Infinit3 XX

Infinit3 XX

Hey there! It’s Infinit3 here! (Infinite Three) 🔥💯

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I “HEART” almost EVERYBODY in 24 hours of every single upload ♥️🤩

I love MACHINE GUN KELLY’S music no matter what 🔥🖤

A huge fan of MGK, and make videos about him 💪🏼🎉


I also listen to rappers such as G-Eazy, NF, Hopsin, Token \u0026 more!

Im a 17 year old kid trying to make it in the music industry ✌🏼

I do write and create my own songs 📝🎵
I do remixes and covers of artist I love🔥🔥
I make informational videos/news videos ✅✅

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I still need guidance and exposure so I hope more people can discover me 🖤

I’m trying to save up to get a better microphone and device 💀

Copyright infringement is NOT intended.
In any case, please contact me and I will remove the video!

Videos I make is usually updates about Machine Gun Kelly and credits goes to MGK (or Beats)

I hope you enjoy my videos! 🖤

I enjoy editing them :)

From Singapore 📍