WOW! ⚡AC VOLTAGE⚡ Detector Circuit?! Can It Be?!

25 nov. 2019
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Is it possible to detect high AC voltage by just 3 transistors or the circuit is fake??
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • I cleaned up good at the end! That's a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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    • My favorite part was when you started cleaning by standing in one spot looking around for five minutes, blew something up, and then stood around for a few more minutes before actually cleaning anything.

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  • New 10 million view idea. This kind of TikTok video now viral. Explain why detector beeping at distance. Is it coz wire loop acts as a coil generating em waves or something? Replicate the test and give some explanation.

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  • So I made this on breadboard and the craziest thing is happening.... It won't detect AC voltage very well however it does detect the proximity of my hand amazingly from like 5-8cm away.. how is this happening aha

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  • Wow your expression and dialog very prity and Osam , You experiment is very interesting and you see full Well done 👏 ✔ Thank your idea that's is no cost money Thank for your saring on ROworld your idea 💡 Thank ji (?)

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  • Love all your "tutorials"A LOT!! But someone tell how 'you' can need a 100 times smaller current when ONE time smaller [100% smaller] is already zero! Imaginary numbers anyone [I'd imagine]?? I guess correctly stated, you might say "one one-hundredth of the current," but then again.. I'm just an electrical engineer and not a junior high school math teacher. ;-} But don't be disgruntled . . I heard on a TV add that with one brand of toilet paper, 'you' can use 3 times less. Now - IMAGINE THAT.

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