;ukethenotable

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    • no its like! i it has to be

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  • Ur build is amazing.

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  • Its a 100k like 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 İn 400 days is hardcore survival .I from Turkish.

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  • gamerz won the building competition

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  • its already 145K like so you should make day 301-400. you promised it

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  • "we survived 300 days in hardcore minecraft" me who dies every second in normal Minecraft: :o

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  • "100k likes for 400 days" everyone: yes

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  • Lockdown life has to win the building battles love the vids

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  • Gamers house is

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  • I thought it would say lukethenotable

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  • Pls make 400 days pls

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  • Yours

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  • I like your build but I give 10/9 and I give gamer 10/8

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  • İts awsemo i love it

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  • Imagine losing a raid

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  • Hey LockDownLife, you inspired me to make my own hardcore series, thank you so much, it's on my channel if you want to see it. Thanks!!!

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  • Thank you lockdown life

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  • Finnally

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  • You could of saved A LOT of fireworks If you didn’t spam them.

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